One Small Step and Giant Leap of Faith!

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Chapter 1: Angles on Earth and One that Fell on Me!

Part 1: "We all Crash at Some Point, It's the laws of the Universe What Goes Around Comes Around!"

It is a beautiful look the stars and planets on this day. This is, seventeen years after Charles Baker landed on Planet 51 also known to the humans of Earth as Mars. A planet that was thought by scientists, those with great knowledge or anyone with degrees from world renound schools like Harvard and Stanford, to only be inhabited by rocks and musty unclean air.

Not one person thought before sending a man to Mars, in the Spring of 2009, that anything even inhabited such a planet. Those who did were thought of as nuts and weirdo's. They only sent a man up to collect data and bring it back to earth, unlike their probs that were not fited with such capabilities as to bring anything back.

The worlds governments, and people of NASA, had no clue that the biggest secret known to man was going to stay hidden from them by the very man they sent to Mars. It would have been one of the greatest descoveries since Columbus voyaged to the New World. Man would have spured at the discover that they finally found 'We are not alone in the Universe after all!'

It was the knowledge of what man kind would do, that kept Charles Baker from ever revealing the true mind blowing discoveries he found on Planet 51. History, of the Indian Removal Acts of the 1800's and could even match the obliteration of the entire Mayan population by Europes explorers in the Renaissance. If their was anything history taught him it was one thing, that man was racist pricks. He knew many schoolars would argue him to his grave if he ever revealed this statment to the public, but history was fact, the enslavment of countless African's taking them forcibly from their homes and killing many tribes over person gain, the same treatment to the Asians or Cetics who came to America for freedom and instead found themselves and their children working to the death in the mills or railways, even the wars the many collunies spread across the America's fought against the Natives, they were all unjustly for greed and race. If their was one thing that Charles promised himself he would not due to the people of Planet 51, no matter how racist they in turn the larger percentage of people treated him, it was the hardest life promise he would ever have to make, that no matter what he would not put their lives in danger to his own greedy race. No matter what he would not make his people become what they themselves feared, he would not let his world becoem the filthy greedy scum they were when they populated America, he would not allow them to become the monsters that his alien friends feared. On his own life he would do everything it took to keep this planet safe, and never let it be in fear of his people because he revealed his endeavors.

While traveling in space those seventeen long years ago, awaiting the next day when he would land on his home planet. Chuck watched the space dog he had yet to name chew on a large ruber ball he brought for leasure, but instead found it had become the dogs personal chew toy. He found during those many days in space contemplating the montianious weight his mind now would carry for life, that watching his dog was the only comforting thing to the journey back, not counting the countless other stress such a playful alien dog brought him. But, this early afternoon was different, for as he sat trapped in deep thought counting all the fates and millions of lives currently laying in his hands, the hitchhiking dog's tail hit the dash wiring panel, and it slid open.

That's when the God sent idea came to him, and he rushed to find all the camera's and the hundred's of devises that lay throughout the shuttle, that he had been taught taught in the case of an error to fix. However, it was not his knowledge that NASA's training taught him to fix such items that would give away the signs of life on the inhabited planet, that came throughly to mind. No, for it was the thoughts of what you could not fix, and what self caused viruses that would leave all data and memory unusable.

For that day in space, he seeled both planets to a new fate that would lead to war. Though this was not a government brought war his decission created, it was a war non the less. His decission secured the safety of both worlds, but only stalled what inevitbly was to come, that even God could not prevent. For now the unseen future lay in many other hands then just his own, now more then one human would hold the destiny and lives of another world. For now a child of only three, had her fate laid before her, for the choices she would later would horendously make, would bring her life to the front lines of a hidden war.

As soon as he arrived, infront of the public and world broadcasters he threw a hug angered fight about hating the planet in which he lost his IPOD and cell phone on.

The broadcast became one of the worlds most hilarious ceberty cornaries of all time. No one analyzed the strange movements of the duffle bag along his back that held the alien dog. It took many weeks well he bitched about this an that for him finally to sign his papers of leave, but they finally allowed him. It seemed they waited, till they had all the proof that nothing ever exsisted on the planet known for its strange color and rocks.

Finally they all had to except what even the scientists slightly hoped was not true. They all regretibly found they had to accept Baker's claim that the planet he utterly hate was completly unlivable and dull, for most of their equiptment said data that mostly said the same things, or looked to have malfunctioned completly. At least from what he explained and threw false raged arguments about did everyone of the scientific communtiy have to record as valid data.

When the reasearchers, agreed their was no further reason to explore the planet, and with the space program closing due to the economic faliure of America, they decided to shut down the Mars projects, until further money or reaserch was needed to look back on the planet.

Baker easily told the NASA researchers that there was nothing up there, and did it with the charming smile on his face. Before he left he even managed to direct their attention to the planet of Jupiter. He had no clue that a more malicious reasercher with money up his wallet secretly ran tests on all the objects from his trip, not believing a single word from his lips. Though NASA years upon years later, began to reset their sites agian on Mars, it was this man who found something more, that laid many other paths that again corrupted the future path of a young girl on the other side of America, and set her young life into the path of danger.

Baker easily hid his alien Russleling canine that was an alien breed of Jack Russell Terriers, he named Licks for obvious reasons, which revolved around the fact that he loved to lick with his tongue within a tongue.

Chuck kept Licks as if any man would as his loyal dog who he loved as a best friend. Chuck even found a home in the woods, so Licks would be able to roam freely without any questionable eyes.

As soon as he arrived on Earth, he met the most attractable women Marleen Amber Genaro, she was a teacher's assistant for a local school that was visiting the space center on tours the day he quit.

Baker had an immediate attraction to the fair Californian girl, who was tuff and strong, very opinionated, yet beautiful as the sun. Her black hair, blue eyes and smile as light pink as a runway model was equal to the sweet lovely colorful rose gardens of any incredible Garden park.

It was her refusal at his pick up line that he used after following the group of visiting children, till they hit the café that made him to fall more for her.

He looked at her as she ordered a frappuccino, and he smiled as he did anytime he was trying to get a women, especially when he wanted an all-nighter.

"Has a Goddess fallen from the sky… Or angel been found on earth, for you must be one."

"Fuck off dush, stop following us!" Marley told him that afternoon so coldly and direct, as he was slapped in the face, before she grabbed her coffee and left. She stormed off swaying her hot sexy fit bum, as her short shorts, for the warm summer weather, showed a little bit more than they should.

Luckily, for him it was all thanks to one of the little children, that gave him a second chance to have a better beginning with the women he found incredibly attractive.

"Mrs. Alec, Ms. Genaro…It's Cindy…she's not breathing!" A young girl in a summer dress and purple shorts screamed pointing to her unconscious friend.

Chuck rushed over to see what happened. "Oh God!" the women he loved stated as she looked to the pale girl.

"Hold it…is she allergic to peanuts?"

"No!" the women behind him stated with a gasp. "No we have been sure of which are…she is not…"

"Hold on!" He rushes over to the girl as he lifts her slightly and brings his arms around her. Suddenly he pumps with his hands causing her body to come into his chest as he was attempting to get the object that may be choking her, out of her wind pipe or throat.

Suddenly an object comes flying out, low and behold its part of a granola bar that that girl had swallowed down the wrong pipe.

Chuck laid the young blonde on the ground and checked her pulse with two fingers on her neck. "Hold on she's still not breathing."

He opens her mouth at an angle and blows air into her mouth, as her chest slowly raises up, and he closes her mouth.

His hands meet to the young fourth graders chest and start bouncing up and down in hard pumps to get her heart restarted.

"One….Two….Three!" he says until he reaches twenty, giving each number a grunt and straining sound of the air he breaths in, as the CPR was quiet hard especially when he was attempting to make sure he did not pump too much and permanently hurt the young girl.

He put his lips over her mouth, and watched as the chest rose with the air he breathed into her mouth. He closed her jaw again, and began the rounds of another twenty pumps, again counting in gowns that revealed how tuff such a task truly was to accomplish.

On the third blow of air, her chest began to rise, and then fell and rose again with her chest taking air in on its own.

"Thank Heavens." The women who was in her forties from the looks of it with some wrinkles and red hair stated, as she rushed to the girl and hugged her like she was afraid the girl would die.

"I've called the hospital their on their way." A passer by stated as they showed their phone coming down from their ears, to indicate they had just finished the call.

At this time, Chuck slowly got up and turned away from the audience of happy children who were flocking the young girl Cindy.

As he wiped his hands against his dark blue t-shirt, he never noticed the women watching him turn away in shock, yet gratitude.

When he walked out of the crowded café a women kindly and softly stated "Ex… Excuse me…um…sir!" her quiet voice carried to his ears as he stopped at in the hallway he turned into. He had no clue by the time he heard her and he stopped, she had followed him into this empty hallway, where they were utterly alone.

At first he did not think he heard anything, but then the same question came, with a gentle female hand of a kind women touching his back causing great swells of sweat to pass through his body. "Excuse me sir." She spoke kindly like there was only silent bliss and happiness in the calm world.
"Yes?" he turned to find shock that the 5'7" women with amazing curly black hair and Californian tan was staring at him with watery eyes and the look of joy and sadness.

"Thank you!" she stated as she was trapped in the look of his amazing sea blue eyes and blonde bouncy hair.

He smiled at her soft but sweet graceful smile, quietly and kindly like a romance film he gently stated "Your welcome." Charles turned and walked further down the corridor to exit the building of the place he just quit.

The women was stunned as she let the man walk away but suddenly her feet were booking it as she rushed out the doors, and saw the man walking down the parking rows to his car.

She ran as if she used to run in high school for her cross-country team only in heels.

"Excuse me sir!" she yelled out in the beautiful blue cloudless day, that when Chuck heard her he had only seconds to look and see the amazingly shaped curvedly strong built run, booking it for him.

He was so surprised that he did not see the collision about to happen with her and him, for seconds after he looked up, he was knocked to the ground, with the women on top of him, blushing like crazy.

He gave a little chuckle "You alright Ms?"

"Very….Thanks…and oh… um Sorry!" she scratched her back in embarrassment as she reached her hand out and got up. "Um here can I help you…"

"No… no I'm alright!" He stated with a sly laugh from the event, using his 1969 cherry red Ford Mustange rear to help himself up although he groaned in pain. He attempted to make his groans silent or quieter so she would not worry over him.

"Wait!" she gave a puzzling look "You're that guy that had the fit on live television after coming back from Mars."

Chuck laughed and rubbed his sore side "Yeah… I would be the one… The names Chuck… Chuck Baker… My full names Charles Baker… But I prefer that everyone calls me Chuck."

Marleen gives a little girlish chuckle and sticks her hand out to the sore and in pain man "Well, its' a pleasure... I'm pleased to meet you Chuck… The names Marleen Genaro. But everyone calls me Marls or Marley, and yes before you ask that is like Bob Marley from Scrooge... But I go by Marls and Marley for short on unprofessional occassions."

"Don't you need to get back to the kids?"

"My shift is up, I'm only a part time teachers assistant and Kaci arrived during the incident so I'm off for the day… I was more like her sub, I'm an engineer that's what I went to college for with the minor in teaching… I love kids, I couldn't help having a strange minor for an engineer."

"Really!" Chuck stated excited. "Well I was an astronaut, but all the same I like mechanical stuff."

"Yeah I guess liking Transformers and comics in all got me into it….you get that way when you're raised with comic geeking brothers and father, and have a tom boy for a mother."

The two laughed and reminisced leaning against the car about such incidents in their own childhood, comparing their geek brothers and parents. Until Chuck looked to his clock and knew he should make it out of their soon.

"Well I better get going you ma…"

She puts her hand on his shoulder after he turned around, he stopped as she sighed silently in the wind and he could smell her wonderful perfume. At her touch, he slowly turned around, and peered into her wonderful complexion, as she looked ashamed at the ground and the wind blew her black shimmering sun touched hair in the wind.

She looked up with obvious tears in her eyes. "You don't know how hard it would have been if I lost a child while I was working…. I'm…I'm sorry… I judged you before I knew you… Can… Can you give this a second chance? Or forgive me and give your question another try?"

Baker looked down at the women's beautiful face, he wiped her tears from her cheek and smiled. "It was no problem to save her life… I cannot see children die anywhere I am… Would you like to go out on a date with me and learn more about each other?"

The women tried to stop her silent tears as she hiccupped. "I… I… wou… would love that…space boy!" She smiled and held his hand as he helped her into the car and they drove off for a wonderful day, of many days to come.

As years would pass, Chuck still believed the feeling that he had found an angel with him from heaven, she was hot beyond compare in his eyes no matter what she looked like. In his eyes, she was like anyone's dream magazine model who wanted a normal guy, except she was only for him, and was his dream girl. After the first date, he could have sworn he saw forever with her. Each day they spent together, he could have sworn Marls shone brightly like the sun even more.

Little did he know that he shone just as much in her eyes, and this was the reason for her bashful smile to grow each day she was around him.

To his surprise, Licks took immediate liking to her, and she loved him just as much. Weird enough she was not freaked out one bit, she thought he was adorable, even came with a couple dog toys for him to enjoy, hours after meeting him.

It was not to long till Marls moved in with Chuck.

All too soon, they moved to Northern California. Not too long after California, did they adopt another dog to keep Licks company. Her name was Dolly, and she was a perky little miniature Poodle, Terrier, Chihuahua mix. Little did they know that Licks was not clipped, and only in months did they have to deal with mutant mixed puppies. Who they for obvious reasons and attached reasons could not give up.

It took a few years, for Chuck to get any yes from Marls. But he eventually won her over and proposed with her finally saying yes to the romantic old fashioned romantic carriage ride, that ended in the middle of the Giants stadium where the song 'Even When I Close My Eyes', played on the loud speakers.

Chuck jumped out and showed her the ring for the sixth time he asked, but the first time he ever truly did anything romantic or in public to ask. She teared up and nodded her head in great sobs before she said the words in great tears.

Chuck and Marleen married on a beautiful beaches of Fiji, and their two month honeymoon was spent traveling the world. Though there was more to the honeymoon then the sights they saw. Just like any honeymoon, many days were spent under intense sex of wedded bliss. In fact, during one of these nights Marleen became fertilized with their first children.

Over the years they had several children, the first being a set of twins, the next being another daughter, and the next two a set of male twins, one more boy followed, before the young curly orange haired little girl. Who filled Chucks heart, as she was his precious little girl, she was a total daddy's girl.

Little did Chuck, the same astronaut that threw a fake fit to protect his friends on another planet, ever learn that the space program was looking at restarting their rockets and going back to this planet with a load of researchers.

They had attached a probe to the rocket Chuck was sent to space in, the same rocket that Geniordian guards walked around, and heavily guarded.

These researchers found it interesting that it stated there was oxygen and life of organic things such as plants.

From day one of Baker returning, NASA knew Baker hid something extraordinary, no one could answer why, as many argued the reasons. Nevertheless, it was a sure thing that there was more to the Mars trip than originally thought, at least what was believed after research was analyzed.

The problem is every time Chuck was contacted he would refuse to answer; eventually they refused to continue persisting the man, knowing if it was absolutely worth while the man would not say a word. Though, it took a few court battles in which Chuck and his family won, for NASA to get the idea that they should stop asking him or else get fined by the Baker family.

Chuck and his family lived in small towns, switching during the summer to one Lake House, that had a river connecting it to the ocean, which was quiet a handful of miles away. During the school seasons, the family lived in a small mountain town in the mountain range.

In both places, he secretly built small rockets with the help of a few trusted NASA workers who were his best friends, to make the underground communications hangers and actual launching pads with smaller versions of space rockets. If not a much newer nicer version compared to NASA's rockets.

During this same time, the friends of Planet 51 aged into adults.

Lem, was now in his thirties, and like Chuck, he equally proposed to his girlfriend, who sadly was not Neera. This time it was to a completely different girl compared to Neera, whose relationship ended years before due to differences of their beliefs, and her constant belief in protesting for things during the Voquarnus, the Vietnam of Mars, war.

Especially when the protesting and Hippies of the 1960's came around, they split their separate ways, Neera going with Glar's, and running the strange Hippie protester kind of life. She soon became pregnant at Woodstock, to a musician. Now she was a drug addicted singer's wife with several children, living in LA. Though she was greatly unhappy, constantly wishing her husband was not the abuse man he was now, and constantly thinking of packing up her childrens bags and her own and leaving him for good, though she had lost her old protesting fighting self back in woodstock where she met her dush bag husband her parents did not agree with her marrying. Now she regretted not ever listening to them, for they were right in thinking he was not a good enough man. All she prayed for each night was for a miricle that would be the reason she could leave for home, pay a lawyer and split far from her husband.

Lem on the other hand proposed to Miranda Leah Anders, a girl from his planets New York that he met from his new job teaching about the Universe. She had been a Law speaker one day when he bumped into her and their worlds collided magically, only to marry months after meeting each other.

For the other group both Skiff and Eckle became Astronauts, or began to become them. However, Eckle was chosen to go on a mission by himself, this one would take him to the planet of an old friend who sent a message, feeling that there was going to be trouble involving their planet, as he knew someone connected with NASA had large planes for something dasterdly huge.

The only problem was he had no clue how huge this plan was, nor the fact that his innocent message would cause the collision of two people, one with humans of Earth and one a Geniordian of Mars. Little did he know that an evil plan that would bring two worlds to possible war, and to choose different sides was indeed on its way.

He had no clue that an innocent angel would fall into a trap made by a decisive betraying handsome angel that had the fancies for the one he was to hurt. That he was to bring her into this Universal uncivilized plan for power whether she agreed in such things or not.

Now it would be up to a coincidental meet, that the actual warning can be sent, and an actual rebellion can be lead, before war of the worlds begins, and more lives are lost then is needed.

The Universe was beautiful through the window today, about seventeen years after the events in which Chuck Baker left Planet 51. The now twenty four year old young adult golden blond hair Geniordian boy Eckle Stuart, who still wore his baseball hats backwards, liking the look on himself thinking it made him look dashing to women.

You could swear he became another version of Chuck, but that is what happens when a kid is the president of his fan club, and the biggest fan of the Geniordian population.

Suddenly a harsh voice startled him out of his stupor of the Universes beauty.

Eckle, boy you got to be gentle with the landing…Kid you know your only alone cause your partner…"

"Yeah yeah yeah…Got that Huston…yadda yadda and blah blah blah… I'm not a kid any more…Don't worry I'll be better than I was in the simulators. I'll not go all free wily, like a few years ago in the Navy jet planes and flying low towards the radio tower."

"You better be kid it's your neck on the line this time…."

Static was heard as Eckle pounds the dash of the small seventies style aircraft.

"Ugh just great the things busted again… Hu oh well" he smiled quite wickedly and proudly.

"I love it all the better… Sky's the limits and no motherly boss telling me what to do and not do, I rule this thing, this ship yeah I own it. Now and I can play my own way."

He takes a record out and flips it in his hands before placing it on the record player

Taking care of business every day

Taking care of business every way

I've been taking care of business, it's all mine

Taking care of business and working overtime

Work out!

He strums to the tune as if it is no bodies business and looks quite funny that if any spectators were around they would be laughing at how Eckle is dancing to the tune and rocking his head.

He sings along not to bad and screams "Yeah!" or "Woo" every now and then along with the song, having a blast as his young life loves to have.

Little did he pay attention that he was nearing the destination, and little did he notice till his spaceship started rocking that a satellite knocked his ship out of orbit from the area the message from their old friend told him to land that was secure.

The space shuttle started orbiting out of control and spun all the way down to Port Hadlock Washington, where a terrified girl whose fate was sealed before she was five, was running for her life from an abuser who just raped her, wishing for her life to end and she could die soon, only not at her rapists hands. She had no clue how quickly her wish and prayer were to be answered, little did she know what was to suddenly become of the life she wished was over.


So who is this girl?

What will happen to Eckle?

Why is this girl running alone besides rape and wanting her life to be over because of it?

How can she escaper her raper before she is killed? Will she be crushed? Or will she have to commit suicide to save herself?

Find out soon, next chapter you see her side of the story of the events of that morning and the previous day.

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