Petunia was cross. In a few days her freak of a nephew would return, and this time he would be able to use that wretched magic. Suddenly she bumped a box above her and the contents fell out.

Letters. But more importantly letters in another language.

Petunia picked one up and a memory she had tried to forget came rushing back.

The yelling, accusations, the pregnancy and then the near divorce. All of it was because of Lily.

That was when the truth hit her. Lily had another half sister in Japan. One who was quite close to her and married with a son of her own.

This was the perfect opportunity to get rid of the freak. She felt like hitting herself for forgetting the one person she could foist the brat on.

"Moshi moshi."

"Hello, is Emiko Niwa present?" asked Petunia.

"This is her. Who may I ask is calling?"


Silence meet her answer.

"What do you want Petunia? I thought we agreed never to talk again."

"I know. The only reason I am calling concerns your nephew."

"Any child of yours is no relation of mine," said Emiko frostily.

"Not mine. Lily's."

"Where is she Petunia?"

"Dead. For ten years."

"Why are you calling?"

"How would you like to take in Lily's son? We can't take it anymore. He's too much like his mother."

"...Lily had a son? Where is he?"

"He'll be at King's Cross Station at eleven o'clock in two days."

"Fine. But I never want to hear from you again."

"The feeling is mutual, believe me."

Harry got off the train and prepared himself for another summer with his horrid aunt. He could only console himself with the fact that she hated magic, and the summer wasn't going to be nearly as bad as it used to be.

"Wish you could spend the summer with us mate. But Mum was firm about that," said Ron as he passed Harry.

"You and me both."

"Good luck Harry. We'll write every day!" said Hermione.

"Have fun this summer, 'Mione."

He braced himself before stepping out off the platform and into the muggle station. Once he got used to the noise, he looked around.

And blinked twice.

The Dursleys were conspicuously absent. And with an uncle and cousin that large they would be hard to miss.

Instead there was a foreign woman looking around for someone. Harry had been raised with the worst people (if they could be classed that) and as a result, he tended to be extremely polite and friendly.

"Excuse me, Miss, but do you need help finding a platform?" asked Harry, dragging his trunk behind him.

"Actually I'm looking for someone. Can you help me find Harry Potter?"

Startled, he answered without thinking.

"I'm Harry Potter."

She beamed at him.

"I'm your aunt."

Confusion was apparent on his face as he said "But my aunt is Petunia Dursley."

"I'm your other aunt. Lily happened to be my twin sister."

Harry decided to keep his mouth shut and take a closer look at the woman. She did share some resemblance to his mother, but not much.

"Fraternal twins."

Now that made sense.

"Why isn't my other aunt here."

Now the woman looked a bit embarrassed.

"Petunia and I made an agreement never to speak of one another unless Lily was involved. She finally remembered me long enough to ask me to take you in."


"Petunia Dursley (she spat the name like it was the plague) never wanted anything to do with Lily once she realized that she had magic. Lily got that from our side of the family."

Now he was really confused.

"Your grandmother had an affair with my father, the result of which was Lily and myself. You could go back to Petunia if you want, or you can come with me back to Japan."

Harry couldn't believe his luck. Here was a chance to leave the Dursleys forever! But how could he trust this woman?

"Wait, did you say Japan? I don't have a passport!"

"Do you know where you could get one?"

Harry nodded.

"I'll follow your lead then."

Harry directed her to the Leaky Cauldron. Much to his shock she could see it perfectly fine. Once he reached Gringotts he asked for Griphook.

"What can I do for you Mr. Potter?"

"This lady claims to be my other aunt. Is there anyway to prove that?"

Griphook had them follow him into a smaller room. Once the woman found out what he needed, she willingly gave him three drops of blood. Five minutes later Harry was in shock.

Emiko Niwa-Evans

Sister: Lily Niwa-Evans-Potter, Petunia Evans-Dursley

Father: Daichi Niwa

"You're really my aunt?"

She beamed at him.

"Is there any way to shift custody to me and my husband?"

"Custody was never officially given to the Dursley family. However it seems money was given for taking care of an orphan."

"If by taking care you mean shoving into a hall closet for ten years and forcing a child to do manual labor, then yeah, they took care of me," said Harry under his breath. Emiko's eyes narrowed.

Another hour later Harry had a new passport and Emiko had custody. Never again would Harry see the Dursley family. And he couldn't be happier.

Harry was sound asleep on the plane to Japan. Emiko had alerted her father to the fact that Lily's son would now be living with them. Her son had no idea that his cousin was coming,

She gently woke up Harry when they landed, and together they managed to put the trunk in the small car she rented. Normally she didn't drive, since everything was within walking distance, but there was no way she was going to lug that trunk home.

Unknown to Harry, Emiko called ahead so her father could disable the traps. It wasn't long before Harry was trying to sit still from looking at everything. Above his owl flew ahead.

"Well, this is our house. What do you think?" asked Emiko.

"Wow. Definitely better than Privet Drive," said Harry with a grin.

"Let's get you to your new room."

Harry was grinning as he managed to lug the trunk up to his new room. It was decorated in soothing colors of blue, green, red and gold. It was like a miniature sunset. His bed was a simple bunk with a desk underneath. There was a window that opened to the ocean, and a small spot for his owl to roost.

"I love it Aunt Emiko!" said Harry sincerely.

"Good. Once you've settled in you can meet the rest of the family. Daisuke is currently at a friend's house, but he might be back by supper."

He absolutely loved his new family. His aunt was kind and pleasant, his grandfather was fun to be around, and the family pet was amusing, if a bit weird.

The door opened, and someone yelled "Okaa-san, Oji-san! Tadaima!"

"Daisuke, Okaeri!" said Emiko back.

"I forgot you don't know Japanese. Hold still a minute..." said Emiko. She took a wand and waved it over Harry and suddenly he could understand the red haired boy who entered.

"Mom, who's this?"

"Dai, this is your cousin Harry from England. He'll be living with us from now on."

"Since when do I have a cousin we speak to?"

Harry took a good look at Daisuke.

He was about his height with hair redder than Ron. His eyes were like rubies and he had the same problem with his hair that Harry did. It went all over the place.

"Harry is your aunt Lily's son."

"What happened to Aunt Lily?"

"My mom died protecting me from a mad man," said Harry finally.

Daisuke was silent, before he held out his hand.

"I'm your cousin Daisuke. Nice to meet you."

"Harry. It's a pleasure."

That settled the unspoken tension in the air, as Emiko went to make dinner. Since Harry was there, she decided to make something his mother used to love. Yakisoba noodles with miso soup.

Harry decided then and there to learn how to cook Japanese food. While they waited, Daichi and Daisuke asked him all sorts of questions about England, and Hogwarts.

Much to his surprise, his mother wasn't in fact a muggleborn witch. She was a half blood like him. Still, he enjoyed talking about the school and his friends. It served to lighten the mood as he asked questions about the town and Japan. It was only after dinner that Harry found out he would have to join Daisuke at school, if only until September first.

Which meant he would have to learn Japanese really quick. He couldn't depend on the translation charm all the time.

"Everyone, I would like you to meet our temporary classmate, Harry Niwa."

Everyone immediately looked to Daisuke for explanations. He shrugged.

"He's my cousin from England who goes to a private school. He's on his summer vacation right now."

"And it's still better than what my vacations used to be like," said Harry with a grin.

Once he was settled into the classroom, he patiently listened and did the work given. Lunch hit and so did the questions.

Thankfully he had been inoculated against sudden popularity thanks to Hogwarts. Between answering questions and simply being normal, Harry never once thought about Ron or Hermione.

He was having a blast (despite being sent to school and receiving more homework over his vacation). His Hogwarts homework had been done in less than a week.

If someone had asked if him what he thought his family would be like, he never would have said that they would be thieves. Then again, no one ever said he was normal either.

Still, at least he was learning something interesting over his break. All his homework combined with learning the family trade kept him so busy that he never once wondered why Ron and Hermione never owled him.

It was only when he was about to have his twelfth birthday that he wondered why they hadn't tried to contact him.

Harry had fun during the small party they gave him. Daisuke had given him a painted picture of Hedwig, his owl. Emiko had found a translation charm that allowed him to learn as he slept. Daichi had gotten him his own set of lock picks, since he had managed to learn how to use them properly.

But that was nothing to the party his classmates gave him at the Harada twin's house. It was massive. Risa had taken a shine to him, much to his discomfort. Riku thought his embarrassment was funny.

It was only after that he wondered why none of his English friends bothered to send him even a card.

That was when he saw the tiny bat eared...thing...on his bed. What worried him was that it was jumping directly over that hole that Emiko had rigged to open without warning some mornings.

"Um, who are you and why are you jumping on a potentially dangerous hole?"

"My name is Dobby sir. Dobby the house elf. I don't know where to begin..."

"First, would you please get off that bed? You can sit down if you want..."

That was the wrong thing to say. Dobby it turned out, worked for horrible masters who treated him as badly as the Dursleys treated Harry. Once Harry calmed him down (by which time Emiko and the others were outside the door listening in) Dobby attempted to tell Harry of a plot in Hogwarts.

All he could get out of the elf was that A) it didn't have anything to do with Voldemort, and B) Dobby couldn't talk about it directly or he would be punished severely.

Then he found out something that almost had him see red with rage. Dobby had been withholding his mail! It was his twisted attempt to prevent Harry from going back to Hogwarts.

Too bad the Niwa clan prided itself on getting into places they weren't supposed to.

Emiko had a tough decision to make. Well really it was going to be Daisuke's choice.

She could let Harry return to Hogwarts alone, and pick him up every year or he could take the local classes with Daisuke. Or, and she was leaning heavily on this, Daisuke could join his cousin at the castle.

It would be up to Daisuke whether he wanted to join Harry or not. Either way, the boys would be learning magic.

Daisuke looked at his mother, and wondered why she wanted him downstairs alone. Harry was in his room finishing that week's math assignments. Where he lacked in language skills he made up for in mathematics, which was universal in any language.

"Daisuke, how would you like to join Harry in Hogwarts?"

That certainly wasn't what he expected.

"But what about my classes and friends?"

"You would still attend class with your friends on the holidays. But it's up to you whether you go."

Daisuke thought hard about this. While he liked taking magic classes at the local temple, they simply didn't offer enough types. Hogwarts on the other hand, had more selection and a better potions class. And Daisuke loved cooking. But...he didn't know if he could leave his friends behind so easily.

"Can I have a day to think about this?"

"Sure Dai. Take as long as you want."

Daisuke left the house to think by himself. He ended up running into Risu at the fountain with the windmill on it.

"Hey Riku-chan."

"Hi Daisuke-kun. Why are you out so late?"

"I needed to think and so I left the house."

"About what?"

"Mom said I could join my cousin at that private school he goes to. The only problem is that it's in Scotland and I don't know English nearly that well."

"So you have a chance to go to a private school across the sea?"

"Yeah. Harry said there's a good chance they would accept me too."

"Why don't you go then?"

"I can't exactly leave my friends behind."

"Who says you're leaving them behind? This is a rare chance Daisuke-kun. Are you really going to let this pass you by?"

Daisuke smiled at her. She was right of course. This chance was too good to miss, and it wasn't like he wouldn't see them during the holidays.

"Thanks Riku-chan."

"Anytime, Daisuke-kun."

Daisuke had to be given a wand and all his school things. Of course Harry was all too happy to help pay for it. It wasn't like he had anything better to do with the money his father left him. And Daisuke already had a pet...even if Wiz was a bit unusual.

Emiko had the wand ready for him by the time they came back from buying potions ingredients and books. And they had gotten a reply from Dumbledore saying Daisuke could come, provided he kept up with the coarse work. (And to that end Harry helped Daisuke read his school books from last year.)

As far as the teachers were concerned, Daisuke was a foreign transfer student who happened to know Harry. And Harry wasn't going to tell Snape about his cousin.

Daisuke had a yew wand, fourteen inches with a strange feather that Emiko had on hand.

"So what do we do now? School starts September first," asked Daisuke.

"We could always wait in the Leaky Cauldron. They have rooms there," suggested Harry.

Emiko looked at them both and asked "Can I trust you two to behave until the train leaves?"

They nodded. Since she could trust them to handle themselves alone, she told them to wait and head to King's Cross by themselves. Of course Harry knew full well that Ron and the others would eventually make their way to Diagon, so it wasn't like they had to wait alone for long.

Harry grinned as he heard the familiar voices of Ron and Hermione. His amusement was dampened by the fact that once again, they were arguing.

Daisuke finished his letters to his friends and looked down.

"Who are they?"

"Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger. My best friends at Hogwarts."

"And why are they arguing?"

Harry listened from above. Apparently, Hermione was angry about the fact that Ron hadn't really sent him letters like he said he would aside from a single birthday card. The fact that Harry never actually got the letters was still a moot point.

So he grinned wildly as he snuck downstairs. He spotted the twins and grinned even wider.

"Mind if I give them a scare?"

They had answering grins of their own, and waved him off.

Harry was smirking as he snuck up beside the feuding friends and yelled "Boo!" loudly in their ear.

Both yelped at the same time and nearly jumped a foot in the air. Daisuke and the twins were laughing hard as the two turned as one and glared at him.

"Harry! That was not funny mate!" said Ron.

"Yes it was. Admit it, if I had done that to Malfoy you would be laughing too!" grinned Harry.

Ron began to drop his glare as his mouth quirked in amusement. Hermione huffed and demanded to know why Harry had never bothered to answer their letters.

"I never got them. Some house elf nicked all my mail. If it wasn't for the fact that my friend Daisuke was accepted into Hogwarts, I wouldn't know what books to get."

"New friend?" said Hermione.

"Who names their kid Daisuki?"

Daisuke blushed and Harry looked like he was trying not to bust his gut from laughing.

"What's so funny?" asked Ron.

"Daisuki means 'I really like you' in Japanese. It's their way of saying I love you."

That had Ron blushing like mad.

Daisuke took his queue to come downstairs and meet them.

"Bloody hell. You found a Japanese Weasly?" asked Ron.

"Actually, they found me."

Thankfully Hermione was too busy bothering his cousin to ask why he never sent them any letters over the summer. Or where he had been.

One week into the vacation, Ron had given into boredom and actually called Harry through the muggle telephone. The only problem was, Harry never thought to include the new phone number in Japan.

So they decided to all get their supplies together. Well, Hermione and the Weaslys anyway. Harry and Daisuke already had theirs.