Hellmouth or Time Rift

A/N: So I have decided to go out of order with episodes. I started with Midnight and I am going to use other episodes. They might not be from season four of Doctor Who and there may be Doctor Who villains but not a corresponding episode. I just wanted to throw that out there.

Ch.6 Don't Blink

The TARDIS materialized in one of the many Sunnydale graveyards in the early evening. It had just gotten dark out. Buffy had asked the Doctor if they could return to Sunnydale so she could check on Dawn. Even though the Doctor claimed that no time would have passed at all, Buffy still wanted to make sure her little sister was alright. Of course, knowing the TARDIS, the group did not arrive directly after they had left.

"Why is it dark out?" Buffy asked the Doctor. "We left early in the day. Shouldn't it still be morning?"

"About that," began the Doctor. "Sometimes the TARDIS is not too reliable. This is probably the same day that we left.

"Probably?" Buffy questioned. "We need to get home. Why didn't we arrive at my house?"

"The TARDIS seems to be drawn to this graveyard for some reason," the Doctor responded. "I'm just going to leave the TARDIS here for now. We could all do with a nice walk."

"Walking through Sunnydale at night is always a good plan," said Xander sarcastically as everyone began to walk away from him. He jogged to catch up with everyone else and passed by a statue of an angel that looked like it was weeping on his way.

It didn't take long to get back to the Summer's residence. The streets were quiet and there didn't appear to be many people out. Even if most of the town was oblivious to the supernatural, there was still that feeling at night that kept most of the people inside their homes. This evening there were even fewer people out and about.

"That's weird," said Buffy. She spotted a statue of an angel as they were passing by another cemetery.

"What's weird?" The Doctor asked the Slayer.

"I know every cemetery in Sunnydale like the back of my hand," Buffy began. "I should know them since I spend so much time in the various graveyards this town has to offer. I don't remember there ever being an angel statue at the entrance to this particular graveyard."

The Doctor looked around to where Buffy was looking and saw the Weeping Angel. He supposed it could be an ordinary statue, but since it obviously didn't belong there, he felt that he would not be lucky enough that this would turn out to be an ordinary statue. "I need everyone to back away while stick keeping that statue in their sights. When I tell you to, I want everyone to blink and then open their eyes again as quickly as possible."

"What's wrong?" Willow asked while grabbing Tara's hand.

"I am just testing a theory," replied the Doctor.

As a group everyone backed away until they were across the street from the angel. At the Doctor's signal they all quickly blinked before resuming staring at the angel. What shocked everyone except for the Doctor was the fact that the angel was now much closer to them.

"Nobody blink," commanded the Doctor in a controlled voice. "Everyone keep the Weeping Angel in your sight. We need to get back to Buffy's house as quickly as possible without looking away from the angel. We are going to do this in groups. Half of us will run while the other half is looking at the angel. The first half will stop and look to give the second group time to run to the first group."

"Why are we running from a bloody statue?" Spike asked in a skeptical voice.

"I'll explain back at the house," said the Doctor. "For now just concentrate on getting home. The first group will consist of Xander, Willow, Tara, Giles, and Donna. Start running while I along with Buffy and Spike keep looking at the angel. Go now!"

The first group took off running as the second group kept watch and on this went until they were back at Buffy's house. Thankfully this plan had worked and they were back inside and were able to prevent the angel from following them if it had been planning to follow them at all.

"Dawn!" Buffy yelled up the stairs, hoping that her sister was in the house.

"Buffy!" Dawn yelled back down the stairs before running to greet her sister. "Where have you been for the past week?"

"We have been gone a week?" Buffy asked her sister.

"Yeah and I was worried since people have been going missing around town this past week. I thought something had happened to all of you," said Dawn who sounded relieved that her sister and friends were not among those who were missing.

"You know people are always going missing in Sunnydale," replied Buffy.

"Not like this," said Dawn. "According to Clem even vampires and demons are going missing.

"You were hanging out with Clem?" Buffy asked slightly shocked to hear about her sister hanging out with a demon.

"He is not bad like other demons and I didn't know who else to turn to when all of you went missing," said Dawn slightly dismissively. "Anyways, where have you been all this time?"

"We were travelling with the Doctor," said Buffy who turned around to glare at the Doctor for a moment before turning back to her sister. "He said he could have us back a moment after we left."

"Look this is not the time for a spat," said Donna cutting into the conversation. "Has anyone else forgotten the statue back there that was after us?"

"Sorry," said Buffy. "Okay Doctor, enlighten us on what these Weeping Angel things are."

"The lonely assassins they used to be called," began the Doctor in response to Buffy's question of what a Weeping Angel was. "No one really knows how old they are. They have the most perfect defense imaginable."

"They're just statues," said Xander.

"They are only statues when they are being observed," explained the Doctor. "As soon you look away or blink even for a moment that is when they come alive. They are faster that you can believe."

"So how do we kill them?" Buffy asked the Doctor.

"You can't kill a Weeping Angel," said the Doctor. "The most you can do is trick them into looking at each other. I met the Weeping Angels before and they managed to send my friend and me to 1969. I didn't have the TARDIS and had no way of getting back. I managed to get some help from this amazing girl Sally Sparrow. I could communicate to her through a DVD and she managed to get to the TARDIS. The Weeping Angels had surrounded the TARDIS. When it dematerialized they were stuck looking at each other. That is the only way to defeat them."

"So we can't kill them?" Buffy asked just to get clarification.

"No," said the Doctor. "This is a time when being the Slayer won't help you. You can't beat a Weeping Angel with brute strength."

"What do they want?" Willow asked the Doctor.

"Last time they wanted the TARDIS," said the Doctor. "These are different ones from last time so they could have the same plan. A Weeping Angel would love to get a hold of the TARDIS"

"What would happen if a Weeping Angel got inside the TARDIS?" Spike asked.

"The Sun would go out," said the Doctor simply.

"Not too bad for me then," said Spike at an attempt at humor. "Sorry," said Spike after he saw the glares he was getting from everyone in the room, especially his girlfriend.

"Anyways," began the Doctor trying to get everyone to focus again. "I'm not so sure that is why they are here this time. " The Doctor was hesitant to say more. He had a theory as to what the Angels wanted, but he couldn't very well tell everyone with the problem standing right in the room. "I need to discuss something with Buffy before saying anything more about the Angels."

"I don't know anything about these Angels," said Buffy who was confused as to why the Doctor wanted to speak to her alone. She then saw the look that the Doctor was giving her. It was an intense look and he shifted his eyes slightly to the left to where Dawn happened to be standing. "Fine."

Buffy followed the Doctor out of the living room and into the kitchen where they would not be overheard by anyone, except perhaps Spike with his super hearing. "They want Dawn," said Buffy before the Doctor had a chance to explain. "This is what you were implying back there, right? You didn't want to say anything in front of Dawn or the others until you had talked to me."

"I'm just surprised they haven't shown up before now," said the Doctor. "It is true that you live in a very strange town, but why are the Weeping Angels only showing up now after I have arrived? It is possible they could have followed me here."

"You led these psychopaths to my sister," said Buffy venomously. "You are going to fix this. I swear that if my sister dies than I will stake you in both of your hearts."

"If your sister dies, than there will be no need to kill me," replied the Doctor. "If the Weeping Angels get their hands on Dawn than they would be able to destroy the Universe."

"So with your TARDIS it would only be the Sun, but with my sister it would be the whole Universe?" Buffy asked not sure how her sister could be more powerful than an alien ship that could travel through space and time.

"Think about what your sister is and what could have happened with Glory," said the Doctor.

"Dawn can open up portals to anywhere," Buffy began. "She is a key that fits in every lock in the Universe."

"This is worse than I thought," said the Doctor. "What you just said made me realize something I hadn't even considered."

"What is that?" Buffy asked.

"I could be wrong, but I don't think I am," said the Doctor.

"Spit it out already," demanded Buffy.

"What if the Angels wanted to open up the time lock I put on the last great time war?" The Doctor was asking himself more than Buffy. "So many races were involved in the war and no one was winning. I had to stop the war to keep everything from being destroyed. So many planets and species would have been lost forever. I put a time lock on the war so that the Daleks and my own people couldn't get out. My people were about to do atrocious things and I couldn't let them. What if this is what the Angels want? Even if it isn't, anyone with the power to figure out the key could unlock the time war."

"What are you saying, Doctor?" Buffy questioned the ranting alien. "How do I keep my sister safe from being used again?"

"There is no safe where Dawn is concerned," replied the Doctor with a dark look. "If you agree to let your sister close that portal, that was made by Glory, than we don't have to worry about anyone else using the key to destroy the Universe." The Doctor knew he was being harsh, but this was the fate of everything at stake. "The key was never meant to be in human form. Dawn should never have existed." The Doctor placed his hand upon his cheek where Buffy had just slapped him very hard.

"Do not talk about my sister that way," said Buffy in a quiet, venomous voice.

"Well not that we have that settled," began the Doctor who was still rubbing his sore cheek. "We need to decide how to get rid of this latest threat."

"Are you two going to come back out to the living room?" Xander asked as he poked his head into the kitchen.

"Yeah, we're coming," said Buffy and she followed Xander back into the living room. The Doctor was right behind her.

The Doctor noticed everyone lounging around the living room. There was talk of research and even some joking going on. The Doctor supposed that this group was used to threats on almost a daily basis. He figured they had to take everything lightly so that what they had to face at far too young an age wouldn't overwhelm them. The Doctor did much the same on his travels. Sometimes you had to laugh at the darkness just to be able to cope with the evil in the Universe. The only two who were not joking around were Donna and Spike. He understood that Donna didn't know this group and couldn't really share in on their humor. He naturally assumed that Spike had heard the conversation in the kitchen with his super hearing.

When Spike saw the Doctor looking in his direction he got up from his chair and strode over to the Doctor and leaned in close to speak to the Time Lord. "Nothing better happen to the little bit," said Spike quietly. "If you let anything happen to her, than I will see exactly what the blood of a Time Lord tastes like."

"Understood," said the Doctor simply. He didn't think he would ever figure this particular vampire out and what made him different from others of his kind. That was a mystery for another day.

"Buffy, what did you and the Doctor talk about?" Giles asked.

"It was nothing," said Buffy giving a quick look to the Doctor as if to tell him to keep his mouth shut. "We need to figure out a way to at least keep the Weeping Angels out of the house and develop any kind of defense against them. It doesn't seem like there is much in the way of offense we can use against them."

"Mirrors in the windows would help to defend the house," said the Doctor. "Mirrors would make it more difficult to get in because they would be turned to stone and remain stone if they were to view themselves."

"Oh and we could wear mirrored sunglasses," said Xander who was suddenly excited. "We could blink all we want, but they still wouldn't be able to move."

"That's brilliant," said the Doctor who sprinted over to Xander and pulled him into a hug. "I don't know why I never thought of that before. It is so simple and yet so brilliant."

Xander looked pleased with himself and everyone else around the room looked stunned by the fact that Xander had come up with a good idea. Xander figured it was because he was the most average person in the room that he could see a simple solution where others could not.

"So we have defense down," said Buffy. "How do we get rid of them for good?"

"If it were anything else I would say to just drop them in a super nova, but I can't risk them in the TARDIS," said the Doctor.

"Maybe there is a spell that could get rid of them," said Willow.

"Willow you know you don't always have control over your magic," said Tara. "Anything could go wrong and you could inadvertently end up making them more powerful."

"At least let me try to find a spell to use against them," Willow pleaded with her girlfriend. "It won't hurt to at least do the research even if we don't end up using magic. At least it will be there as an option."

"Never hurts to have more than one plan,' said the Doctor trying to diffuse any possible arguments.

"I'm going to go jump online and check the books for anything that could help," said Willow.

"I'll help you," said Tara. The two of them left the living room and retreated to their own room to begin researching.

"I'll go to the Magic Box and see if the books there can tell us anything about these creatures," said Giles.

"Be careful and take someone with you," said the Doctor.

"I'll go with the G-man, said Xander.

"I appreciate the help, but stop calling me G-man, Xander," said an exasperated Giles.

"Everyone is meet back here in the morning," said the Doctor. "I'll go with Donna and pick up some mirrors and sunglasses. Buffy and Spike the best thing you can do is watch over the house and protect Dawn.

Morning came too quickly for anyone's liking. It hadn't taken the Doctor and Donna long to get the necessary supplies and Xander and Giles had returned early in the morning having not found anything useful at the Magic Box. Giles had grabbed some random supplies from around the store that could be helpful in case they did end up using magic.

Everyone met back in the living room after only having a couple hours of sleep the previous night. Only the Doctor, Buffy, and Spike seemed to be truly awake. No one had bothered to wake Dawn up. Everyone had figured it would be best to let her sleep while they planned. The Doctor had already installed mirrors all over the house and everyone was now sporting a pair of mirrored sunglasses. Even Dawn who was asleep was wearing a pair.

"So Willow and Tara, did you find anything useful last night?" The Doctor questioned the witches.

"Possibly," said Willow. "We found an article online from a Professor Song who wrote a paper about the Weeping Angels. According to Professor Song, that which holds the image of an angel becomes an angel. Apparently if you look into their eyes for too long than you will become an angel yourself."

"Fascinating," said the Doctor. "I've never even heard of this Professor Song before."

"She did mention collaborating with a Doctor, well she said the Doctor so maybe you meet her in the future."

"Best if I don't read this article," said the Doctor. "I don't want too many spoilers."

"Anyways, that got me to thinking about an image of an angel," Willow continued. "I wonder what would happen if we could permanently attach a mirror to an angel. Logic would say that the angel would never move again. "

"That theory would be correct," said the Doctor.

"So we were thinking," Tara picked up where Willow had left off. "We could use a simple spell to have a mirror permanently in front of an angel. If we could get the mirror to stay permanently in front of a Weeping Angel, than it should be safe to bring them into the TARDIS."

"Plus if you didn't want to take it in the TARDIS, than we could try a teleportation spell and send them to some remote area where no one is likely to ever go," said Willow who had jumped back into the conversation.

"That is a fantastic idea," said the Doctor. "This is why I love humans. You lot are always so imaginative." The Doctor was beaming with pride at the group. "I have just one thing to add to your plan. I think the mirrors should be double sided. If there is more than one angel and you can teleport them, then maybe having a double sided mirror would doubly ensure them never moving again."

"What if the mirrors got broken during transport?" Spike questioned the witches and the Doctor. "Wouldn't that wreck the plan and we would be left with royally pissed off statues?"

"I've heard of an unbreakable charm before and using that along with a permanent sticking charm should do the trick," said Willow who was quite proud of herself and her girlfriend for coming up with a perfect plan.

"Now all we need to do is catch ourselves some Weeping Angels," said a very determined Buffy. "We'll leave Dawn in the house with Spike since he can't come out in the daylight. The rest of us should be safe as long as we have our mirrored sunglasses on. We will keep in a circle and have every vantage point covered so that one of the Weeping Angels can't sneak up on us. As soon as we have one in sight and it is not covering its face, than Willow and Tara will strike with their spells."

"Do you need more time to practice the spells?" Giles asked Willow and Tara.

"Give us till this afternoon and we should be ready," replied Tara while Willow nodded in reply to what her girlfriend was saying.

Willow and Tara spent the rest of the morning practicing the various spells they would need for when they encountered the Weeping Angels. It was agreed upon that Willow and Tara would split up between two groups so that more ground could be covered. Each witch knew the spells that would have to be performed and it made sense for them to split up, but neither one was happy with splitting up. The groups had been agreed upon before the two went off to practice. The Doctor and Donna would go with Tara and Xander while Buffy would go with Willow and Giles. Spike wished he could go, but he knew that someone needed to stay with Dawn and he wouldn't be much use as a big pile of dust in the sunlight. He was glad that he was now someone who was to be trusted alone in the Slayer's house with the Slayer's little sister.

"Let's go," said Buffy once everyone was prepared. Buffy kept a stake and a sword with her even though they wouldn't be much use against a Weeping Angel. It just made her feel better to have weapons with her when going to confront a big bad.

The two groups split up to go their separate ways. They had divided up the various graveyards in Sunnydale since that seemed to be the most likely place for a Weeping Angel to hide without drawing too much attention. The two groups had managed to find a few Weeping Angels each. Willow had no trouble getting rid of the four her group encountered. Tara had some trouble with her three, but she managed to get them in the end. Getting rid of the angels had been surprisingly easy and that had everyone worried. It was possible that the Scooby gang was just that good, but somehow no one felt entirely at ease after the success of their mission. Everyone had met back at the Magic Box before heading back home.

"Well done everyone," said the Doctor who was clearly impressed.

"I didn't even get to hit anything," said Buffy with a pout.

"Violence is not the answer to everything," said the Doctor.

"How awesome were the mirrored sunglasses?" Xander asked the group since his idea had actually worked well. They didn't have to worry about blinking as Willow and Tara got rid of the angels.

It was just before sunset when the group decided it was time to head back and check on Spike and Dawn. Buffy called ahead to let them know that the Weeping Angels were taken care of.

"I hope this over," said Donna to the group as they were walking back to the house.

"Why wouldn't it be over?" Buffy asked. "We got every angel we could find and then looked in any other obvious places around town on the way back."

"Nothing is ever this simple with the Doctor," Donna said simply with a hint of worry in her voice.

"It is always possible we got lucky this time," said the Doctor.

"Don't jinx is Spaceman," Donna said as she lightly punched the Doctor in the arm.

"Home at last," said Buffy as they approached her house. "I so just want to pop in a movie, eat, and just relax. There hasn't been much time for that lately." Buffy then proceeded to open the front door and was confronted with a terrifying sight. There was a Weeping Angel in the living room with its arm outstretched.

"Spike! Dawn!" Buffy called out.

"What is it?" Dawn called down the steps. "Is everything taken care of?"

"Stay upstairs, but yell down where Spike is," Buffy called up to her sister.

"He just went down the steps a minute before you called up the stairs to me because he heard a noise. Wasn't that you?"

"We just got in, there is an angel down here, and Spike is nowhere to be seen," said Buffy in a panicked voice. "Willow, will you please take care of this thing?" Buffy then proceeded to walk into the kitchen where she let herself break down. Spike was gone now and they had just managed to make thing work between them. Spike had proved he could be a man rather than a monster and had fought to get his soul back to be with her. It wasn't fair that he had to be taken away from her now. Buffy punched a hole in the kitchen wall and regretted her actions a second later. It wasn't like her hand was hurt, but that hole would now need fixing.

The Doctor walked into the kitchen a moment after he had heard Buffy punch the wall. "It is possible that you haven't lost him for good," said the Doctor trying to give Buffy a gleam of hope.

"What do you mean?"Buffy asked as she wiped her tears away.

"Spike is a vampire so that means that no matter how far in the past he was sent, he could still be alive, well undead," The Doctor explained.

"Wouldn't he be here right now if that were the case?" Buffy asked while trying not to get her hopes up.

"He would have needed to hide from himself for who knows how many years," said the Doctor calmly. "It wouldn't have been safe for him to remain in Sunnydale where there was a chance he could meet his past self or run into you. If he is still around than he will probably contact you soon once he's sure he won't be meeting his past self."

"I hope you're right," said Buffy. "I'm not going on anymore adventures with you until I know about Spike."

"Donna and I can carry on for awhile and pop back in to see what has happened in a few weeks," The Doctor offered.

"Thank you," said Buffy.

The Doctor and Donna left that same day to continue on their adventures. Two weeks passed without any sign of Spike and no word from the Doctor. It was evening at the end of the second week when there was a knock on the door. Buffy had been sulking around the house and had been neglecting her Slayer duties. Everyone was worried about her, but they understood why she was upset even if the others hadn't cared for Spike that much.

The others were currently out scouring the town for any traces of bad things going on. The rest of the Scooby gang had been trying their best to help keep the monster population down until Buffy felt up to resuming her duties. At the sound of the knocking on the door that wouldn't go away, Buffy dragged herself off the couch and put Mr. Gordo, her stuffed pig on the couch that she had been cuddling with and went to answer the door. On the other side of the door was a very familiar bleach blond vampire who was currently missing his beloved duster.

"Spike," said Buffy quietly, not quite believing her eyes. "Where the hell have you been?"Now that Buffy could see that Spike was safe, she felt anger rising up inside because he had kept her waiting when he knew she had to have been worried.

"It was a little hard to keep track of the dates," said Spike. "I got sent back almost two hundred years. I remembered the general time that I had been sent back by that bitch of a Weeping Angel, but I didn't want to arrive only to find that there was another me here."

Buffy readily accepted this explanation and threw herself into Spike's arms. Spike hesitated before hugging the Slayer back. It had been so long and he didn't know where things stood between the two of them.

"Tell me what happened after you were sent back," Buffy said in a soft yet commanding voice. "Are you still the man I know?"

"I'm not sure," said Spike. "I am definitely different than I was when I left, but now that I am back with you, it feels like I am the same person. I tried my best to remain good and honorable in the past, but it was difficult without you there with me. After being in the past for awhile I went back to hunting people, but I would always feel guilty afterwards. Sometimes I would save people and sometimes I would drain them dry. It was difficult being a vampire in the past. I needed to survive so that I could see you again, but my actions were not something I am proud of. I have been off human blood for quite some time now and I have been trying to do good deed, but it doesn't make up for the past. I'm starting to sound like that bloody prat, Angel now."

"The past is the past," said Buffy. "Where did you go?"

"I went all around the world," said Spike. "I avoided the places where I knew I would be and I have avoided California especially in these recent years. I spent all this time alone. I never hung out with other vampires and there was never any other love interest. Despite the wrongs I have committed, I have stayed true to you."

By this point Buffy was crying almost as hard as she had been when she had discovered that Spike was taken. "Don't ever leave me like that again," Buffy commanded through her tears.

"Never, love," said Spike and he pulled Buffy closer and leaned in to kiss her for the first time in two hundred years.

Buffy still neglected her Slayer duties for the next couple of days. She didn't want to leave Spike and figured a couple more days wouldn't hurt. Buffy wasn't surprised when the Doctor showed up again a few days later, but she was surprised to see that Donna wasn't with him.

"Where's Donna?" Buffy asked the Doctor after they had said hello.

"She is back with her family now," said the Doctor. "She doesn't remember me or any of our adventures. Her mind would have burned out and she would have died. Hardly any time has passed for you, but for me so much has happened. Everyone is gone now and I am on my own again. That's the life of the last Time Lord."

"Does this have anything to do with the planets that were in the sky?" Buffy asked.

"Donna saved the world and the whole Universe is singing her praises, but she can never know. I have gone on some adventures by myself since then, but it is not the same without a companion. Come with me."

Buffy and Spike looked at each other and held a silent conversation with only their eyes. They had both come to the same decision. "Of course we will go with you," said Buffy.

The Doctor seemed to suddenly perk up. There was still darkness in his impossibly old eyes, but the smile he gave them was sincere. "Allons-y," said the Doctor.

A/N: We have now reached the end of chapter six. For now it will just be Buffy and Spike travelling with the Doctor, but expect the others to make an appearance later on. The Scoobies are not gone for good. I also want to say that this is the longest chapter I have ever written for a story. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter.