Dear My Lovely Readers,

I am very sorry for the terribly long wait. Unfortunately I took SG on at an opportune time that blossomed into an inopportune time. Real life has become insanely crazy, and I simply can not give her the devotion she deserves.

Queen Cocaine and I have decided to pass the baby along. Give big congratulations to Hana Belladonna, the new Suicide Girl authoress! Give her praise! Search her up. I'll also post a link to her profile in my bio.

Farewell my faithful and beautiful readers, it has been a fantastic ride. I will be beta-ing and popping in the future chapters from time to time, and I recently found a few of my old oneshots I never got around to finishing so those might be up soon.

Yet again, I thank every single one of you. This story has gone on so long for you.

It truly sucks that it has to be passed along again, but it shall be a great work in the end.

Kisses and much love!



Hello there!

I just cannot describe how excited I am to have the opportunity to continue Suicide Girl for you all!

Lollirotxox and Queen-Cocaine have left some pretty big shoes to fill, but with their input, I look forwards to continuing, and finishing this fantastic story!

The next chapter is already written, and will be posted straight away, but please remember, that while my writing style is similar to both previous authors, it will not be exactly the same. Also, I am coming in right at the concert scene, so it will sound a little different to the rest of the story, simply because the emotions in this scene are different.

While I will post the next chapter immediately, I do suggest re-reading the whole story again before continuing, as it has been years since it was originally posted, and it may be a good idea to remind yourselves of the plot :)

See you soon!

-Hana Belladonna xoxoxox