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Because I Love You

Chapter 1: A Kiss Goodbye

The minute Daphne confessed her feelings to Bay her heart broke. Sitting in her garage everything went through her head. She knew that Emmett loved Daphne but she also knew that because of the fact that she and Emmett where together and he did care about her a lot, even if it wasn't love, that he would pick her over Daphne. She also knew that it wasn't because he didn't love Daphne more than her it was because she knew he couldn't bear to hurt her. In the end he would stay with her and he would fight for her yet she didn't know that she wanted that, for him to pick her happiness over his own.

She loved him. God did she love Emmett. She never felt this way and she realized she might never feel this way again. But being with him when he wanted to be with Daphne whatever relationship between them would wither and die. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't bear to be apart from him, he was it, her one, her other half, yet she couldn't bear to see him stay with her when she was obviously in love with Daphne. She only had two choices and either way it was only going to end in tears.

Moving to her computer Bay spent all night learning every sign she would need for tomorrow.

She knew she shouldn't be here this early. Melody already wasn't her biggest fan, but she knew that if she didn't do this now she might never be able to.

Ringing the doorbell she waited hoping that Emmett would be the one to answer but she came prepared incase his mother was the one to open the door.

As she figured would probably happen Melody answered the door shock evident on her face. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry to disturb you so early in the morning and I swear that if it wasn't important I wouldn't be here but I need to talk to Emmett. Please, it really is important," Bay signed her memorized speech praying that Melody would just let her in without many questions. Memorizing a speech did not mean she knew anymore signs than she did last night.

Melody could read the anxiety oozing off her body. Something was up and she was pretty sure whatever it was couldn't wait. As much as she didn't like Bay she knew that Bay wouldn't just show up so early in the morning unless it was in fact important.

Slowly opening the door wider she signed, "He's in his room."

Thanking her quickly Bay tried not to run. Stopping outside his door she closed her eyes counted to ten in hopes of calming down. Passing out before she talked to him would not be a good idea. Opening the door a crack she stuck her hand through in hopes of getting his attention before barging in.

Once she opened the door completely she found Emmett staring at her confused. "What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry to barge in so early but I need to talk to you and it couldn't wait," Bay signed the next part of her rehearsed speech.

Emmett nodded his eyebrow raised while in the pit of his stomach he knew something was terribly wrong. "What's going on?"

Bay took a deep breath before she started. "I know you're going to want to cut me off the minute I start but I'm begging you not to. Just wait until I've finished." She paused waiting for a sign of confirmation. Emmett nervously promised and asked her to continue yet he wasn't sure that he wanted her too. "I talked to Daphne last night and I think, no I know, we have to break up." Emmett about to cut her off stopped himself as he had promised to let her finish. "You are in love with Daphne." Emmett shook his head signing no but Bay continued having to get everything out, "And she, Daphne's in love with you too. She didn't realize until last night. She loves you." Tears welled in her eyes but she pushed on. "You are so wonderful and kind and I know that when Daphne tells you how she feels you would pick me because you couldn't bear to hurt me. I love that about you and I love you."

Emmett couldn't believe what he was hearing. Not only did Daphne return his feelings but Bay was in love with him too. "Why? If you are in love with me why do you want to break up?"

"It's because I love you. Sometimes when you love someone so much you have to let them go. You won't be happy with me. You will be happy with her. Daphne is it for you," Bay finished tears streaming down her face.

Emmett didn't know what to say. Bay was choosing his happiness over her own. She loved him so much that she was breaking her heart for him. He wanted to tell her that she was it, not Daphne. She was his everything even if she was hearing. What everyone else thought didn't matter. But he couldn't form the signs. He couldn't say anything. All he did was stare at her tearstained face.

Bay walked up to him kissing him softly on the lips before turning to leave. Snapping him from his head Emmett moved to grab her spinning Bay around and pulling her into a breath taking kiss. Bay's arms moved around him pulling his body to hers. This kiss was the most amazing either had ever experienced. The moment they were forced apart only due to the lack of air Bay was gone. Right out his door and he knew she wasn't going to be coming back. That kiss had been their goodbye.

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