Part 1- An unexpected visit of the good kind.

It was a rather boring morning at the Navy Yard. The team was currently doing paperwork concerning their last last case, which because of their last case, they had been unable to finish. But there had been a lull in activity the past couple of days and so they now had time. Of course this wasn't going to last. As soon as there was a case they would be right on it, no matter how small it was. Vance was never one to let his agents have a slow day if he could help it.

Knowing that any moment Gibbs was going to walk around the corner and tell them to grab their gear, McGee was trying to type as quickly as possible. He hated being behind on paperwork.

He heard in the distance a familiar ding that signalled the arrival of the elevator. He automatically looked up to see who it was, but upon not seeing the familiar face of their boss he turned back to his computer screen.

It took him a while to realize it but realize who had just stepped out of the elevator he did. He immediately stood, startling Ziva and Tony who had been mucking about, talking about some riff-raff or other. But he ignored their questions and walked over to his father.

Sean McGee wore his old Navy uniform, though he was retired, which was so typical of him. He had kept the same buzz cut that he had always had, but having seen pictures of him before he joined the Navy, McGee knew that if he let it grow he would find it the same colour as Sarah's. In fact the only resemblance between father and son was the way they walked, but that could have been a result of stern discipline as a child.

"Tim," acknowledged Sean with a dip of his head, "I would like to speak to you. In private."

Perhaps it was the stress put on the word 'private' but at that moment McGee could hear much rustling going on from Tony and Ziva's desk and he knew that they had been caught in the act of eavesdropping.

"Of course," said McGee, "We can go to one of the conference rooms if you like."

"Yes. That will do nicely," agreed Sean and McGee began to lead the way.

McGee led him to the conference room and they sat down opposite each other. McGee and his father rarely had anything to say to each other. McGee and Sean were never at each other's throats, but they didn't really get along. There was a gap that separated them, and it made it hard to make conversation. Most people just figured it was because of the fact that Sean was a jock and McGee was a geek, but people that really knew them knew it was because of something else entirely.

It was because of this reason that Sean was there today, though McGee didn't know it yet. It had been a while since he had spoken to his father (they preferred to only speak on special occasions), so the fact that his father had driven into the Navy Yard to see McGee personally…well let's just say that McGee had a feeling that something was wrong.

"She's escaped," said Sean quickly. He was never one to beat around the bush and he wasn't about to start now.

"Escaped?" repeated McGee, paling considerably.

"Yes. Escaped," confirmed Sean.

"How?" he asked weakly, putting his head into his hands.

"They don't know yet," said Sean, "But there's a full investigation going on."

"Have you told Sarah yet?" asked McGee.

"Yes, I called her this morning," said Sean.

"So," said McGee frowning, "You called Sarah, but you visited me."

"Sarah thought it would be best," explained Sean, "She told me the address and everything. She really has a strong will of her own now."

"Always has dad, you just weren't around to notice," said McGee quietly.

There was an awkward silence but it was interrupted by the door opening and an annoyed Gibbs walking into the room. He looked at the two men and said, "McGee. We got a case. Finish up," before leaving the room as quickly as he had entered it.

"Well you have my number," said Sean standing to leave, "If you see her, call me. She listens to me."

"Yes dad. I remember," said McGee, "I'll escort you out."

And then they left the room.