Chapter 10-

Dusty and Felix: The Resolution

In his room, Dusty woke up to the sound of his ringtone. Dusty was laying in his bed. He sat up.

"Huh?" Dusty asked himself. "Am I… back?" He jumped off his bed to look out the window.

He was happy to see the blue sky and green grass outside his window. And of course live people!

"I'm back!" Dusty shouted in excitement. His phone continued to ring. He ran over and answered it. "Hello?"

"Hey Dusty!" Felix shouted on the other line. "We're back!"

"Yeah I know!" Dusty laughed. "So where are you now, home?"

"No, closer than you think." Felix explained.

Dusty's door opened. Dusty jolted back.

Felix walked in. "Did I scare you?" He laughed. "Sorry."

Dusty ran and hugged Felix.

"I'm so happy we're out of there!" Dusty shouted. He pulled away. "But what about those other people?"

Felix looked to Dusty. "Oh yeah…" He sighed. "Hope they're okay…"

"I just feel bad about not helping them and that we just left." Dusty explained.

"Hey! It's fight for your life right?" Felix explained. "I'm sure they would have done the same. He smiled. He hugged Dusty and pulled him closer.

"And what about Reiko?" Dusty asked.

"We'll just never go back to the Black Page!" Felix laughed.

"Hey you hungry?" Dusty asked.

"Starving!" Felix laughed.

"Come on, I'll make us something." Dusty explained.

They both walked into the kitchen.

"Umm Dusty?" Felix asked in fear.

"Yeah?" Dusty asked, reaching for two plates.

Felix pointed to a red envelope on the table. "She's here!" Felix squealed.

Dusty walked over and slowly grabbed the envelope. "It has… black hearts on it." Dusty gulped. He slowly opened the envelope.

"What… does it say?" Felix asked in fear.

Dusty began to shake with fear. "umm, it says… I want to be with you… forever!" Dusty squealed. He cried and hugged Felix.

Dusty squealed.

"What now?" Felix asked.

Dusty pointed behind Felix.

Felix slowly turned around.

They both screamed.

The lady in red was sitting at the table holding a fork in one hand and spoon in the other. There was a plate in front of her.

"Dusty… I think she's hungry." Felix squealed.

"Okay… I'll make you something." Dusty said in fear. He and Felix walked over to the stove.

The lady and red watched. She lifted her hair and showed her face.

They both screamed.

Resolution COMPLETED!