Prologue: 300 Years Ago

Long ago, in a dimension parallel to our own, a world of magic thrived.

In this world of magic, hundreds of wizards lived and trained in one of the seven schools of magic at a university known as Ravenwood School of the Magical Arts—Ravenwood for short. The headmaster, an old being known only as Professor van Helven (James to his few friends), taught his students as they came and went. He introduced and saw off nearly twenty professors and over two thousands wizards.

Professor van Helven was an old man who had been blown into the parallel dimension during the Revolutionary War. When experimenting with his father's chemicals, he had mixed two compounds that caused them to explode in his face and send him to the new dimension, the Spiral, where he had met the then current Headmistress, Grandmother Raven, who saw promise in him and trained him in the ancient elemental magics, Ice, Storm, and Fire alongside hundreds of other wizards. When Grandmother Raven retired, Professor van Helven was the obvious choice for Headmaster and took over. The magic that he learned and the chemicals that had brought him to the Spiral extended his life to the point where he lived for over two centuries longer than humanly possible.

But now, after two hundred years of living in the Spiral, Professor James van Helven was dying.

"I can walk, Michael." he chastised his pet phoenix as he rose to gently guide his master back to his bed. "I just need to stretch my legs." Professor van Helven walked to the window and looked through it at the wizards racing through the capital of the Spiral, Wizard City.

"Michael, Bartebly has told me that he sees a wizard coming one day…one who will save the Spiral from certain danger."

Michael cocked his head, a signal for Professor van Helven to continue.

"She will be a child from my home, earth. She will be a Theurgist, a Life wizard. Shard of the Star, Michael. Bartebly told me to wait for the Shard of the Star."

Professor van Helven moved away from the window and lifted a fist to his mouth to cough. He moved back to his bed, sat, and gasped for breath, even though he knew that his time had finally come and it would be easier to just close his eyes and go to sleep. Michael took flight and alighted on his master's shoulder. A professor stroked his bird. An Elemental wizard ruffled it's feathers. And James van Helven, the first Headmaster of Ravenwood, whispered to his phoenix,

"Remember, Michael. Await the Shard of the Star."

All went silent as word reached the streets that the beloved Headmaster of Ravenwood School of the Magical Arts had passed away. His successor, an old man named Merle Ambrose, was called up immediately and given the title of Headmaster. His pet owl Gamma, who was best friends with Michael, went to comfort his friend.

"What did he say to you, my friend?" he asked as Michael sat next to the coffin his master was being lowered in to.

Michael shook his head. He would tell Gamma when the time was right. But for now, he alone was to watch and wait for the Shard of the Star.