The Ultimate Mare chapter 1.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Its exactly what it means!"

"But I'm the Strongest on this planet! Second only to you, Zero!"

"No! You are the weakest amongst us!"

"The Weakest! I'll SHOW YOU THE WEAKEST!"

"Bring it! Kizuna!"

The two heroes of light began to clash with one another.

Intro song: Take Me Higher *English version*

The small little unicorn let out the largest yawn. Looking about the room the purple little filly started to smack her lips, the sun's rays began to flood through the window of her tree home. She looked over and saw that her little protégé was still sound asleep, bundled in his blanket. It was okay with her, after the long night they had, he deserved it.

It started a week ago. While during her magical routine, the Princess of the moon, Luna, discovered oddities with the stars as she made her way across the sky.

Upon hearing about this Princess Celestia was dumbfounded. Never once in her life time, and being near immortal at that, had she heard of such things about the other "suns". According to her younger sister the stars in the sky began moving around, many of them coming closer to one another. Like scared animals. The eldest sister began research on the very matter at hand.

Being the Sun Princess' faithful student, letting her know of the situation and allowing her to assist in the research was such an easy task. Over the past few days Twilight Sparkle had spent the most of her time in trying to help her teacher into figuring what is going on with the stars. She was even allowed access to the royal archives.

Poor Spike, each and every night the baby dragon stood up with her to try and aid her. Though she would always find the small creature asleep within the first few hours, she was happy that he would try his hardest. She smiled, her eyes followed the shadow on the ground to the window.

"Oh no! Its already noon!" Seeing the Princess' sun so high up, she realized that the library should of already been open. Twilight had no more time to lounge around, she quickly hopped out of her bed. She hoofed it down the stairs, mess and all. She was shocked at what she found, as she made it to the open doors.

"Please, do be careful!" A white coated pony lead one of the ponies out of the store, apparently one of the customers. "Also do not forget, to have it back by the due date!" The white unicorn smiled, the earth pony nodded as he left the tree with the book. The female unicorn turned as her magic shut the door, her eyes caught a glimpse of the purple pony. The purple haired unicorn gave a warm smile.

"Good morning, Twilight Sparkle!" The diamond marked pony greeted as she started gracefully walking toward her friend.

"Oh! Um, good morning Rarity!" The purple unicorn finally said, realizing the surprising visitor in her tree house. "Not to sound rude, or anything, but what are you doing here?" She asked as she made her way to the kitchen.

"It is of no big deal, Twilight!" Rarity said following her other unicorn friend. "Poor spike came to me the other day." She watched as the star marked pony began to fix her something to her up. "He told me that you had been keeping yourself up most of the night, with your important study."

"Really?" Twilight questioned as she fixed herself something hot to drink.

"Why yes!" Rarity exclaimed. "He asked me that because he wouldn't be able to keep up with you, if that I would come in and look after the library until you awake." She continued watching Twilight coming to the table with her drink. "He told me if I did this, that he would come with me to gather jewels for my designs next time. For free."

"Wow, I really owe Spike big time for this!" Twilight smiled looking at the door that leads to where the sleeping baby dragon was sleeping. "Thanks, Rarity." the purple pony smiled.

"Do not worry about it, Darling!" The diamond marked unicorn smiled. "I would of done it for free, if asked."


"Doesn't mean I won't take Spike on his offer." The white unicorn grinned, you could almost see the diamonds in her eyes. The purple unicorn just smiled, seeing her usual holder of the element of generosity.

"Now if you do not mind dear, I do need to get back to my own boutique." The diamond friend said, following the other unicorn out of the kitchen.

"Of course." Twilight smiled, leading her friend to the front on her home. "Thank you for your help today!" Opening the door to see the white unicorn out.

"It is of no problem." Rarity smiled making her way out of the door. "But Twilight dear," said turning back to her friend. "If you need any kind of help, please just ask. Just try not to overdo it." she said with a friendly smile.

"Thanks. Will do Rarity." Twilight smiled at the pony in front of her. They exchanged final words between one another, before the white pony made her leave. The purple pony used her magic to shut the door behind herself.

The star marked pony looked about the library. Seeing that she was the only one in the mane room for the moment, she released a large yawn as her body tried to throw away the tiredness. Her noise echoed through the tree, but the dragon upstairs was still sound asleep. "Alright, its time to get started." with that said, she went over to the book she was reading the night before.

Celestia was there in her throne, with unmoving motion. Her eyes were closed, her mind was no longer of Equestria. In this position she could see all in her land, nothing was out of her sight. She even saw that her faithful student, after her long night, had already awoken and started studying once more.

At this moment, The sun's eyes and the princess' eyes were one and the same like her sister and the moon. Anything that the light touched she could see, their was nothing in the world she couldn't lay her eyes upon during the day. All of the pony of Equestria was under her gaze, nothing could escape her mind sight.

But at this time, her eyes are not meant to be checking in on her ponies. Her mind eyes were looking into the other direction, away from Equestria. The sun's eyes were focused toward the light of the other suns that were far away. Luna's last sight got her worried, the other "suns" odd abnormalities, began to get to her.

Her eyes have been staring for the past hours. She was determined to use all her hours to find out what was going to happen. She continued to take in every detail of the endless darkness.

"Why, Howdy there Sugar cube!" The hat wearer called out to her pony friend. "Whatcha doin out here for?" she questioned as her star marked friend made her way toward her apple booth.

"Hey there Applejack!" The unicorn walked up to the fellow earth pony. "I was just coming out so that I could get a bite to eat." as if on queue a large growl began to echo out of her stomach. Twilight gave a large smile, hoping her friend would forgive such a noise. A few hours had gone by since she woke up, she left Spike in charge so she could get something to eat. Also, secretly, something for Spike as a thank you present.

"Wow, you sure do sound mighty hungry." Applejack returned with an 'awkward moment' smile. "I know what you need," bending behind her cart. "This will fill yawl up." the apple marked pony placed a large, shiny, juicy looking apple. "And of course its free on the barn."

"Thanks AJ," Still a little embarrassed over her uncalled-for noise. The apple sure did look delicious. She reached down to take a bite out of the big juicy orb.

Twilight's teeth started to rattle, her body lurched backwards. The wind came out of nowhere, the earth pony having to keep hold of her hat to make sure it didn't blow away. Everything began to calm down, everything settling into place just as it started.

"Hey Twilight, Hey Applejack." The rainbow haired pony said, her wings flapping in the air. A huge grin was plastered on her face at what she did, rubbing the apple in her hoof against her chest.

"Oh, hey Rainbow Dash," The star marked pony said, a little disappointed. She couldn't help but feel more hungry as she looked at the spot that once held her lunch.

"Rainbow Dash!" Applejack said bending back under the table. "I hope yawl be planning to pay for that apple." the orange pony said placing another apple for her hungry unicorn friend.

"Aw, come on Applejack. Could I please just have this one on the house." The blue Pegasi gave her friend a big smile. Applejack's face was unmoving, her decision was final. "Fine." Rainbow Dash huffed, the sound of bits hitting the table sealing the transaction.

"Thank you kindly, Dash!" Thanked the hat wearing pony putting away the recently earned money. "Lets try this again" she said turning to her star marked friend. "Here you go Twilight." Applejack moved the apple to her friend.

"Thanks," Twilight nodded, never one to turn down her friend's offer. Closing her eyes, she bit down onto it, hoping to savor every bit that would soon enter her hollow gullet. Something was off on the apple.

"Hey Twilight!" The purple unicorn eyes snapped open. Her eyes were welcomed by another pair of eyes that had big grin plastered across her face. She looked down to see that her mouth had latched itself onto the pink pony's snout.

"Um, hey there Pinkie," Twilight nervously said, removing her teeth from her friend's nose. "Um, How long have you been there?"

"Oh silly Twilight, I've been here the whole time." She said, watching her friend with just the huge smile.

"Um, really?" Twilight gave her a very confused look, which the pink earth pony just stood there unaffected. The unicorn looked over at the apple farmer for some answers. AJ stood there, being dumbfounded as her on how the heck she got there. "Well okay then. If you don't mind, I have…"

"mmm, Applejack this is really delicious." The two ponies looked at the random party pony. Pinkie Pie was just eating away. Twilight was sadden as she looked around the pink pony, it was what she was expected. AJ was dumbfounded seeing that the apple she placed for Twilight was missing and replaced with bits.

"Well That's okay Sugar Cube," The blond pony said, coming back to her senses, once more bending behind her family's booth. "Third times a charm." Applejack placed another apple for her friend.

The purple unicorn did not react right away. She looked at her sides to see both of her friends, that were busy away eating the apples that were meant for her. They had two other friends that were left, but those friends wouldn't take her apple away from her. With a smile Twilight went to take a bite of her apple.

"Twitch - a - Twitch!"

Twilight heard her pink friend, but she didn't care what was going to happen. She would let any frog hit her, she would let gummy bite her all day, she would even let Ditzy Doo drop luggage on her. All the pony wanted right now was to eat.

The ground began to quake.

Princes Celestia's eyes snapped open from the quake. Whatever hit Equestria, it was blind to even her mind's eyes. The sun's light couldn't lay its sight on whatever it was. As if the light itself was trying to keep it out of its sight.

"Princess Celestia what do you wish for us to do" one of her guards came in, no doubt in his mind that she knows what had just happened.

Celestia looked outside, seeing the smoke coming from the impact. "Please go out with your men and check the situation."

"Yes, Princess" the armored pony said, leaving her majesty as he did as he was told.

The royal pony sat at her throne, there was something else she just couldn't put her hoof on it. Celestia felt like their was something else to be seen. She closed her physical eyes.

"Well this sure is a fine mess," The apple marked pony looked about seeing her cart fallen over, all of its contents spilled out on the ground. "Hey you alright Twilight!" looking down at her friend.

"Yeah, I'm alright," The purple unicorn said, nearly in tears. She laid there on her stomach, looking at what could have been. The apple she was going to eat had fallen into a mud puddle.

"That Was Fun!" Pinkie pie's body started to settle from bouncing during the quake. Everypony just rolled their eyes at the crazy pony.

"Oh my gosh, is everypony okay!" they turned to see a diamond marked pony running towards them.

"Hey there Rarity." flapping her wings, the rainbow Pegasi obviously unaffected from the shock/ "What do you guys think that was all about?" Rainbow Dash asked, looking in the direction of the black lifting smoke. Just beyond the Evergreen Forest.

"I don' know, but…" AJ wasn't able to finish her line as the wind blew again. All ponies in ponyville looked into the sky, at a great speed a group of white armored colts were heading towards the mountain.

"Princess Celestia's guards!" it hit Twilight in that instance. "Everypony, I will be right back." she decided to ignore her stomach, this was a serious situation. She started heading towards the commotion.

"Hold on right this minute, Twilight Sparkle!" The purple unicorn stopped in her tracks, turning her head to the other horned pony. "What did I tell you this morning?" Rarity said coming closer.

"Ah, Rarity!" Twilight began to recall on their earlier conversation. The purple pony was brought back to the real world, as she felt the nuzzling of her friend.

"If you need any kind of help, please just ask. Don't over do it!" The white unicorn said, pulling her face away from the star marked pony.

"Right, Sorry." Twilight apologized. As if on queue her other pony friends were standing behind Rarity, ready to go with her. "Thanks everyone." she said turning around to face the mountain.

"Aw man!" everypony turned to look at the rainbow haired friend. "Fluttershy!" She said out loud, almost forgetting their last friend. "Look. I'm going to go see if Fluttershy is alright, and we'll meet up with you ponies later."

"Right," Twilight smiled. "We will meet up with you two then."

"Right, Be back ten seconds flat!" with a "Rodger" motion, Rainbow Dash disappeared in a rainbow flash. The rest of the ponies headed to the mountain.

"Oh, no! Please come back!" The yellow Pegasi was trying to keep her animals under control. The quake had awaken all of her patients, all of them started to make a ruckus out of confusion. "Please, calm down everyone!" The butterfly marked pony said, trying her best not to step on the little critters on the floor.

"FLUTTERSHY!" the shy little pony hit the ceiling from the unexpected noise. As she calmed down she looked towards the door to her little cottage. Standing there was her friend from the clouds.

"Um, hey Rainbow Dash!" Fluttershy said, her heart was beating a little faster, but it was tolerable. Her focus on her friend was cut short as she saw one of her patients trying to make a run for the door. The yellow Pegasi use all of her strength to lunge herself forward to not let the little animal get hurt. She fell near the blue pony's feet.

"Um, You need help Fluttershy." The rainbow marked pony asked, looking down at her friend. The other pony lifted her head to look at her friend, the little mouse dangling gently in her teeth. Fluttershy could only give a shy filled nod at her embarrassing position.

"Thank you, Dash!" the two Pegasus finished getting the animals back to bed. Many had already fallen asleep, after spending what little energy they had. Some were still active, but enough for Fluttershy wouldn't have to worry.

"Its no problem Fluttershy!" Rainbow smiled at her long friend. Then her eyes snapped as she remembered what she was suppose to do. "Fluttershy, we have to get going!" She said, realizing that she was already late to her promised time. "We need to meet the others."

"I'm, ..uh, sorry Dash." The yellow Pegasi denied her friend. "But I need to stay here, in case these little critters need some help." she began to make sure her animals had no injuries on them.

"Aw, man." Rainbow Dash face hoofed, she saw this reply coming from a mile away. She already said she and Fluttershy were going to meet the others. She needed to figure out a way to get the yellow Pegasi to come with. The rainbow marked pony knew of a way.

"Wait!" Rainbow Dash said aloud, causing the shy pony to jump. "What if the animals outside needs your help." she watched the yellow Pegasi began to take that in. It didn't take long to decide.

"Um… Alright." Fluttershy remembered she had a responsibility to all animals in Equestria.

"Angel!" she said, turning to the rabbit that was eating a carrot. "Would you mind look after everything here for a bit."

The rabbit sat up, for a moment just stared at the two ponies with a grouchy expression. After a second the rabbit nodded as he went back to his carrot. The two Pegasus were off.

The four ponies had made it to the mountain. They followed the air borne guards, so that they made it to an estimated location so they could begin their own investigations.

"Oh my, Why does it always have to be such dirty places." Rarity said, investigating every spot so that she didn't get her mane dirty. "Why can't anything happen in a nice clean place." she said looking at a mossy rock, that turned out to have eyes.

"Would yawl stop being such a little filly?" The blond pony said, tracking her hoofs through another mud pile. "I mean, not even…"

"What are you trying to say Applejack?" the white unicorn stopping in her tracks, staring right at her friend. The two ponies began to bicker with one another.

"Will you two please be quiet." the two ponies did as they were told, falling silent. Twilight was using her horn to locate anything out of place on both a physical plain and a magical one. She needed peace and quiet, and her friends weren't helping with this. "I think I got something." she said, something coming into her mind's eye. That was until it hit her.

"Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh!" Twilight picked herself up, she lost her magic connection. She and the other two just watched the pink pony bounce around them. "I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait. Its going to be so cool!" Pinkie Pie continued, with a huge grin on her face.

"Now, what in tar nation?"

"Pinkie whats going to happen?" Twilight asked, worried because of what happened the last time Pinkie was expecting something.

Pinkie Pie fell onto her flank, everypony just watched her as she gave an "ooo" face. "I have no idea!" all ponies sighed and face hoofed, at the random party pony.

"Hey guys!" in a flashy blur a blue Pegasus pony arrived, making her grand appearance. "Looks like we got here right on time!" she said seeing everypony's face hoof.

"Welcome back, Rainbow Dash." Twilight smiled, looking away from the "ooo"ing pony. "Wait, 'We'?" she asked, all of them with a confusing look.

"What do you guys mean?" the blue Pegasi asked, just flapping above them. "I went to get Fluttershy, remember-" She turned to show them, but her facial expression was blank. Her yellow friend was not with her.

"HERE IT COMES!" everypony turned to look at the pink pony. Pinkie Pie was just a "Twitch - a - Twitch"-ing, bouncing around them. A flash of light came from the sky.

"Are you okay little one." Fluttershy said, helping a young deer that had fallen. The yellow Pegasi had broken herself away from Rainbow Dash to help the poor little critter. The shy little pony was already making her way to another animal.

"Are you poor little creatures okay?" she said, nuzzling the small ferrets that had curled up in fear. "Hush now! Its alright!" she said in a sweet tone, the ferrets began to uncoiling themselves. "Alright, go to your family little guys." She smiled, the little animals reached up giving her a little lick, before running off into the forest. The yellow pony smiled, but noticed that her shadow began to grow around her.

Turning around quickly, what she saw caused her to let out a yelp. Some form of what looked like a comet was coming in her direction. The comet it self was interesting in that she could see right through it. Fluttershy's flight response began to kick in, she didn't need to be told once that it was going to be dangerous here. With her wings out she began to fly out of the area. Something stopped her in mid-flight.

The sounds of little chirps caught her yellow ears. Her pink hair was thrown around as she tried to search for the source of the sound. She looked down to see what she feared. In the path of the "comet" a nest was laying there, several little baby birds crying out for someone to help them.

Fluttershy didn't even think about it. She was a pony that was suppose to help out all animals of Equestria. Her body lurched itself quickly down to the surface, she was not as fast as Rainbow but she was quick none the less, in this kind of situation. As she touchdown she quickly picked up the nest in her hooves. She looked back to see the oncoming comet.

It was too late, she wouldn't be fast enough. If she were like Rainbow Dash she would have been gone already. The light was etching closer to the ground. The yellow Pegasi did the only thing she could do.

She placed the nest on the ground, as she tried to cover it with her own body. Her wings spread out to give what little protection to the birds she could offer. She could feel the light flood all around her. All she could do was let out a large scream as her body tensed trying to protect the baby birds. To her it felt like time froze forever in that flash of light. After that there was nothing.

Celestia's eyes flashed open, sweat dripping down her face. Whatever the second thing was she didn't see until its light reached the ground. Unlike the other object, this Light had blended into her sun's light, causing her to not see it. All she could do was watch what had happen.

She looked out side the window of her thrown, the last image still lingering in her mind. The light, as it appeared, disappeared. The only thing that was in the area was a small nest of birds, each one unharmed, all just chirping away happily.

Celestia felt her hooves, as she placed her head down. Her faithful student's, Twilight Sparkle, friend had disappeared from her vision.