Alice in Wonderland was written by Lewis Carrol,

My story line is based on the 2010 movie Alice in wonderland Directed by Tim Burton.

Alice's P.O.V.

"Do you have any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?"


I felt it,


A sharp pain in my breast... It was like a pin in my heart


And my stomach,

I felt it when I had said FairFarren to the Hatter on Frabjous day and it was so strong, I had no idea what it meant...

Tug- (Or so I told myself)

To be honest I do know what it means, I had stolen plenty of books from my mothers collection of love novels, books called Pride and Prejudiced and Jane Eire,

It was heartache I felt.


For Tarrant, The Mad Hatter, how perfectly insane is my heart...


Though we are all mad deep down and it is those who hide their inanities that you should never trust.

But how could he love me, though he has never once been unkind to me, he has never expressed feelings... Feelings... Felt... Feel... Fill... Full

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

I wish I knew the answer for him... Though if he did know the answer what would be left to ponder, it would be dull without such a question in the world to

keep one occupied... Oh bother...

I am mad, just as mad as they all are both where I exist and where they live, I feel more mad as each second ticks by, I am mad about him.

Which is wrong, he's older then me though time is strange in wonderland you never age but feel the years on the inside...

There are days you could feel a hundred years old and others where you feel but sixty five some days you could even feel twenty again but you don't age.

Oh the wonders of Wonderland.


I have to go back. Now.

It's been a month since Frabjous day I had promised once questions were answered I would return to Hatter.

Questions were answered some quite quickly.

1. No Hamish I can not marry you. You may want a doctor to check that problem your having with digestion.

2. Mother I do not need to be set up for engagement! I'll find love in my own time.

3. Aunt Imagion your prince will not come, you need to talk to someone about your disillusionment.

Things were said too.

1. My sister is very good to you Lowell, remember that, I'll be watching closely, you leach...

2. Lord Ascot I believe it would be possible to create a train route to China as England has a foothold in Hong Cong!

Things were done too.

Lord Ascot and I devised a plan for China it would create such great opportunities for international triad!

There was a boat leaving for China in the morning and I was to be on it, however it was not China I am destined for.

My dresses were packed, but not for a boat journey. No. My journey was to be down a rabbit hole.

"But the best way to travel is by hat!"

I hummed to myself as I trekked through the forest, looking for a certain large oak tree with a rabbit hole dug underneath.

"Hear we are!" I smiled at the familiar sight.

I attached my suitcase to my hand by string so it did not get lost as I plummeted into Underland, Underland, Wonderland, wonder under...

Then I jumped in.

I hope he could find it in himself to want... Me.

Tarrent's (The Mad Hatter's) P.O.V.

Alice left... Not right to left for then I would have follower her, nor did she go from middle to left, middle being center and left being direction. No.

She is however gone from Underland even though I asked her to stay.

She came when she was small, not in size like little or also, alternatively in size like after drinking a potion which leads to shrinking. No.

When she was younger, little in age, small in years a tike, a tot, a toddler, my cricket. She was seven years old. She was also my friend.

She stayed with me for a day and a night for tea. We talked of riddles and rhymes and the best types of tea and cake!

And we met again before she left when I sang in court to entertain her, to take her fear away as she faced the Red Queen.

Bloody b'g 'ead, scarin' the pure wee lassie, I 'ad 'alf a mind tay- Mind...

Something I've lost... My mind.

I've lost Alice again now too for my friend returned as a big wee lassie nay a wee cricket...

I spent many days and nights with her, she helped me and I helped her, help and help alike, double help on both sides, much help,

friends help friends, friends help... Help...

I spend weeks with her as she prepared to fight the Jabberwocky.

I saw how she had grown into a beautiful lady. I'm a man, I could not help but wish...

But who would want me.

I looked in the mirror, I was pail and my hair was unruly and red, my cheeks were as dark a red as my lips, burgundy almost.

Not like her, she was perfection, I was strong enough to protect her as a friend my body was toned and well worked yet I was not enough to keep

perfection, I was the opposite of perfection.

Perfection, perfect, pail, pretty, pulse, pull...

Words beginning with P.

"What about Promise?" Said a voice behind me.

"Oh Alice! Have I fallen asleep at tea again? Or is it you... Or are you real? Am I real? What is real? I hope your-"

"Hatter!" Cried Alice but to no avail Hatter went on ranting.

"Real, What is real, who thought of the word reality, why does it describe-"

"Tarrant it's me Alice! And we are late for tea!" Yelled Alice taking Tarant's hand.

"You've never called me Tarrant before, I have not even thought of you calling me by name... Maybe you are Alice, you serenity feel like Alice."

"I'm back Hatter! I've finished with the Upland, I've come home, well if you would let me stay it would be my home, with you... I could always stay with the

White Queen if needs be and-" Suddenly she was cut off by The Hatter squeezing her hand tight.

"Alice my Alice wont you stay?" He whispered softly looking into her eyes, capturing her in his gaze and Alice was helpless she could not look away.

"Yes, I'll stay, Tarrant I will not leave again. I promise. I'll stay as long as you let me."

"Then you shall stay for forever not a day short, short not being in size but as in less or the opposite of mor-"

This time Alice was the one to stop Tarrant as she hugged him close.

"Thank you." She breathed into his coat.

"HATTER YOUR LATE FOR TEA!" Yelled two people from downstairs.

"The Hair and Malliumpkin are waiting for us, they told me to hurry when I arrived." Mumbled Alice.

"Well then let us rush!" Cried the Hatter taking her hand.

In one day they had touched more then they had in all their meetings so far.

Alice laughed as they left the tree house to the table for their tea party.