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Chapter 7: More Than Just Lucky

Sitting on Emmett's bed Bay leaned against him Emmett's arm draped over her shoulder. Daphne sat on the other end facing them as they discussed the fundraiser.

"Okay so I talked to Dad and he said we could do a carwash next weekend and all the proceeds will go to Carlton," Bay told them. "Also I talked with a guy I know who does owns this custom t-shirt place and he's made one based off your designs. We can sell them as well. He's giving them to us at cost we just need to pay for the supplies which I've already taken care of. They will be ready in time for the carwash and I was thinking maybe we could wear them as you know advertising."

"Great! This will be the best year ever!" Daphne exclaimed. "Thanks so much!"

"I know how much you want this year to break the records and besides it was your idea I just built off it," Bay replied loving how happy Daphne was.

"Put the two of you together and you do everything above and beyond," Emmett jokes.

The two girls rolled their eyes ignoring his comments.

"So your both coming to the art show right?" Bay switched topics.

"Of course, I wouldn't miss it," Daphne replied. "And Emmett has to come being the boyfriend and all. If he didn't you'd be forced to kick his ass."

"What?" Emmett exclaimed.

"Yes true. These responsibilities come with the title of boyfriend." Bay shrugged trying not to burst out laughing.

It didn't work when Daphne rolled over into a fit of laugher causing Bay to crack up.

The bedroom door opened as Melody came inside. "I wanted to know if you girls were staying for dinner."

Bay and Daphne looked at each other shrugging. "Sure."

Bay couldn't help but notice how much things had changed. Melody liked her actually liked her, Daphne was her "sister", and Emmett was her official boyfriend.

"Okay how about we use that to get back on track?" Emmett commented. Now that they were all friends he found that Bay and Daphne teamed up regularly since the larger number of girls to guys.

Bay and Daphne said nothing as they choose to turn the conversation back to the fundraiser plans.

Bay stared at herself in the mirror adjusting her hair.

"How do I look?" Bay asked nervously glancing over her shoulder in the mirror at Daphne who was sitting on her bed.

"You look great don't worry. I'd hope they would be looking at your art and not you," Daphne answered trying to keep the mood light.

"I know it's just sometimes they're gallery owners at these things. You never know when I might meet the right guy who loves my work," Bay responded sitting beside her.

"I know they will love it. If there is one thing you're good at its art," Daphne reassured.

Bay leaned against her. "Thanks."

Daphne got up almost causing Bay to fall over. "Let's go. You wouldn't want to be late to your own art show now would you?"

Daphne didn't wait for a reply before leaving the room. Bay jumped to her feet running after her.

Arriving outside of Buckner Melody and Emmett where waiting outside for them. Regina was working so she couldn't come so it was just John, Kathryn, Melody, Emmett, and Daphne. Bay threw her arms around Emmett so happy he was there to calm her nerves.

"She's nervous," Daphne told him only signing as so Bay didn't hear plus with her face buried in his should she wouldn't see either.

Emmett nodded in thanks. Bay pulled herself away slowly. "Shall we?"

"You two go in first I'll catch up," Daphne suggested giving them a minute alone.

Emmett held out his arm which Bay took smiling as they headed in. The adults were too busy mingling to notice.

Walking in Bay's eyes grew wide. Buckner always seemed to outdo themselves as art filled the room. Bay and Emmett began checking out all the pieces when Bay's eyes fell on a tall dark haired man who was staring at her painting.

"That guy he's checking out my work!" Bay only signed.

"Go talk to him!" Emmett shoved her towards him.

Bay walked up to him casually. "You like?"

"It's incredible. I love the sense of the movement. It reminds me of cave paintings, surrealists," he told her his voice thick with an accent his eyes never leaving her work.

"Yeah, that was exactly what I was going for surrealism." Bay laughed. The man finally glanced away as his eyes fell on her. "Its spray paint and stencil in case you're interested."

"Are you Bay the artist?" he asked.

"Yeah." Her eyebrow raised curiously. "Let me guess you're a curator from a gallery in New York or Paris." Bay only hoped.

"No I'm not." He smirked shaking his head.

"You're a scout looking for the next Basquiat, because I'm also into neo-expressionism, as I'm part Puerto Rican, and extremely gifted," Bay spoke quickly. Then she added, "But anti Heroin, Heroin's bad."

"I'm not form any gallery, I'm sorry," he told her.

Bay shrugged sad by the turn of events. "Bummer." Deciding to still be cheerfully she gestured to her work. "Hey, but you like art though so that's cool."

Bay noticed he had stopped looking at her work but rather he was staring at her hands.

"Wow," he muttered.

Bay was confused now. "Yeah?" Maybe he was a creep.

"I'm wondering where you got my lucky guitar pick," he questioned.

Bay's smile began to fault. "Your guitar pick?" She looked down at her hands and then back to him. He smiled down at her as it all click in her head causing her smile completely disappeared. "Angelo?"

"Nice to meet you sweetheart," he greeted her.

"How did you find me? When did you find out? What are you doing here?" Bay's mouth went at super speed as she tried to fathom what was going on.

"I know this is sudden, but I just found out and I really wanted to see you." He reached out to touch her but Bay shook off his hand. "Look at you."

Emmett realized whatever was going on between them wasn't friendly anymore deciding to cut in. He put himself right between them. "What's going on?"

Bay had never been so happy to see him. She was still freaking out inside. "Just when everything is going so well he shows up to like screw up everything," Bay only signed not wanting Angelo to understand what was going on.

"Who is he?" Emmett asked already not liking whoever he was.

"Bay, who is this?" Angelo asked almost at the same time.

Bay looked between them. The truth was probable the best thing at this point. "This is Emmett my boyfriend, Emmett this is Angelo."

The realization appeared on his face. "This is your father?"

Bay nodded. "Yep this is him alright. Daphne's and my Dad just appeared out of nowhere. I'm freaking out."

"Why did he just show up? Why didn't he call or try a better way of getting in touch the first time?" Emmett asked worried.

"You're boyfriend?" Angelo questioned seeming to size up Emmett. "Is he Deaf?"

"Yeah, he's Deaf. Now back to what the hell you are doing here," Bay turn the conversation back on topic. She wanted answer and by hell she was going to get them.

"Um, how are Regina and Daphne?" he asked changing the topic again.

"They're good," Bay managed.

"Are they here? I'd love to see them," he asked taking a quick look around the room.

"Crap Daphne." Bay looked around the room not seeing her. "What am I going to do about Daphne? She's going to flip!" Bay then spoke, "I don't think that's such a great idea, you seeing them. I mean they don't have the fondest memories of you."

"I'm sure you've heard a lot of things about me, but I hope you can make up your own mind," Angelo spoke.

"Why did you just show up here? I mean, why didn't you call? This is so not fair," Bay started panicking.

Emmett grabbed her hand to calm her when he froze staring over her should at the group of people coming up. Bay whirled around to see John, Kathryn, Melody, and Daphne coming up behind them.

"Hey sweetie, everything okay?" John asked but Bay was too busy looking at Daphne who didn't recognize him.

"Um," Bay paused trying to figure out what to do. "We should take this outside. Now."

"Bay?" Kathryn questioned.

"We can all talk outside. Just follow me," Bay practically dragged everyone back outside away from the crowds.

"Okay what's going on?" John asked where they were finally outside. Everyone was looking confused.

"This is Angelo Surrento, he's my, our father," Bay told them all.

Daphne stared at him. First shock crossed her face and then hurt and then anger. She turned around and stormed off.

"Daphne!" Kathryn called after her.

"Emmett!" Bay quickly signed but he got the message as he took off after her.

"What are you doing here?" John asked defensive.

"I came to meet Bay," he answered simply.

"No what I mean is what are you doing at Bay's school?" John asked stepping closer anger radiating off him.

"I read in an article that she was at Buckner Hall. The website said there was a student art show. I just showed up," Angelo explained.

"Why didn't you call us first?" Kathryn asked confused.

"So you just ambushed her?" John asked almost at the same time.

"It wasn't like that," Angelo became defensive.

"Okay, there are boundaries. You can't just show up at a teenager's school and surprise her with information like this. I mean really!" Kathryn tried to remain calm but it wasn't working.

"You need to leave this school and we will go through proper channels and arrange a meeting at the appropriate time and place." John pointed to him on the tipping point of punching him out.

"With all due respect, I don't need permission to see my own kid," Angelo countered.

"Actually you do need my permission and you need to leave right now," retorted John.

Bay didn't know what to do. "Dad!"

Melody moved beside her placing a hand on her shoulder in support. Bay was so happy she was there keeping her calm.

"Listen. What would you do if you just found out you had a daughter?" Angelo asked his gaze moving between John and Kathryn.

"I did just find out," John retorted.

"Okay, great, so you understand," Angelo's voice raised.

"No, don't do that." John shook his head. "Don't compare yourself to me. You walked out on your family, on my daughter. You are not welcome here. You are not welcome in Bay's life. You have nothing to do with her."

"Dad, he's the reason I exist," Bay told him softly. She wasn't sure if she wanted anything to do with him but she wanted to be given the choice.

Emmett and Daphne came back or Daphne raced back and Emmett followed behind.

Daphne came to a halt in front of them. "I want to hear it. I want to hear what you have to say."

Bay was practically clinging to Melody worried about Daphne. Angelo had never done anything to her but Daphne that was a whole other story.

"Okay, great. Do you want to go sit down?" he asked.

"No, here now," her voice raised standing her ground.

"Look, I don't know what Regina told you, but there were a lot of reasons why I left. It wasn't simple. But it doesn't matter, because what matters to you is that your father left you. And I'm sorry for that. But I'm here now to get to know you, see if I can make it up to you," Angelo explained.

Bay did her best to interpret. She hoped she was getting everything.

"Make it up to me? You're thirteen years too late," with that Daphne left again but this time walking.

"I'll take them out to eat or something while you deal with this," Melody signed.

Bay was grateful for a reason to get out of here. "Melody says she'll take us out to eat while all of you talk or whatever. So we're going to go," Bay interpreted. All she got was a head nod from her Dad and a squeeze on her hand from her Mom.

Bay quickly chased after Daphne who had made her way to the parking lot. She grabbed her by the shoulder. "Daphne." She was going to offer words of comfort but she realized that they wouldn't help so instead she pulled her into a hug as Daphne clung to her.

Melody took them to the closest diner around and though they all ordered none really talked.

"Thanks for getting us out of there," Bay signed breaking the silence.

"Of course. You both looked like you needed saving," Melody replied.

They all lapsed into silence once again, things were going so well and now they were all screwed up. That was when Bay remembered the t-shirts she had put in her bag to surprise them for later.

"I have something for you two." Bay reached into her bag pulling out two t-shirts passing them to Emmett and Daphne. "I hope this was what you had in mind."

Daphne held out the shirt staring at the design. "It's perfect. Thank you."

Reach out they hugged and everything went back to normal like Angelo was never there.

Pulling into the driveway Daphne and Bay got out of the cars saying their goodbyes. Bay moved to the passenger's side window gesturing for him to roll it down. Obliging Emmett quickly opened the window. Sticking her head inside Bay place a soft quick peck on his lips.

"Talk to you later?" Bay asked standing up straight.

"Of course," Emmett responded before his Mom backed out of the driveway.

Bay stood watching until they were out of sight. She turned around following Daphne worried about everything that had happened.

"Do you want to hang out? We can watch some TV or something?" Bay asked concern filled her face.

"No, I just want some time alone to think," Daphne replied.

"Okay, but if you change your mind you know where to find me," Bay told her hugging her briefly before she went into the guest house.

Beside the whole Angelo situation everything else in Bay's life was going well. Bay decided to just focus on the good stuff in her life rather than that whole fiasco that happened yesterday. In her studio she sung to whatever song was on the radio as she painted dancing in place.

"My heart's a stereo it beats for you so listen close. Hear my thoughts in every note oh ote. Make me your radio turn me up when you feel low this melody was meant for you so sing along to your stereo," Bay sung unnoticing of the audience gathering behind her.

Clapping caused her to whirl around to find Wilkie and Toby standing behind her. "Nice set of lungs sis."

Bay rolled her eyes. "What do you want?"

"Do I have to want something?" Toby asked faking horror that she would even think that. Bay crossed her arms. "Okay I need a favor." He stepped forward. "We need you to talk to Emmett get him to come to East West Fest in St. Louis with us."

"So you two need a drummer again and you think by me asking him to come I can get him to say yes?" Bay assumed smirking at them.

"Yes," Wilkie replied loudly. "So will you do it?"

Bay continued to smile. "No." Turning around she went back to her painting.

"What do you want?" Toby asked hoping bribery would work.

Bay turned back towards them crossing her arms. "I don't want anything. I'm not going to use my relationship with Emmett to get him to agree to go with you. You two will just have to ask him yourselves." Bay went back to her work.

"Oh come on! please!" Toby begged but Bay continued to ignore him. "Can you at least give me so pointers or a way to get him to say yes?"

Bay rolled her eyes facing them once again. "Ask him in ASL. Learn the signs. You idiots should have thought of that yourselves."

Both Toby and Wilkie stared at each other. They really should have thought of that themselves.

"Can you teach us?" Toby was not at the point of begging.

Bay sighed running her fingers through her hair. "Alright." She knew she was going to regret this.

Toby and Wilkie found Emmett at his motorcycle as he was getting ready to leave. Waving to get his attention Emmett looked around wondering if there was someone behind him that they would be there to see but he found he was the only one here.

"Are you guys lost?" Emmett asked wondering what in the world they were doing here.

"Um," just because Bay had shown them what to sign didn't mean they could understand sign language. "We're here to see you," Toby signed very slowly trying to remember what Bay had only taught him an hour ago. "We're going to a music festival in St. Louis. We got in using a tape that was made that night of the fundraiser when you played." Toby swallowed hoping his sis hadn't made an ass of him by giving him the wrong signs. "We're going and we want you to come with us."

Wilkie cut in using the few signs he had actually paid attention too, "Groupies, free beer, road trip." But since that was the extent of his knowledge he spoke, "What do you say?"

Emmett was impressed that Toby had signed this request to him and even more so that they signs where actually right. Not so much with Wilkie but that still didn't change the fact he had no interest in going. "Not interested." Putting on his helmet Emmett took off.

"Maybe your sister gave us the wrong signs?" Wilkie suggested.

"We could have signed it wrong," Toby replied but he figured that Emmett just didn't want to go.

Bay sat on the hood her car at the park waiting for Emmett. He texted her that he was going to stop for food on the way so she figured he'd be a bit later than when he said he would. Spotting him coming up Bay hopped off her car excitedly. They had just seen each other yesterday and she already missed him.

The second his helmet was off Bay's arms wrapped around him as she pulled Emmett into a deep kiss. His tongue ran over her lips as his hands moved to her hips bring her closer.

"Missed me?" he joked.

"Always," Bay replied.

Emmett sat on the hood of "the thing" eating his sandwich. "Toby and Wilkie showed up at school today."

"And how did that go?" Bay asked remembered the hours she spent trying to teach them the few signs. As she had predicted by the end of it she was frustrated, pissed off, and regretting ever agreeing to help in the first place.

"They asked me to go with them to some festival, but I suspect you already knew that," he answered his eyebrow raised.

Bay shrugged. "They wanted me to ask you or convince you to go but I told them no. Somehow I agreed to teach them how to ask you themselves. Big mistake." Bay had a headache just thinking about it. "How did they do anyways?"

"Toby signed well but slow, very slow. Wilkie," Emmett didn't have to say anymore.

"Yeah well trust me trying to teach them or teach Wilkie can drive any sane person crazy," Bay told him sitting down beside him after stealing his sandwich. "What did you tell them?"

"I'm not interested. Spending that much time with the Hearing, I don't know I just am not comfortable," Emmett answered taking a sip of his drink.

"Ah, so there it is," Bay noted.

"What?" Emmett looked at her confused.

"This isn't about you wanting to go. I know you well enough that you'd want to. This is about it being a festival for the Hearing," Bay responded. "And you know I could care less if you go or not. I support whatever you want to do just decide not on your fears but on what you want to do."

"When did you become all wise?" Emmett asked her.

Bay laughed. "Daphne said the same thing." She nudged him. "But really what do you want to do?"

Emmett stared down at the ground thinking. He had had a lot of fun playing on stage with Toby and Wilkie even if they where idiots, the crowd clapping at how awesome they were. Bay was right he only wasn't going because he was scared to be around that many Hearing people. Had the last month taught him nothing? Time to face the music.

"You know what? I'm going to do it," Emmett decided. "For me."

Bay kissed him of the cheek proud of him. "For you."

Emmett draped his arm around her shoulder. He was lucky to have her and he was never going to take that for granted again.

Emmett and Daphne we spending a oh so fun day with John getting everything ready for the fundraiser tomorrow. Daphne seemed in better spirits mostly do to the distraction of everything that had to be done. Emmett was keeping his spirits up but the fundraiser hadn't even started and he was already exhausted.

John was going over how everything worked and what they would have to do. He was being overly instructive but he guessed it had something to do with the fact that he needed a distraction too. Emmett noted how much in common Daphne and John where in that regards. He also noticed how hard he was trying to learn sign, the whole Kennish Family was.

John finished his instructions Emmett asked, "Will there be a sign to say it's for Carlton?"

John looked at him completely confused. "What is, what is that?" He mimicked the sign.

"A sign, sign," Emmett repeated.

"What is that like a glass thing? Um, where is Bay when you need her?" John muttered looking around. Bay had become the official translator of the family being one of two people who where hearing and could fluently sign. Spotting Daphne John waved getting her attention. "Daphne, Daphne." Daphne got up from the t-shirt stand she was setting up. "Emmett's trying to tell me something."

"I want to know if there will be a sign for Carlton," Emmett told her.

"He wants to know if there will be a sign that says it's for Carlton," Daphne translated.

"A sign?" John questioned suddenly his face burst into a grin. "I got a banner! Coming tomorrow!" He signed tomorrow.

"Tomorrow?" Emmett questioned.

"Yeah! Tomorrow! You like that? I got that!" John patted himself on the back. "Listen can you fill her in on the rolling and the wipe down?" Emmett nodded. "Excellent, alright, I'll see you later."

John took off to take care of other things while Emmett quickly explained in a lot less detail about what they where suppose to do.

Bay approached them holding two cups of coffee. She placed the coffee's up under their noises allowing the smell to get their attention. "Coffee?" Bay spoke due to having no free hands. The two took them happily both exhausted already. "How are two of my favorite people doing?"

"You're Dad is kind of a control freak," Emmett commented taking a long sip.

"Yeah I know sorry. He's great at what he does but it comes in the family. The Kennish's want everything to be perfect, go above and beyond," Bay told him with a laugh.

"That explains Daphne here," he joked pointing to his best friend.

"Hey!" Daphne punched him in the shoulder. "I didn't see you complaining when we won every competition!"

Shrugging he replied, "What? Even I can admit winning feels good."

Bay leaned over placing a quick kiss on his lips tasting the coffee. "Well you two take a break and drink your coffee's I'll go see if I can wrangle Dad in and make this a little more fun!"

Emmett and Daphne watched her walk off sipping their coffees.

"Thanks," Emmett quickly signed.

"For what?" Daphne questioned.

"For everything. Bay and-" Daphne cut him off, "No don't even start. You and me, we've always been good as friends nothing more. You and Bay, you're good together, great actually. I like this, us. The three of us make a great team. Besides the two of you together makes me happy. When you kiss in front of me the only thing I feel is grateful, no jealousy here."

Emmett had to admit she was right. They were pretty damn awesome together. He had the best of both worlds, Daphne as his best friend and Bay as his girlfriend.

It was the day of the fundraiser and Bay had never gotten up so early on a Saturday yet here she was helping out. Everyone who was working was wearing one of Daphne's t-shirts which could be bought. Bay herself was sporting one of them and she had to admit they were really nice.

When she wasn't wiping down cars she was translating. Making a mental note to think about a carrier as one she leaded over wiping down the hood of a minivan. Leaning over her Emmett gave her a "hand" placing butterfly kisses on the back of her neck when no one was looking.

"I'll be back," she told him grabbing a bucket to grab fresh water. Toby appeared suddenly walking beside her. "What are you doing here?"

"Don't they need help?" Toby asked innocently.

Bay stopped and turned to him. "Really why are you here?"

"Shouldn't you know? I mean Emmett is your boyfriend," Toby remarked. Bay stared at him confused. "I'm hoping if I help out he'll change him mind about East West."

"What do you mean 'change his mind'? Didn't he tell you he was going?" Bay questioned.

"What do you mean? He's going?" Suddenly something clicked in his head. "Dammit! He tricked me!" He turned around looking like he was going to hit someone. "He told me if I gave a him a hand today that he'd reconsider."

Bay burst into a fit of laugher. "They're many reasons why I love him and this is one of them."

"Hey!" Wilkie raced over to them.

"Oh, you're here? I didn't consider you the charitable type," Bay remarked defiantly not happy to see him.

"I've been blessed with so much I figured I should give back," retorted Wilkie giving Bay the sexy eyebrow look which really wasn't actually sexy.

Tpby chuckled under his breath. "I lied to him and told him it was a bikini car wash. So he showed up." He shrugged.

"That hurts, man." Wilkie gave him a mock hurt look causing Bay to toss a washcloth onto his face.

As Daphne worked on one of the cars Wilkie went up to her hoping to get her attention and maybe a little action. "I can see that look in your eyes. You were hoping I'd be shirtless, wet, dripping with suds." Wilkie gave her what was supposed to be a sexy hunk pose.

"Whatever that was, I'm glad I didn't understand it," Daphne replied.

Deciding to put herself into the conversation and most likely save Daphne Bay interrupted, "You didn't miss much. Wilkie doesn't have a lot going on between his ears."

Daphne laughed shaking her head.

"Oh come on! I do too! You just haven't gotten to know me yet," Wilkie retorted.

"I do know you that's the problem." Bay smirked.

The smirk wasn't on her face long as Wilkie took the full bucket of water and tossed it right onto Bay causing her to shriek loudly in surprise. He didn't just get Bay, he also hit Daphne who was right beside her.

His smile fell right off his face as he realized this fact. "I am so sorry I wasn't aiming for you!"

Daphne didn't say anything. She took the bucket from Bay and hit him right back. "Now we're even."

Wilkie shook his head like a dog splashing them both. "Oh it is on!" Both the girls took off racing away from him. "Get back here!"

Spotting Emmett with the hose Bay grabbed Daphne's arm pulling her in his direction. Emmett looked up just in time to see the girls running straight at him. Bay grabbed the hose whirling around to hit Wilkie right in the face.

"Ah, ah, ah! Stay back! I know how to use this," Bay spoke rather than signing since her hands where full.

Pointing at them he replied, "That's so not fair! Cheaters!"

"You started it," Daphne started.

"And we finished it," Bay finished. The girls exchanged glances giggling and giving each other high fives when suddenly Bay noticed behind Wilkie someone very familiar. "Daniel!"she shouted even though he couldn't hear her. Handing the hose over to Daphne she waved her arms racing toward him pushing past Wilkie leaving the three of them to stare after her confused.

Daniel spotted her causing a smile to appear on his face. His hand lifted up to wave as he stepped towards her. Bay came to a skidding stop in front of him. "Bay, it's good to see you again."

"Daniel! I'm so happy to see you! I'd hug you if I wasn't so wet." Bay laughed gesturing to her appearance.

"Got into a fight I see," he noted.

"Yeah well a bunch of teenagers and hoses. It was bound to happen," Bay replied.

"I can handle the water. Come here." He held out his arms which Bay happily accepted hugging him back tightly.

Emmett stared after them the feeling of jealousy coming back. Whoever he was Bay was pretty close to him. Daphne and Wilkie just stared after confused.

"Who is he?" Wilkie asked them.

"I have no idea but he's gorgeous," Daphne answered checking him out.

"Let's go find out who mister sexy is," Wilkie decided quickly making his way towards them. Emmett didn't have to be told twice as he raced after him Daphne trailing behind. "Hey I'm Wilkie," Wilkie cut into their conversation.

Bay rolled her eyes causing Daniel to chuckle. "Daniel." Shaking hands he glanced behind Bay at Emmett and Daphne.

"Daniel I'd like you to meet Wilkie my brother's annoying best friend, Daphne my sister, and Emmett the boyfriend," Bay introduced.

"Emmett," Daniel repeated his name sign smirking. "Really?" He glanced to Bay who blushed.

"Yes, Emmett," Bay replied.

"It's nice to meet you." Daniel held out his hand.

Emmett shook his hand firmly still unsure of who this guy was.

"Where's Alex?" Bay cut in suddenly realizing that she was probably there too her eyes scanning the crowd.

"She went to buy us some t-shirts," Daniel answered pointing towards the tables where Bay could now see her.

Bay was so happy to see her, the both of them. "What bring you here?"

"The fundraiser of course. I used to go to Carlton and we support the school every year," Daniel told them.

"Wait your Deaf?" Wilkie cut in completely taken aback. "But you don't sound Deaf not even a little bit."

"Yes I'm Deaf," Daniel replied almost laughing at him or trying not to laugh at him.

"Daniel went Deaf when he was sixteen," Bay informed them.

"Wait your Alex's husband, Bay's tutor?" Daphne realized.

"That I am," Daniel responded making Emmett relax.

Alex came over to them wrapping her arms around his waist with two t-shirts sticking out of her purse. "Bay aren't you going to introduce me to your friends. No wait let me guess." She turned to Wilkie, "This is Wilkie, Daphne, and Emmett." She stepped towards Emmett giving him a quick once over. "So this is who all the fuss is about. Very cute." Her remarks caused Bay to turn red. Emmett wasn't sure what Bay had told them but apparently quite a lot because he felt famous. "It's nice to meet you Emmett I'm Alex." Emmett was about to hold out his hand when she pulled him into a tight hug thoroughly surprising him. "Bay you have to let us take you out. To lunch perhaps? And Emmett we have to get to know each other." Alex smirked. Emmett nodded slightly confused at to what was going on. Bay knew she was determined to learn everything about Emmett and she was not going to let it go.

"How about the two of you come to the barbeque we're having after the fundraiser at our house to celebrate a job well done?" Bay suggested instead. She and Alex hadn't really had much of a chance to catch up since she and Emmett got back together.

"We'll be there. What time?" Alex asked excitedly.

"Seven," Bay quickly jotted down the address. "See you then?"

"We wouldn't miss it," she replied before the two of them left.

Bay could see the laugh threatening to come out of Daniel. He knew his wife very well and knew her intentions. Dinner was going to be fun.

"She's very interesting," Daphne commented.

"And hot. I mean damn!" Wilkie stared at Alex's ass. Both Bay and Daphne hit him. "Owe!"

"We did it!" Daphne and Bay cheered practically jumping up and down.

Emmett sat in one of the chairs on the Kennish's back patio, exhausted but happy from the day of work.

"We did what?" Toby asked moving to sit down next to him.

"We beat Carlton's record for the most money made at any fundraiser," John answered coming out of the kitchen with a stack of food to put on the grill.

"Awesome!" Toby fist punched the air.

"We sold every t-shirt too!" Daphne added excitedly.

"We make a fucking awesome team!" Bay shouted thrilled.

"Watch that mouth young lady," Kathryn scolded moving to set the table.

"Sorry Mom," Bay apologized. "Don't forget Alex and Daniel are coming." Bay plopped down into Emmett's lap. She felt like she could pass out at any moment.

"Of course not," Kathryn replied. "I can't wait to meet them."

Emmett kissed her forehead wrapping his arms around her. The sound of a car pulling into the driveway caused Bay to look over her shoulder. Regina had arrived just in time for dinner.

"How did it go?" Regina asked.

"We beat the school record!" Daphne exclaimed.

"Congratulations!" Regina pulled her into a hug. "All of you." They all had large smiles covering their faces. "Is Melody coming?"

"Yeah. We're waiting on her and Bay's friends Daniel and Alex," Emmett answered signing around Bay.

As Regina was about to speak Wilkie appeared out of the house, "What did I miss?"

"Did he have to come?" Bay asked Toby.

"Come on he actually did some work for once," Toby commented.

"Hey! I can work I just choose not to," Wilkie retorted.

"You know that's not a good thing right?" Bay asked wondering if he even listened to half the things that came out of his mouth.

Melody arrived pulling up behind Regina's car. "I heard the great news. Congratulations."

"Thanks," they all replied together both in sign and spoken.

"They're here." Daphne pointed to the car that had just arrived.

Alex and Daniel quickly joined the group. Bay happily introducing them while managing to stay seated. She had no intention of getting out of Emmett's lap until she had to, Alex smirking at her the entire time. Bay knew the interrogation that was going to come throughout the night.

"So Emmett tell me about yourself," Alex started in. She didn't waste time.

Emmett looked between her and Bay. "I like photography, drive a motorcycle, what do you want to know?"

"How do you feel about Bay?" she asked.

Before Emmett could answer Daniel cut in, "How about we save the twenty questions for after dinner?" Daniel looked amused kissing her on the temple.

Alex sighed. "Alright." She leaned into him.

Bay mouthed thanks to Daniel who nodded. Alex was a very curious person and also very supportive. Bay was surprised and happy that Alex never said "I told you so" or anything negative about her and Emmett's breakup to reunion. Alex was always there being a good friend.

"Dinner," Kathryn called to them all causing Bay to relay the message to those who didn't hear.

Bay sat herself in between Emmett and Alex while Daphne sat on his other side. Bay stared at the group of people around her realizing just how lucky she was. She had three wonderful parents, an interesting sister, a supportive brother, two amazing friends, the best boyfriend ever, his protective mother, and Wilkie, she was pretty damn lucky.

"Guys," she called out getting everyone's attention. "I just wanted to tell you all how lucky I am to have you in my life. I have to say the switch is probably one of the best things to have happened because it brought us all together. I love every one of you."

Eyes watered and hugs were exchanged as dinner began.

Emmett leaned his lips pressed against her ear and whispered, "I love you."

Bay tried her best to keep from crying as she signed, "I love you."

Lucky suddenly didn't seem to cover it.

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