Ethan:what do you want!
ME:heard youve been hitting on sarah.
Ethan:where the hell did you hear that.
Me:a birdy near by hahaha i ai-
Ethan:DUDE!seriously who told you

Sarah:hey Ethan can i talk to you alone without you BENNY!

Me:do you like me?
Ethan:well aviously yes since we met in 5th grade and yo-
Me:i like you to alot

Ethan:you what!

Me:yup Ethan:so do you want to go out with me Me:yes Ethan:ok Me: well i should really get going or my dads gonna freak!
Ethan:ok bye babe Me:bye _
Ethan's house as soon as Ethan walks in his house he yells ' Mom:ummmm honey are you ok?
Ethan:im better than ever Jane:mom can i have walffles Mom:not right now sweetie its lunch time Jane:then can i get spagehtie Mom:sure sweetie Ethan:ok ya go now back to me i just asked out sarah and she said ya Mom:o good job Ethan:well bye Mom:bye i guess

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