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A New Beginning.


The Weasly's , Harry, and Hermione made their way down king's cross station to platform 9 ¾ . The war was finally over and some seventh years were allowed to return to finish their schooling. The infamous golden trio was of course returning for a due over of their final year with hopes of a normal final year and changes for the better.

"Honestly Ronald, how could you even consider not coming back for another year?" I scolded as I took in the sight of the Hogwarts express once on the platform. "Aren't you going to miss it?"

"Of course I am 'mione but we all have to leave sometime." Ron turned to look at me as she spook but only a glance then he looked away to bid his parents goodbye.

I had tried to make the relationship work after the war …. after the kiss but realized how strange it felt. How much it felt like dating a brother so I decided to let him down gently and from what I understood he felt the same. I turned to say goodbye to the Weasley clan and boarded the train bustling through the crowded halls to an empty compartment. Once Harry, Ginny, Ron, and I were settled in we began to fantasize about the year ahead.

"Oh how exciting!" squeaked Ginny the youngest of us all "Our last year! Can you just imagine? Quidditch games, the Yule ball, the lovers dance, prom, and then graduation!" Ginny breathed in what seemed like one breath. I just rolled my eyes at how much of a little girl she sounded like at the moment but not even I could suppress the excitement visible in my smile when I thought about the coming year. It would be perfect. A perfect ending to what seemed to have been a dreadful never ending story.

The boys had begun to go into a graphic and vulgar discussion about Quidditch. Ginny went on about what she would wear for the Yule ball which I didn't understand since it was months away and saw no need in picking a dress out so early. I was getting ready to tell Ginny on how I thought I would look best in a gold dress when the compartments door slid open and in came Luna who had also decided to return.

"Hello everyone," said Luna dreamingly "I've just come to get Hermione she's wanted in the heads compartment." I gasped in shock how could I have forgotten that McGonagall had assigned me as Head Girl already! I rushed to get my bag and told everyone I would see them at dinner I was already late enough without taking my time. That and I was more than curious to see who head boy and my roommate for the next year would be. Since it wasn't Ron or Harry I had really no idea who it could be.

I finally reached the heads compartment and slid the door open. From the moment I laid eyes on the only other person in the compartment I seemed to have been shocked into temporary paralysis because I noticed once I set eyes on the pale blond hair and piercing blue eyes which were now staring back at me that I couldn't move.

"Uhm … need some help sitting down Granger? You look like you've just seen a ghost."

With that I quickly snapped out of whatever trance I was in and made my way to sit opposite of him. After a while of silence I glanced up to see the piercing blue eyes staring at me."Do you mind Malfoy?" I spat blushing under his gaze." Why are you in here anyways? It's the Heads compartment and I'm sure the head boy will be here any second." Malfoy's lips seemed to turn up into a shy smile and glanced down at his hands then back at me after muttering something under his breath that sounded a lot like "…figured…" how odd I thought he's acting much to civil. He's actually being sort of nice in a weird way. He cleared his throat and I noticed I had been staring at his hands he began to explain himself.

"Well Granger, I'm in here because I am head boy."