Blue bloods


It was really late, but Erin was still in her office. She rubbed her eyes tiredly and sighed. The case she was working on was exhausting and she had to go to court tomorrow. She was prosecuting a major drug and arms dealer, Anthony Rives. Unfortunately they didn't have much evidence, and most of what they had was circumstantial. Erin knew that if Rives got charged, then a quarter of the drug and arms smuggling and selling would be cut off at the source and because the case was so big and public, it would probably make her career. She had been trying to get Rives for several months and this was the first time they had evidence; they had his prints on a gun used to kill an undercover cop. unfortunately, he owned a firearms store and she knew that his lawyer would claim that the gun was one he sold. She knew that the case would be long and trying but she also knew that if he got charged he was going away for life, probably without probation.

She looked at the clock and saw it was just after midnight. She had to get home and get some sleep before court tomorrow morning, and besides Nikki was probably wondering where she was. She knew that her daughter wouldn't go to be until she got home. She looked over the file one more time. This case was really important for her and for Danny. Her brother knew the cop that got shot and he was the main witness because he had also been undercover for a short time, and he knew that Jack Robinson's cover had been blown. He also knew that they way Jack had been killed matched Rives style. Danny had been around the corner when jack got shot and the cop had died in Danny's arms. Jack has said Rives name before he died. She knew that this case was as important to him as it was to her.

Twenty minutes later she stood up and stretched. She carefully put the files in her briefcase, put her coat on and left her office. Erin headed out to the parking garage and over to her car. He went through her purse looking for her keys, but she couldn't find them.

"Great, I must've left them inside" she muttered to herself.

She sighed and headed back to her office. She grabbed her keys from her desk and was about to leave as the phone rang. Erin frowned. Who would be calling me at twelve thirty in the morning? She grabbed the phone.

"Hello?" she asked quizzically

"Mom? Why are you still at your office?" Nikki's voice sounded worried.

"I'm just leaving now Hun. I'll be home soon." She reassured her daughter.

"Ok. I'm going to go to bed, so I'll see you in the morning."

"Ok, night hunny," she said smiling.

"Night" Nikki hung up and she headed out to my car again.

She got to her car and rubbed her eyes. I'm probably going to fall asleep driving home, she thought. She got her keys and unlocked the door. She closed her eyes for a second and yawned. As she got in the car, she didn't notice a black SUV pull up and three men getting out, all with ski masks on. They waited for her to get in the car, before pulling out their guns and walking over.

Erin slammed the door shut, and was about to turn the keys in the ignition, when she hear a tapping on the car window. She looked up and paled as she saw a gun being pointed at her though the window.

"Get out the car, and I wont shoot you" a male voice threatened.

Erin grabbed the door handle, and with a shaking hand, opened the door, got out and turned to face the three men. All three of them were completely dressed in black, with ski masks, and all three of them were pointing guns at her. One of them put the gun away and took a step towards her, while the other two ran back to bring the SUV over. Erin was shaking in fear. The man was still coming at her slowly and she didn't know what to do. Should I try and run? She thought panicking there's no way I can fight him off, he's huge. When he was close enough to touch her, Erin's instincts kicked in and she took off towards the exit.

"Shit" the man swore and ran after her.

Erin heard him behind her, but that only made her run faster. She was almost outside when he reached out and yanked her back, and then proceeded to punch her hard in the face. Erin yelled in pain and dropped to the ground. He then kicked her in the stomach twice. She felt a blinding pain in her side as she heard a sickening crack, and she screamed. The man picked her up roughly and she screamed again. He walked over to the car and threw her in the back. One of the other men was waiting and he roughly yanked her arms behind her, and tied her up. She whimpered as the pain from her side assaulted her again. She tried to wiggle free but the man saw her and hit her over the head with that butt of his gun. Erin dropped to the floor and drifted into unconsciousness.


Danny lay in the dark next to his wife, but he couldn't get to sleep. He kept thinking about Jack and how he was never going to see his friend again. It had been 3 weeks since he died, but he could picture it like it was yesterday.

He heard two shots and Danny broke out into a sprint. He rounded the corner and froze at the sight of jack lying there with two holes in his chest. He ran over and dropped to his knees next to his friend. Danny whipped out his cell phone and called an ambulance. Then he out pressure on the gunshots and yelled at jack to stay with him. Jack turned to him and whispered "R-Rives" before his heart stopped.

Danny shivered at the memory. Sighing he glanced at the clock next to his bed. It read 12:39. He knew he wasn't getting any sleep so he went downstairs and into the kitchen to get something to eat, hoping that after he would be able to get a few hours sleep before court tomorrow. He knew that Erin would kill him if he was groggy in court. And besides that, Danny really wanted to nail Rives. He poured himself some cereal and wondered how the case would go tomorrow. As he ate his cereal, he thought about Jack and how he would never see his kid grow up. Jack's daughter was five. He didn't notice the time flying by until he heard the phone ring. He looked up and realised that it was five to one in the morning. He frowned as he went to go pick up the phone. Who would call his house at one in the morning?

"Hello?" he whispered, not wanting to wake up his family, in case they slept through the ringing.

"Uncle Danny?" Nikki's voice came though the phone.

"Nikki? What's wrong? Why are you calling so late?" he frowned

"Mom was at the office late, and I called her to ask when she was coming home and she said she was on her way. That was forty minutes ago. I would've called grandpa but he's still away for that conference. I'm worried Uncle Danny. Mom would've called me back if she decided to stay and it should've only taken her fifteen minutes to get home." She blurted out in a rush

Danny knew Nikki was right. Erin would call if she was going to be held up somewhere, but he hoped that he was wrong and everything was ok.

"Ok Nikki, I tell you what? I'll go down and make sure she's ok, alright?" he said trying to sooth his niece.

"Ok, but do you think she's ok? I mean what if she was in a car crash or something? What if she's hurt somewhere? What if-" she said panicking?

"Nikki your mom is going to be fine" he said calmly, although all those thoughts had occurred to him as well. "I'm going to go find her, and if you want I'll call you when I do."

"Yah ok" she said a lot more calm then before, but Danny could tell she was still worried.

"Don't worry Nikki, I'm sure your mom is fine" Danny said to assure both of them.

"Ok Uncle Danny, just call me when you find her."

"I will. bye"

"Bye" she said hanging up.

He put the phone down and grabbed his keys before heading out the door.