I do not own Glee, but am borrowing the characters from Ryan Murphy

Inspiration and help from Coconutters in lines 18-24! Thanks! Enjoy!


It was my first day at McKinely High and my first day in Glee Club. I left my old life and past behind me. I was tougher because of it, more than any of the other kids would care to know. I didn't want them to know. They wouldn't understand. I walked into the choir room and put on a smile.

"Ah, and here she is, our newest Glee club member, Nicole!" Mr. Schue introduced.

The rest of the club barely clapped. It was obvious they had other things on their minds. They weren't ready to welcome a new member.

"C'mon guys. You should be excited to have someone else who is just a passionate as you are join the team." he urged the class.

"Mr. Schue, if I may, you don't have to. I can understand why -" I was unexpectedley cut off by another member.

"Why do we need another member? We have enough drama. We have enough balance. I don't understand this." said a tiny girl who seemed to me like a diva.

"Rachel, you're not being fair. She deserves a chance, just like all of you got. I need you guys to be patient and open to having her here." Mr. Schue said, turning to me.

"If it's alright, I think I'll just take my seat now." I walked by him to the risers.

Every member glared at me...well, all but one. One member, a rather fashionable male, was smiling. I walked up to him, returning the smile.

"Can I sit here?" I asked quietly.

"Absolutely!" he moved his bag off of the chair next to him.

"Thank you." I whispered.

"Well, thank you Kurt. See, you guys could learn a thing or two from him!" said our instructor before heading to the board to officially start class.

"I'm Kurt. Kurt Hummel." he said in a quiet tone, holding out his hand.
"Oh, I'm Nicole. Nicole Nyce" I shook his hand, smiling at what I believed to be a new friend.

"Charming." he smiled, returning his attention to Mr. Schuester.

At the sound of the bell, Kurt and I walked out of class together.

"You're teeth are really white!" Kurt beamed and I laughed. "They totally match your dress, which by the way, I love!" Kurt touched the fabric on the sleeve, admiring it.

"Well, thank you. I feel it kind of represents me, ya know? It's really calm and subtle, but can also be very bright and stand out." I smiled liking the analogy I came up with.

"Well, I for one love it. Both the connection and the actual dress. It suits you." he walked in front of me to get a better look, then returned to walking by my side.

"And you're very fashion savvy, and I'm not only saying that because you complimented my outfit." I laughed, looking at how different and stylish his clothes were.

He laughed and we faced forward, only to meet what apparently was a tradition here in our Lima high school. Kurt and I each took a slushie to the face. I gasped, unaware of this harassment placed on Glee Club members. I was ready to burst into tears after being soaked and humiliated like that, but Kurt rushed me to the bathroom to help save my dignity. My eyes stung as he tried to avoid the little amount of makeup I had on in an attempt to rid my face of the grape slushie.

"Well, this certainly doesn't represent my personality at all." I mourned, looking in the mirror.

"If you changed and gave that to me, or even came to my house, I bet you I could get that out." Kurt offered, doing his best with the stain at the moment.

"You mean that?" I wondered, a bit shocked at his offer. He nodded

"I am so lucky I brought an extra T-Shirt and jeans!" I wiped a tear away.

"Guess no one warned you about our intelligent, mature jocks, huh?" he laughed, helping to clean me up.

"No. No, they didn't." I smiled at his previous comment. I really liked this kid. I hoped I was right when I sensed 'best friends forever'.

"Hey, thanks for doing this. Everything. Glee Club was pretty cold and that slushie didn't feel too pretty either." I threw away the last towel I had used.

"No problem. The Glee Club will warm up to you, I'm sure. And as for the slushies, well, we get used to it."

After I changed, he escorted me to my next class and helped me through until lunch. We made our way to the cafeteria, until we ran into my favorite jocks.

"I don't think we officially met. Why don't you tell her who I am, Pretty Boy?" he laughed sinisterely.

"Dave Karofsky." he said in an angered tone to me.

"Me and your pal, Kurt here, you see we're buddies." he placed a hand on Kurt's shoulder.

"Don't touch me!" Kurt shook off the hand.

"Why don't you leave me to have a little...a little chat of sorts, with Kurt, huh?" he shoved me gently but just enough to make me hit the lockers behind me.

"You leave her out of this!" Kurt said.

"Oh, you're standing up for her, now?" Dave glared.

He shoved Kurt into the lockers, who fell upon impact.

"Why don't you stand up, Pretty Boy, hmm?" Dave kicked him many times in the stomach.

I couldn't watch. I stood up and ran, pushing Karofsky away from Kurt.

"Get off him!" I yelled, sinking down next to Kurt.

"Are you okay?" I asked, touching his cheek as his eyes sparkled with tears he was holding back. He groaned in pain, then nodded slowly.

Suddenly, Dave pulled my hair, making me stand again.

"Hey! You don't touch me, okay?" he yelled.

He took my wrists and pinned me against the lockers.

"You may be the new kid, so I'm gonna let you off with a warning. That's not how it works around here. I don't care if you're a girl. You touch me, I will destroy you and your buddy, Kurt. You got it?" he whispered.

"We might just have to make this routine." he laughed throwing down my wrists and finally walking away.
I sank down against the lockers, curling into a ball.

"Hey, I'm sorry that happened. Are you alright?" Kurt asked, crawling next to me.

I wiped a tear from my eye.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll be okay. How 'bout you?" I asked looking into his soft eyes. He just nodded.

"Hey, are you two alright? What happened?" Mr. Schue came running down the hallway towards us.

"Why don't you ask Karofsky?" said Kurt infuriated. He looked down the hall in search of him, but he was out of sight.

"I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner. Are you two okay?" he asked. I looked up.

"Yeah, we're fine." he offered his hand and I took it, letting him help me stand.

Kurt, however, was already standing. He rubbed my shoulder.

"Weren't you wearing a dress before?" he shook off the random thought. "Listen, you guys let me know if this happens again okay?

I stared down at my crossed arms.

"Okay?" he inched a bit closer and touched my arm in order to get his point across.

"Yes. Yes sir."

"Okay, then. I'll see you in Glee."

With that, Mr. Schue walked away.

"That wasn't my fault, was it?" I asked Kurt as we finished our day, skipping out on lunch to be harassed.

"No. They constantly bully me. They won't be satisfied until every Glee member's life is a miserable hell. I'm sorry." he admitted.

I went home that day, thoroughly upset. I came here to get rid of my problems, but somehow created new ones. I cried for a little in my bed, then slept the rest of the night. I woke up afraid, but somehow brave. I wanted to face my problems rather than avoid them. I was tired of running. I skipped into Glee club joyfully and took my seat next to Kurt. He took my hand. I smiled as Rachel and who I now know as Puck sang a beautiful duet together. I gave a standing ovation, and Kurt followed, causing the entire Glee club to stand, applauding. Mr. Schue just smiled at me. After class, he asked to speak to us, which I expected.

"Now, listen. Today I'm going to be hanging around the cafeteria in case, okay? Nice efforts in class by the way." he smiled and sent us off on the rest of our day. Before we knew it, our moment was here.

We walked slowly down the hallway. Just as we expected, Karofsky was waiting. My stomach sank. I hated him. I never believed in hate before, but he changed my mind pretty quickly.

"Listen, we're not going to take this -" Karofsky threw Kurt into the lockers just as soon as he started to speak.

"Hey, stop it! I fought back Karofsky's hands, but he fumbled into his pocket.

I wasn't sure what he pulled out then, but knew a second later. With a quick flick of the wrist, he had whipped out a pocket knife and slashed my cheek.
I fell to the floor, cupping the bloody mess. Kurt stared in horror.

"Hey! Hey!" Mr. Schue screamed down the hallway at the boys, but mostly Karofsky.

I could hear him curse under his breath. He offered to help Kurt up, who initially refused, then he looked at me.

"Oh my God! What happened?" he rushed to my side.

The blood dripped through my fingers, so I removed my hand from my cheek. He gasped, his eyes guilty, tearful. He helped me up and rushed me to the nurse.

"I am so sorry. I can assure you nothing like this will happen again. That boy will be expelled." he rubbed my shoulder soothingly as I held ice to my face.

"You believe in me and I completely trust you,being the only teacher who actually talks to me and doesn't hate me. I trusted you when you said you'd be there. I thought you were going to protect us. But, you didn't. You know, I've been through a lot and I am so much stronger than you can imagine, but nothing compares to a broken heart due to a... a friend failing to come through and being true to his word. Uh, listen I gotta go, Mr. Schue. My ride's here and I don't want to keep them waiting." He flinched when I said,"friend failing". It looked like it really hit him hard.

His eyes seemed frozen. They were so sad and ready to cry, but I stood up and walked out of the nurse's office, leaving him there alone.