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Alice's P.O.V.

I stared at myself in the mirror as I was squeezed and pulled into my gown.

From the corner of my eye I could see a man who I found out to be The Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall across from the window of my chambers.

I sighed. My wedding was not supposed to be such a great affair.

My wedding day...

Half the kingdom was invited, not only my friends but the knights and maids, the servants and the citizens of Underland well all to attend!

I did not know half of them and nor did Tarrant, although we had recently found new friendship with Little Red Riding hood and her husband a great

carpenter and wood cutter in Underland on our way to the market one evening, Mariana said the numbers attending, even with them added to our guest

list, was too small! She told us that wedding day should be celebrated throughout the land as many people wanted to see The Champion of Underland

marry her love.

My hair was combed and my cheeks brushed with rouge, which I could all put up with! However getting into my dress with its corset and stockings clinging

to me and near cutting off all circulation was something I could not handle!

"Please Mariana! I can't breath!" I gasped out taking myself from the grasp of the maids decorating me and falling onto the nearest chair.

"Come now Alice! You are almost ready! Just a bit of powder on your nose and some shine for you lips!" Laughed Mariana as she danced towards Alice

with the products she wanted to use.

"Leave me be!" I sighed again slouching in my chair. I was nervous enough without all this fuss!

"Now Alice! This is your wedding day, where's your excitement!" Cried Mariana.

"It's too cold out for me to show excitement." I whispered as I righted myself for Mariana's primping and pruning.

"Girls, leave me with Ms Alice for a while!" Said Mariana shooing the maids from my room before returning to me.

"Are you unsure Alice?" She asked me seriously.

"Unsure that I am enough for him, yes, if that is what you are referring to." I replied softly.

"Oh Alice!" She sighed, "Of course you are! The Hatter certainly thinks so too!"

"We fight you know..." I said remembering all of our little tiffs, over noting allot of them were and some over things so important they had to be questioned.

"All those who love each other do! Think of your parents, did they fight!" Mariana asked me and I nodded, for they did.

"Even the closest of friends fight Alice." She told me taking my hand.

"I know." I whispered. "It's not that though that is particularly worrying me... I'm afraid I am beating about the bush..." I whispered admitting that our

arguments were not the reason I was afraid nor was the fact I felt I was not enough.

"Then what is wrong Alice!" Asked Mariana shaking her head.

"How do Underlandian ceremony's differ from Uplands ceremonies?" I asked.

"Do you believe I could make a fool of myself and Tarrant?" I stood from my seat.

"I should have asked before-" I told her, beginning to pace, "However I didn't want to seem stupid!" I continued, "Which was very stupid indeed! Now I am

out of time and we shall be late if we do not hurry!" I cried

"Alice... I wont let you make a fool of yourself, and I'm sure a mistake would amouse Tarrant to no end, perhaps make him love you even more!"

Mariana said leading me from the room.

"Now as I am conducting this ceremony I shall be off! Follow me in ten minutes Alice dear, it will be fine, I promise." She called behind her as she made her

way to the alter.

"Impossible thing number one, I am in love with A Mad Hatter, My best friend Tarrant Hightopp." I whispered to myself as I waited for time to pass.

"Impossible thing number two, he returns my feelings and I'm here to bind myself to him through holy matrimony."

"Impossible thing number three, I shall be married happily to somebody I love irrevocably."

"Impossible thing number four, I am making my way to an isle, at the top of which is my betroth, dressed in his finest kilt."

"Impossible thing number five, there is a big bonfire ahead of us all, this ceremony shall be extremely different to those back home, but I am not afraid."

"Finally, Impossible thing number six, the music has started and I am going to get married in blue, so my love shall always be true, right now, in Underland,

to my Hatter."

Sometimes Impossible things are very simple, but it's because they are simple they are very magical I thought as I reached my destination.

I looked into Tarrant's eyes, which shone as he smiled and knew this was simply the greatest collection of impossible things ever thought.

"I love you Alice." He said to me, taking my hand.

"I love you Tartant." I smiled back turning my body to face him as he took my other hand in his.

So very much... I am ready, for what ever and Underlandian ceremony may throw at me.