Part 7-Gut Feelings and Horror Stories

When McGee woke up the knife was no longer in his chest and his mother no longer in the room. Sitting next to him was one person he did want to see and one person he didn't. Abby and his father.

"Timmy!" she cried when she saw he was awake, flinging her arms around him.

"Dad," he said over her shoulder.

"Tim," he said, "You were meant to call me."

"I know. There wasn't much time to do that though," he said.

"I see," he said.

"How are you feeling Timmy?" she asked him, letting him go.

"Fine. A little sore," he said, sitting up on the mattress.

"Ducky said you would be," she said, "He told me to give you this."

It was a bottle of pills. He took one and looked up to see Gibbs standing in the background.

"Boss!" he said, sitting up and instantly regretting it.

"Just rest McGee," said Gibbs, "The others are upstairs. What do you want me to tell them?"

McGee thought. How could he tell his team such a horrible thing? Until today they had all thought his past to be a breeze. How could he tell them that his mother had been raped and that himself and his twin brother had been a result. How could he ask Gibbs to tell them how she had blocked the memories of the attack and never told his 'father' about it? How could he go upstairs and knowing that they knew that when his mother had walked down the street, pushing Sarah in the pram, she had seen him once more? That she had had flashbacks. That she had abandoned baby Sarah and gone home and killed his twin and then had tried to kill him.

But he owed them the truth. They had shared -however reluctantly- their pasts with him.

"The truth," he said, "Tell them the truth."

The End.