Hellmouth or Time Rift


Meeting the Doctor.

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AN: This takes place during season four of Doctor Who. This kind of takes place during season 7 of Buffy. This is after Spike has gotten his soul but don't expect much of anything else from season 7. This is all the information I am going to give away so that nothing is spoiled.

It was just an ordinary day on the Hellmouth for Buffy Summers. Well as ordinary as it can be on the Hellmouth. Buffy was currently in one of the many graveyards of Sunnydale fighting off a gang of vampires with the help of her boyfriend Spike. Now that sounded weird to her. Spike being her boyfriend was a very recent occurrence. He was once one of the big bad vampires that she fought. The government then put a chip in his brain that made it so he couldn't hurt humans. Spike still has the chip but he also has a soul.

Our two warriors which consisted of Buffy the vampire slayer and Spike the vampire were winning against their foes and were down to their last vampire. It was then that they heard an indescribable noise out in the distance. The distraction caused the two to lose the vampire they had been about to stake as they had been momentarily distracted. It seemed like the vampire had used this distraction to make a quick getaway.

"It's no fun when they run away," said Buffy with a slight pout. "What was that noise anyways?"

"Was just about to ask you the same question, love," replied Spike who still had his game face on just in case any more baddies were heading their way. Spike's game face consisted of yellow eyes, a ridged bumpy forehead, and sharp looking fangs. He would appear quite terrifying to the average person. "Shall we take a look?"

"Lead the way," said Buffy before she went ahead and took the lead.

This left Spike to run to catch up to his girlfriend who was currently running towards where they had heard the noise come from. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. All Spike could see were the same old headstones, the crypt he used to live in, and a strange looking man. There was a man just standing in the middle of the graveyard. He had short spiky brown hair, brown eyes, and was really skinny. The man was wearing a brown pinstriped suit, converse trainers, and a long brown trench coat. The combination of clothes was quite odd in Spike's opinion. Spike than wondered if he had been spending too much time around Buffy since he was now noticing what other people were wearing.

Spike had been in the process of running towards Buffy when he saw the strange man start to run towards Buffy as well. Unfortunately the pinstriped suit man got to Buffy first and was holding out a hand behind him towards Buffy and a hand out to Spike.

"Stop. Don't come any closer," the man had called out to Spike before he turned to face Buffy. "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Now run."

"I'm not going anywhere with a weirdo in a dorky suit and shoes that so don't go with the outfit," replied Buffy to the man apparently called the Doctor. What kind of name was that? Buffy than grabbed the man by the throat and pushed him into a headstone that was relatively close. "Now you're going to tell us what you're doing here."

"Do you not see that creature with the fangs and the yellow eyes?" The Doctor asked.

"That creature is my boyfriend," responded Buffy. "Now if you want to live you're going to tell us who you are."

By this time Spike had reached the headstone and was merely watching Buffy handle this man. It was as he was close that Spike noticed two things about this man. The first was that he did not smell human and the second was the fact that this man had two hearts. "Buffy I can tell you right now that this bloke isn't human."

"Thanks Spike. That saves us some time," said Buffy as she pulled a stake out of her leather jacket pocket and held it up ready to strike.

"Wait, Buffy," Spike called out.

"What now?" Buffy asked.

"I said he wasn't human. I never said he was a vampire." Despite the fact that Spike knew this man wasn't human, he didn't think the guy was too strong or he could have broken free by now. Spike leaned against a nearby headstone and lit up a cigarette. He was curious. In his long years he had never met something that smelled like this and had two hearts. "Question him a bit before you do anything. I don't know what he is. He could be the first of many."

"Since when do you think things through, Spike?" Buffy asked forgetting the man she was currently choking for the moment.

"I always think things through, well most of the time. I get bored easily," responded Spike with a shrug and a drag on his cigarette. "I'd loosen your hold on his neck if I were you. Don't want him passing out before we can find out who he is."

Buffy loosened her grip slightly. The man could not breathe but could not get away. "Okay Doctor. Mind telling us more than your name?"

"I would feel more comfortable if you would let me go. I won't run away and I will explain everything. Blimey you have a strong grip," said the Doctor from his uncomfortable position against the headstone.

"So we at least know you are from the UK with that kind of accent. Spike, get over here, put on your human face, and come talk British with this guy," said Buffy slightly impatiently, but with a hint of amusement in her voice.

Spike shook his head to make his game face go away and his human one appear. "Sometimes I wonder why I don't just kill you with how rude you are to me," said Spike with a smirk. "Did I hear you say your name was the Doctor? What are you?"

"I could ask you the same thing?" The Doctor answered with a question.

"You've never seen a vampire before?" Spike asked incredulously.

"Vampires don't exist. At least they don't exist like humans think they do. There are creatures in the universe called plasmavores which drink blood to assimilate it, but they don't have fangs. Now as more me, I am neither of those. I'm not here to cause any trouble so can I just be on my way?"

"Don't think so," responded Buffy. "You still haven't told us what you are."

"Oh fine. I'm a Time Lord," answered the Doctor.

"A what?" Buffy and Spike asked together.

"Time Lord. I come from the planet Gallifrey and can travel through space and time," replied the Doctor.

"Aliens are real?" Buffy asked more to herself than anyone in particular. "Even if that is the case what are you doing in a graveyard on the Hellmouth?"

"What's a Hellmouth?" The Doctor asked clearly interested.

"A Hellmouth is literally a mouth to hell. All the bad things are drawn here to its energy," said Buffy,

"I know that is why I came here," Spike chimed in.

"I'm not going to attack so can I get up? The Doctor asked Buffy again. "My neck and back are starting to hurt. Plus it is kind of hard to think from this position."

"Fine, but if I let you up and you try anything you are getting a stake right through the heart," Buffy said menacingly.

"He has two hearts," supplied Spike. "Make sure you get both of them."

"How did you know that I have two hearts? I could you tell I was not human?" The Doctor was clearly interested in this creature he had never before laid eyes on. The way this man talked, he couldn't tell if Spike was kidding to be intimidating or actually evil.

Buffy released her grip on the Doctor but stayed in a defensive position with her stake raised. Spike had moved around so that he was directly across from Buffy on the other side of the alien. "Now talk," commanded Buffy.

"I could go on talking for hours," said the Doctor with a grin. He was feeling more confident and more himself now that he was not being choked against a headstone. At this moment he was very glad that he left Donna in the TARDIS. He would not have wanted her to be here right now. "Thing is I was only making a pit stop here. Didn't really know what I would find. My ship was attracted to the energy that was being put out from this town. My ship needed to be refueled and didn't want to stop in Cardiff. There is an old friend there that I would rather avoid at the moment. Anyways, went looking for something that was putting out the same kind of energy. What you have in this town is a rift in time and space. There is all this energy bleeding out which draws others here. This is your reason why so many things are attracted to this place. I know Cardiff gets their fair or activity, but they have Jack to handle things there. Are you two part of some team that handles creatures that come here seeking to wreak havoc?"

It took a moment for Spike and Buffy to digest all that the Doctor had said. By the time the Doctor had finished speaking they were taken by surprise. It didn't seem like this guy was ever going to stop rambling.

"I am Buffy the vampire slayer. I am the one girl in all the world chosen to fight the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. That is my basic job description. This is Spike who was once just like any other vampire. This government agency put a chip in his head that prevents him from hurting humans. He worked by my side since he had nothing better to do. He then went out and got his soul back for me. We have been a couple ever since and are still fighting together. My friends help us out in our fights."

"Absolutely brilliant," The Doctor remarked. Well he thought it was wrong that one human girl was chosen to fight off everything. He wondered how they were chosen "How does one become a vampire slayer?"

"Long ago a girl was imbued with a demon that gave her enhanced healing, speed, strength, and endurance. When she died these abilities were passed onto a new girl. Every time a slayer dies another is chosen. So far I am the longest living slayer," said Buffy proudly.

"That's terrible," said the Doctor in a grave voice. "You seem to only be in your twenties and you are the longest living. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"How old are you, mate?" Spiked asked.

"Don't really remember," said the Doctor still distracted by what an awful fate this girl had. "I kind of stopped counting awhile ago. I just say I am in my early nine hundreds, but I am most likely somewhere in my thousands. I have been saying I was nine hundred since around my sixth body.

"Sixth body?" Asked a shocked Buffy. "What body are you on now?"

"This is my tenth regeneration. When I am about to die I regenerate into a new body. My personality changes slightly but I am still the same basic person," replied the Doctor.

"So when you are about to die you steal someone else's body?" Buffy asked getting her stake ready in case she needed to use it.

"No, nothing like that," said the Doctor rather quickly. "Please put that stick down. It is making me nervous. When I regenerate I literally change every cell in my body to heal myself. The side effect is that my looks change along with some aspects of my personality. I don't go around stealing random people's bodies. That would just be weird."

Spike and Buffy gave each other a look as if to wonder if the guy was really for real. They decided they would deal with that weirdness later on. For now they needed to focus on the here and now.

"Now Spike how long have you been a vampire?" The Doctor curiously asked.

"I'm roughly around 130," replied Spike. "Why do you ask?"

"I have a theory as to what you actually are," answered the Doctor. "What do you know about your kind?"

"I know pretty much just the basics," responded Spike. "There were some ancient pure demons that were once here. I guess some humans got infected and became the first vampires. They went on to create others and so on."

"Aha!" The Doctor exclaimed. "That is pretty much what would have happened except replace demon with alien parasite. There was a species of these parasites that lived long ago but have long since died out. Didn't know any of them had left remnants of themselves on Earth. I am guessing that the alien DNA mixing with human DNA produced some kind of genetic mutation so that you are neither exactly like that parasite or exactly like a human. This is absolutely fantastic. Can I have a look at that face of yours again? I couldn't really get a good look before and was a bit more worried about staying alive."

"I'll show you if you stop with all that bloody rambling," responded Spike with a growl as he vamped out.

"Oh you are gorgeous. You really are fantastic," said the Doctor with childlike glee on his face as he got a bit closer to Spike. "I don't quite understand how you can shift faces back and forth and that is fantastic because I usually understand everything. Usually I would have guess some kind of perception filter, but that doesn't seem to be it. It is probably just another form of that genetic mutation. The body can't decide what type of face it is suppose to have so it can go back and forth. This is truly amazing."

"Enough!" Buffy yelled out to shut up the Doctor who seemed to be geeking out over Spike. "Let's get back to my place and we can figure out what to do with you."

"Sounds good to me," said Spike now back in his human face. He was very thankful that Buffy had shut the Doctor up.

"I don't mind. I just need to grab my companion and move my ship out of this graveyard. This town is so filled with rift energy that she is bound to be refueled by now."

"There is no way I am letting you run off," said Buffy sternly. "Who is this companion with you? Is this companion like you?"

"No running away and no she is not like me. She is completely human and just someone who travels with me. Kind of funny how we met," recalled the Doctor fondly. "She just appeared on my spaceship. She thought I was a Martian who had abducted her. It all worked out in the end though. We have had some great adventures." The Doctor was explaining Donna to Buffy and Spike as they walked towards the TARDIS.

"So where is this spaceship? Spike asked when the Doctor stopped. "All I see is an old Police Box. Saw my fair share of them back in the day. Don't know why one would be here in Sunnydale of all places."

"This is my spaceship,' replied the Doctor.

"You travel through space in a tiny wooden blue box?" Buffy asked skeptically.

"Oi, don't knock the TARDIS," said the Doctor. "Take a look inside. Come on." The Doctor ran in ahead of the two and tossed his coat to the side. "Donna! We have guests!" The Doctor called out.

Buffy and Spike entered the TARDIS at the same time. They promptly stepped back out and walked around before going back inside. It was Buffy who said what was on both of their minds. "It's bigger on the inside."

"Try popping aboard this ship and then seeing that it is smaller on the outside after exiting it. Now that is a mind trip," said Donna who had just entered the console room. "Hi, I'm Donna Noble."

"So you're the Doctor's companion," observed Spike. "Well I guess you two make a nice couple."

"We're not a couple," said the Doctor and Donna at the same time. "So Buffy tell me where we are off to," requested the Doctor.

"We are going to 1630 Revello Drive," said a now unsure Buffy who really didn't think she should be in an alien spaceship with said alien who she had just given her address to.

"Allons-y," said the Doctor as he pulled a lever which made the whole room shake and the TARDIS moved to the backyard of Buffy's house.

Buffy ran out of the ship the moment they landed and ran into the house. "Everyone get down here now!" Buffy called out through the house waking its inhabitants.

AN: So here ends chapter 1. The first chapter is more introductory to both fandoms than anything else. Next chapter the Doctor and Donna will be meeting the Scooby gang and then we will go from there. Hope everyone enjoyed the first chapter. I appreciate reviews.