A/N: I just wanted to do this, that's all. There will only be this chapter.

Matt growled loudly as he yet another time died in his game. This was the tenth time he had died – and in the same level, the same place, every single time. It was driving him crazy! He turned the black PSP off and looked around in the room full of technology stuff. Nothing had happened at all on the screens. Everything was quiet, not even a single sound. Without thinking, Matt turned the PSP on again and started the game level over.

Hours later..

"Matt!" Mello opened the door roughly and walked in, looking furiously at the gamer. "Why the hell aren't you picking up, when I'm calling you?"

"..." Matt didn't answer. He probably didn't even listen. All he did was playing that game. In a few, but very long seconds, the only sound was the game's small noises.

"Are you still playing that stupid game?" Mello sighed and sat down next to the red haired man, pulling out a bar of the usual chocolate. He quickly took a bite and glances over at the PSP screen. "Have you been playing that game for 3 days straight without making any progress?"

Matt still didn't answer. Whenever he played any sort of game, it was like the outside world would disappear. Like he became a part of the game. He was a gamer after all, Mello's technology geek. But he hadn't been talking to him at all the last three days, because he had been busy with his game.

"Still not answering, huh?" Mello sighed and took another bite of his chocolate. He looked at the gamer's very concentrated face. "Matt," he said and smirked, moving closer to the other man and placing the chocolate bar on a table near by, next to the computer with a screen with no movement at all.

Still no answer from Matt. Suddenly Matt smiled widely and threw both his arms up in the air, like a little kid wanting to be picked up, at the same time as he yelled "Yees!". He glanced at Mello through the goggles he always wore. "Hey," he said shortly and returned to the PSP screen, continuing playing the game after making to the next level.

Mello quickly moved a bit away as the other man's arms was up in the air. He looked kinda shocked at him for several seconds, while the stupid game noises started again. He sighed and slowly got up. "Guess I have to do it, right?" He glanced back down at Matt and walked in front of him, very slowly letting the black jacket fall to the ground, so he now only stood in his usual leather clothes, were the top-thing showed the middle of his stomach.

"Dammit.." Matt didn't even look up as the chocolate eating freak. No, he just kept playing his game, starting the level over.

Mello rolled his eyes and slowly unzipped the black leather top-thing, letting it fall to the ground, to the black jacket. He now only stood in his usual black leather pants, red leather boots and the necklace with the cross around his neck. "Maaatt," he said in a seductive voice and smirked lightly.

Matt just kept playing his game, now feeling the urge to smoke. But not even that could stop him from playing the game.

Mello's smirk quickly fainted when there still was no response from the gamer. He sighed and quickly took off his belt, throwing it aside and nearly hitting one of the many computers in the room. He looked at the red haired man's face and finally smirked again, very slowly unbuttoning his own black leather pants. He leaned down and took off the red leather boots, throwing them aside as well, this time hitting one of the computers and knocking it over, breaking it. "Oops.." Mello looked at the now broken computer and very slowly back at Matt.

As soon as Matt heard the crash, he turned the PSP off and looked at the broken computer. He sat still with the PSP still in his hands, looking at the broking computer. He quickly stood up, holding the PSP in the left hand and looked at Mello through the goggles. "What the hell, Mello?" he yelled angrily, like he just died in his game again. "Why the fuck did you brake the computer?"

Mello looked angrily back at the gamer, still only wearing the unbuttoned black leather pants. "It wasn't me! It was my boots!" he yelled back and crossed both his arms over his chest, quickly looking angrily back. Breaking a computer would get him to turn off his games but not Mello stripping?

"But you threw the boots, didn't you?" Matt finally noticed how little clothes the blonde was wearing and his angry expression quickly disappeared. "Oh.." He slowly removed the goggles and threw them on the couch, along with the black PSP.

"Well.. Yearh, maybe.." Mello still looked away like a spoiled teenage girl and didn't look back at the gamer. "But it's your fault for playing that stupid game for 3 days straight, you know."

Matt leaned forward and gently kissed the chocolate loving blonde on the cheek, smirking. "I'm sorry. You should only ask next time," he said as he grabbed the other man's wrist and dragged him towards another room.

Mello blushed lightly when he felt the other man's lips on his own cheek. When he was dragged to the other room, he tried to get away, but couldn't. "Noooo! I don't wanna!" he yelled.

"Of course you want to. Why else would you take off your clothes?" Matt dragged him in to the room and threw him on the small bed, smirking.

"B-because!" Mello was silent for a few seconds, before he sighed and looked at the red haired man. "Okay fine, maybe I do want to.."

"That's what I thought." Matt smirked and very slowly closing the door, smirking.