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Book bag heavy with random texts, Hermione trudged down the spiraling staircase. Harry and Ron sat in the common room playing chess, both looking up at the sound of her heavy footfalls. "Care for a game Hermione?" Ron called as his rook took Harry's bishop.

"You know I don't have a mind for wizarding chess Ronald," She said back. "Besides, I'd really like to get a head start on preparing for our N.E.W.T's."

"We don't take N.E.W.T's until seventh year! Don't you think that's a little early?" Harry said looking at her with disbelief.

"They are the most important exams we will ever take! They decide the rest of our lives! I don't know about you, but I'd rather not get stuck shoveling dragon dung or working in a pub the rest of my life. So I'm going to go the library," She said, her face determined. Neither questioned her from this point on.

Out the portrait hole she climbed, book bag heavily weighing her down. Nights like this, she wished she could calm her racing mind. She hated lying to Ron and Harry, but they didn't take her serious enough at times. This was something she needed. She needed to be alone.

After a 10 minute walk through the winding passageways of Hogwarts castle, she stopped in front of a large solid oak door. It was nothing extraordinary. It looked the same as any other class or storage room in Hogwarts. Hermione was probably the only who knew different. Other students flitted by, never taking the time to notice what was right in front of them.

With three taps of her wand (one on the left of the door, one on the right and one on top) the door clicked open a few inches. She hurried in, taking care to shut the door behind her. Immediately, she tossed her book bag into the corner, not caring that its contents were now strewn across the floor. Her wand waved casually at the fireplace, the fire blazing right away. The room was a pleasant one, not small, but able to be illuminated by the fireplace. The old suede couch and armchairs cast dark shadows across the floors. Bookshelves made of mahogany lined the walls, odd sorts of bobs and trinkets (that one might find upon the desk of Albus Dumbledore) cluttered the shelves, some glowing or humming occasionally.

Hermione let out a sigh, softly closing her eyes. It had been over a week since she'd been here. It had been one whole week since she had found the time to sneak away from her books, studying, homework, and prefect duties. She planned to take full advantage of her time.

Spinning on her heels and whipping about her wand, curse after curse hit the glass and metal instruments decorating the shelves. Hermione's body moved swiftly as she worked her magic. Her deep breaths and grunts of concentration from the exertion of her silent spellwork were masked by the sounds of splintering wood and shattering glass.

She was so deep into her "therapy" she didn't notice the sound of someone opening the door. While the sound escaped her notice, the hairs on the back of her neck alerted her of someone's close presence. Her wand snapped in the intruder's direction, before her eyes could catch up. Instinct overriding common sense, her wand stopped only inches from a very surprised looking blond-haired Slytherin.

"Christ Granger! Put it down!" He hissed with his arms slightly raised and his eyes directed at the tip of Hermione's wand.

"Malfoy? What on earth are you doing in here?" She asked lowering her wand. Her face was flushed and her chest heaved, drawing in breath.

"Me? What on earth are you doing here? And why are you destroying the room at that?" He asked stepping over a large pile of wood towards the panting female.

Her wand whipped in his direction again, as if daring him to come closer. "That is none of your business." She used a complicated flurry of motions with her wands and debris in the room began to restore itself. Glass bobs were becoming whole, bookshelves gathered their splinters and fragments. The room became beautiful again. Hermione turned towards the fire and sat on the couch, face in her hands. She didn't think anyone knew about this room, least of all bloody Malfoy.

She waited to for the sounds of Malfoy's exit, or some scathing remark, but neither happened. "Taking out some frustration Granger?" He asked in a genuine tone. Hermione was taken aback and turned to face him. He strolled closer and sat in the armchair next to the sofa.

"Why do you care ferret?" She shot at him, annoyed that he was still here.

He looked at her, something dark glazing over his silver eyes. Hermione felt her face flush. It was suddenly too warm in this room. She stood to crack a window. "I know what it's like to feel like you need to release your frustration. Let your emotions go. Sometimes, the pressure surrounding you is almost too much to bear. Am I right Granger?"

She looked over to him, quite surprised that he was attempting to engage her in a civil conversation. Her astonishment confused her into answering honestly. "Breaking things helps for a while," She said as the cool breeze dance across her face.

"I know an even better therapy," This time the voice was in her ear, low and husky. She turned quickly, backing into the wall, wondering how he had moved so swiftly and silently. Draco pinned her in place, each arm blocking her from moving left of right. "Care to try?"

She shook her head no violently, confused. Would this be a time to panic? Was she in danger? She didn't feel threatened, but maybe he had used some sort of confundus charm. Her brain seemed awfully muddled at the moment. "Back off Malfoy, I'm not in the mood for games."

"Sometimes we just need…release," He said placing a hand on the small of her back and pulling her a bit closer. "…a form of working out tension in our highly strung bodies."

Now his face was moving entirely too near hers. She looked away, not sure how to react or what to do. She wouldn't deny that the feeling him so close, so deliciously warm against her, was fantastic, but this was wrong on so many levels. "Malfoy!" She shouted finally, pushing against his chest. Big mistake. Her hands had landed straight onto his firm chest, and she could feel ever muscle and every outline. Draco chuckled deeply. "What do you want?" She finally asked, her knees growing weaker by the second. Resolve fading, she realized Draco was supporting much of her weight with his arm. Whatever this battle was, he was winning.

"The same thing you do. A way to vent," He picked her up slightly, pinning her against the wall. His arms wrapped around her and his lips attached themselves to hers. Thoughts raced through the young woman's mind, but none made sense. A huge part of her knew that she needed to run away now and forget that this had occurred, but another part…. A part that was growing rapidly, was reveling in the way his lips were currently moving against the most sensitive part of her neck. She let out a light moan and the Slytherin pulled away and looked at Hermione expectantly.

She understood what he wanted. It was her turn to initiate this, otherwise he would walk. It didn't take long for her to decide. The absence of warmth from her lips was too much to bear. She pulled his head towards hers again and wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt her robes being untied from the front and she didn't stop him. He turned her around and pressed his chest to her back, sliding her robes off her shoulders. His mouth began to place light kisses on the crook of her neck and his hand snaked around to the front of her skirt.

Hermione still didn't stop him. Something felt too sinfully exquisite about this entire scene. Swiftly, his hand dove under her skirt, He traced a finger up her clothed slit, feeling the soaked material. She let out a light groan, her bottom half twitching at the new contact. Draco picked her up and set her on the couch, his hand still lightly rubbing her womanhood. At a teasingly slow pace, he moved aside the plain underwear and let his hand feel her dripping sex. She was nervous. No one had ever been this close to her intimately before and Draco's face was now mere inches from her throbbing core. He groaned and Hermione watched the lust take over. He attached his mouth to her swollen nub, lightly suckling at first, letting her adjust to the sensation.

"Oh gods…" She moaned, arching her back immediately. Soon his pace was increasing and he pressed one finger inside of her slick sheath.

"I want you to cum for me Granger…" He whispered before burying his face in her pussy once again. The words were what sent her over the edge. She convulsed, involuntarily screaming as she rode out her first ever orgasm. He gave her sex one last kiss, before sliding up the Hermione and sticking his tongue in her mouth. The taste of herself in his mouth was erotic. He kissed her like a lover would. She wanted more. She grabbed at the obvious bulge in the blonde's pants and he grabbed her wrist.

"What?" She said confused. Isn't this what he wanted?

"Give it a few days, and if you don't regret this, I'll shag you until you until you can't stand. But sex isn't something to take lightly," He said moving back slightly. She was once again astonished at the pureblood prat she thought she knew. Again, she reached for his pants, but this time, with more force.

"At least let me return the favor," She whispered seductively, fleetly removing his buckle. She stood and guided him to sit on the couch. At this point, she spread his legs and settled herself between them, guiding his erection out of his pants. "So the rumors are true," She commented, staring at his rather large member.

Draco was about to say something, but became distracted when Hermione stroked him softly, robbing him of breath. "Oh I'm sorry Malfoy, were you going to say something? Continue," She said, and just when he was going to speak again, she wrapped her lips around the head of his shaft. He threw his head back, a groan passing his lips.

"Minx," He hissed as she smiled. She took as much of his length in her mouth as she could, focusing very intently on doing this properly. The only experience she had was the erotic books she'd found in her parent's attic, but she easily found a rhythm and style. Soon, she found herself enjoying it as she continued licking and fondling him.

"Merlin – Granger," He was grunting, his hand weaving its way into her hair, tugging lightly. Hermione was pleased, and extremely aroused, at how well he was responding to her ministrations.

Hermione continued stroking and sucking him, her pace gradually increasing until she caught his eyes and used his own words against him, "I want you to cum for me Malfoy…" And as if she'd triggered a switch, he groaned loudly and his hot seed shot into her mouth, coating the inside of her cheeks. She swallowed instinctively, thinking that spitting it out would look rather foolish.

He began to relax and looked down at the bushy-headed brunette. They stared at each other for a moment before Draco pulled her atop of him, so she straddled his waist. Then he kissed her. This was slower. This was different than before. She pulled away. "Now what Draco?"

The use of his first name had not gone unnoticed. He kissed her again. "Owl me in a few days. Let me know how you feel then…Hermione," He finished. With a peck to her forehead, he fastened his pants together and strode out the door.

She sat in silence for a moment. Had that really just happened? She knew it was wrong, but it was too late to turn back now. She'd tasted what it felt like to be completely out of control and she wanted more. She wanted to feel that ecstasy again, the burning sensation in her loins still fresh. Pulling a piece of parchment and a quill out of her bag, she hastily scribbled down a note and grabbed her things, hastily ascending to the Owlery, eager to finish what the they had just started.

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