Doofenshmirtz's- (deep monotone voice cuts jingle off) basement.

"Hello?" Norm asked. "Is anyone here?" Earlier tonight, he heard something sneak in and he wanted to see who the intruder was. The sounds appeared to be coming from the basement.

After hearing a hissing sound, Norm turned on a light. The guest was a snake that was mostly black in color, but it had several markings on its body. It had yellow hexagon markings that were from its head to its tail, small yellow bumps where it touched the ground, and various purple scar-like marks. It also had elongated red fangs that protruded from the mouth and a partially red-colored bladelike tail. It also had fierce red eyes.

"May I help you, strange-looking snake?" Norm asked.

However, the dagger part of the snake's tail glowed purple and it hit the Norm with it, causing the robot to black-out.

The next morning, Doofenshmirtz noticed Norm was nowhere to be seen. "Norm, are you still upset at me for the whole 'real boy' thing?" Doofenshmirtz asked out loud.

"No, sir," Norm replied as he got out of the basement with a light purple slash mark on his torso. "But this strange snake attacked me last night and apparently stole one of your inventions."

"Which one?" Doofenshmirtz asked.

"The one that looks like a giant ice cream scoop," Norm replied.

Knowing what Norm was talking about, Doofenshmirtz ran down to the basement in alarm. Unfortunately for him, Norm was right.

"Oh, great," the evil scientist complained. "Now I have to build ANOTHER Other-Dimension-inator!"