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Chapter 3 Pre- Follow Up Consultation

Quinn listens to the ringing on the other end of the receiver while flipping through the documents on her clipboard.

"Hello?" the other end answers.

The blonde responds, "This is Dr. Fab…" she stops mid sentence. "It's Quinn, how's the ankle?"

Rachel begins to slightly hyperventilate on the phone. She begins to form a sentence but her words come out in a high pitched tone. "Oh Quinn, how nice of you to enquire about my injury, I must say that the medication you provided for me did ease the pain some, but the healing process is a bit glacial for my taste and its already been two days and it's important that I get back to the stage. I know a fine doctor such as yourself can assist in speeding up the process right?"

With flailing arms in panic, Rachel mouths to Jesse "What the fuck am I saying? I'm ruining this!"

Jesse is leaning on the island in the kitchen. He notices the flailing and the sudden change in the tone of Rachel's voice; he extends his hand out to her and mouths "Just breathe".

Quinn continues the conversation "Have you used up all of your prescription?" She listens to the diva giving a detailed description of her medicine usage over the last 2 days.

Andrea enters Quinn's office and sits on the opposite end of Quinn's desk. The blonde raises her finger and signals for Andrea to hold on a second. Andrea nods in understanding and starts interfering with all the random knick-knacks on the doctor's desk collected over her 2 years as an attending at the hospital.

Quinn continues to listen to Rachel talk about her day of pain and fretting over not being able to move around.

The blonde doctor glares at Andrea and slaps her hand away from playing with her electric pencil sharpener. The nurse pulls her hands away and giggles and tries to grab Quinn's coffee when the blonde swoops it up and swirls on her chair, facing herself away from Andrea. She interrupts Rachel mid sentence. "Maybe I should come over and check up on your foot."

Quinn's suggestion is met with silence on the other end.

Rachel becomes wide eyed, and finally she finds her words again.

"Quinn, that won't be necessary. I can easily get Jesse to bring me back to the hospital. I know how a doctor's time is valuable, and I certainly don't want to take you away from other patients with more life threatening illnesses."

"You won't take me away from anything. All my patients deserve equal care. I'm just as responsible for you as I am for the others. Besides I think it's unwise that you make any attempt to move. You still need to give the stretched tissue time to heal. I can be at your place later this afternoon. My shift ends at 6pm."

"Do you make house calls to all your patients, Dr. Fabray?" The diva covers her mouth when she realizes how flirty she sounded in asking that.

"Only to Broadway Stars who I've known since kindergarten, with their sheet of little gold star stickers."

"You remember that!" Rachel face-palms.

"You practically stuck them all over my books when we sat next together in pre-school."

"I make no apologies Dr. Fabray. The gold star is a metaphor and me-"

The blonde doctor cuts her off "and metaphors are important, I remember" smiling into the other end of the receiver.

"Well I guess I will see you at 6 then. Let me give you the address and directions."

"No need. I have the address from your medical forms, and I already know which building it is."

"Ok, well, I'm looking forward to seeing you then Dr. Fabray"

"Yes, I'm looking forward to it as well, and please call me Quinn."

"Yes sure Quinn, see you then." Rachel exhaled the breath she didn't realize she was holding.

Andrea is standing at the edge of Quinn's desk running her finger along the polished oak. She waits until the good doctor puts the receiver down. "So was that the diva herself?"

Quinn responds nonchalantly "Never you mind Andie".


"Is there a reason why you're here fiddling with everything in my office?"

"Well I was sent to get you because the new arrival of interns just got in, and you are required to meet with them before you make your rounds."

Quinn cocks an eyebrow "Is it fresh blood season already? I swear they get younger every year."

The nurse nods in agreement "Well this year they look like a bunch of high school freshmen. In fact, I can still see the imprint of a cheerleader uniform on this one girl."

"A cheerleader huh?"

"Yea, her name is Kendra Simmons"

"And you're telling me this because…." Quinn looks at the nurse with a confused expression.

Andrea gets up from her now sitting position and says noncommittally

"Just saying… is all."

As the brunette nurse walks off, she spins around before reaching the door and says, "By the way… just so you know, she has a tongue ring. Later doc, and do give Ms. Berry my regards."

Back at the loft with Rachel and Jesse

Rachel bids farewell to Quinn but is yet to put the receiver down as it is still trembling slightly in her hands. Rachel begins to speak slowly.

"Oh my Streisand! What have I gotten myself into, Jesse?"

Jesse is trying to contain himself and avoid erupting from laughter. "Relax Honey, it's all part of the plan."

"Plan? What plan Jesse? Qui-Quinn is coming over in less than 5 hours, why didn't you just take me down to the hospital? Dr. Quinn fucking Fabray HBIC fucking MD is coming over to my loft to check up on my fractured ankle!"

"It's a sprain not a fracture. Remember, we talked about this. Freakouts like these, help no one. Think soothing thoughts."

"Not the point St. James. Quinn is coming over, so what I do? What do I say? What do I wear? WHAT DO I WEAR, JESSE? C'mon FIX ME GAY MAN!"

"And what's wrong with what you have on now? I mean shorts and tanks aren't all the new rave on the red carpet, but you are injured and are therefore expected to dress the part somewhat. Do you want me to help you into your Oscar de la Renta gown from last year's Grammys in order to prepare for her arrival?"

The diva rolls her eyes. "No one likes a smart ass Jesse. Ok, breathe Rachel, breathe. She's just coming over to check up on my injury. She doesn't know…."

Jesse interrupts her mid-panic. "… that you've been pining away for her since senior year at Mc Kinley?"

Rachel smoothes over her tank with her hands and tilts her head upwards in true diva form. "Right, well, she doesn't need to know that."

"You know, if you're at such a loss for words, we can just show her the slide show presentation. That way you won't have to say a word. The slides do all the talking." The dark haired boy was unable to control his smirk at this point.

"Oh God, Jesse. What am I doing? Did you let me make a presentation for this? Why did you even let me within meters of a virtual bar graph in my medicinal stupor? What am I thinking? This isn't going to work. This is Quinn Fabray, the girl who wore a cross on her chest for her entire attendance at Mc Kinley…. the Quinn Fabray who was captain of the CELIBACY CLUB! Why am I even thinking about this… Quinn Fabray must have men lined up from here down to Long Island waiting for her."

Jesse looks on with his arms folded and a finger pursed on his lips. He waits for the words he is expecting to hear.

"OH NO!" Rachel deadpans. It finally hits her. "I don't even know if she's into girls ... oh no, oh no, oh no ,oh no!"

Jesse puts a finger to Rachel's lips silencing her.

"Listen…..the joys of being a gay man is having impeccable fashion sense and excellent gaydar. So trust me when I say: Quinn Fabray is more than a little blip on my gaydar."

Rachel chooses to ignore the reliability of her best friend's gaydar.

"Jesse… " *exhales deeply* "Quinn Fabray hates me. She called me Man-hands, Jesse, even if she were gay, why would she be interested in my Man Hands, Jesse? " The diva begins to limp all over the apartment, unable to stay still after this revelation.

Jesse face palms. "Oh no, not this arguement again. Ummm. Were you not there when she was staring intensely into your eyes? Or did the meds just black that part out for you? ... And sit your ass down; you're not supposed to be on your feet. It's the only reason I'm here; to help you with your health, not so much your love life. I trust you have this in the bag... In fact I trust you so much with this, that I actually have a lunch date with a tall dark handsome director's assistant. His name is Eric. I have to leave in 5. So please sit, and here is your orange juice. Wait, what time is Quinn coming over?"

"Quinn's coming over at 6pm, after her shift." The diva responds as she settles herself on the couch next to Jesse.

"Ok well in that case I'll set my lunch date to a 6 pm dinner date. Let me just send a quick text."

"Oh no no no no.. Don't you dare leave me here with her alone St. James or I will make sure you never go on another date again!"

The tiny brunette tries to roll over to Jesse's end of the couch trying to take the phone away from him. "Jesse! NO! You HAVE to be here when she arrives."

"Too late. Text sent. Deal with it." Jesse slips his phone in his pocket and gets up off the sofa. "Anywho, since you don't need help into your evening gown, I will be off."

Rachel attempts to put on her biggest puppy dog eyes, in the hopes that they work on her best friend. "Jesse, don't go. I don't think I can be alone with her, what if I open my mouth and spill everything. Jesse you know I suffer from acute verbal diarrhea... You know I lack a filter Jesse, I admit that.. You have to be here."

Jesse is at the door; he opens it then turns around to address Rachel one last time. "Like I said, if speaking is too much, use the slides." He winks at his best friend and leaves, closing the door behind him.

Rachel sits alone in her apartment taking in the silence surrounding her, being left to her own devices. She holds her cell phone in her hand and considers calling Quinn to cancel. She then looks at her swollen discolored ankle. Her thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the mobile in her hand. It's a text from Jesse.

'Don't you DARE call and cancel with her'

Rachel sighs, sinking deeper into her soft plush couch.

************* 4pm. Later that day**************

Chelsea Simmons sprints into Quinn's office. "Dr. Fabray. We have a situation. There was a bus on bus collision not too long ago. Paramedics are bringing in the patients. The total injured body count so far is 29. They need you for consultation in operating theatre B and then you have to check with Dr. Kapoor in ward 19. "

Noticing an exhausted look on the Attending's face, Kendra empathizes.

" I'm sorry Dr. Fabray, all the doctors on shift are in the ER awaiting the paramedic and night shift have already been called in, I'm afraid it's going to be a long evening".

Quinn tilts her head downwards, away from Kendra. "Fuck!" she whispers.


The blonde's pager goes off. She stares at the message, trying to decipher where she needs to be first.

Kendra interrupts her thoughts. "Doctor Fabray, we need to get a move on."

"Sure thing, Dr. Simmons."

"Please, call me Kendra."

"Well Kendra, looks like we doctors are all working a double shift tonight. Quite a first day for you, huh?"

Chelsea smiles at the Quinn and responds "Welcome to the real world huh?"

Quinn looks up at her and finally notices the tongue ring. She begins to follow the young intern to Operating theatre B.

Walking in the opposite direction, she sees Andrea. "Andie, can you please take this, and reschedule my consultations with the names on this list? Thanks."

Andrea takes the paper and skims through the five names listed. Her eyes fall on the fifth name and the note scribbled next to it.

'RACHEL BERRY – 6pm house call: follow- up consultation.'

Andrea makes her way to the medical records computer and pulls up all 5 names on the list to get contact information for all 5 patients.

************* 6pm. Later that evening**************

Rachel sets the flat iron down and looks at the clock on the bathroom wall. Its 6pm which means she has about 20 minutes until Quinn arrives since the commute to her loft from the hospital should take her such time.


"Yes! I knew Jesse couldn't resist my puppy dog eyes." The diva beams as she limps towards the door.

She turns the door knob and begins to speak. "Jesse, you could have used the spare key I gave you instead of making me limp around all over the place."

The diva deadpans.

Standing before her is a slim woman in her mid 20's with brunette hair, blue eyes and full lips.

She gets over her shock and begins to speak.

"Andrea, what are you doing here?"