This story takes place years after the books. Imagine everyone in their mid-twenties. This story will begin with Clace, but eventually it will get to the good stuff...I mean Malec! ;D

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"Clary, honey, you okay in there?" Jace asked, knocking on the bathroom door. He heard the door unlock in response to his question and his wife stepped out. Jace raised an eyebrow, and she shook her head.

"It was negative...again." Clary said, sighing in defeat.

Jace pulled the redhead into his arms and kissed the top of her head as she dug her face into his chest. They had been trying for a child for almost a whole year, and still their answer was always the same—negative.

"I'm sorry, Jace." Clary said, and Jace pulled her at arm's length to look into her eyes.

"You have nothing to be sorry for. Maybe it just wasn't meant to happen." He said, and she hung her head again. He quickly tilted her chin back up and smiled at her. "Clary, I don't need anything—or anyone but you, okay?"

Clary looked up and managed a weak smile, though it quickly dimmed when she spoke. "I thought you said that you wanted children, though..."

"Yes, babe, I want children, but the only thing I really need is you." He said, smiling down at her again, and pecking her on the lips. "Come on, let's get to bed."

As Clary made her way over to the bed and pulled back the covers, she thought about something that happened a long time ago. Back before she and Jace were married, before they had bought their comfortable little home in Manhattan. Back to when she had stood in front of the Seelie court and had been promised something—a favor by the scarlet-haired queen.

A favor she had never used.

Clary sat up and shook Jace's still form beside her. "Jace! I know what can help us." Clary exclaimed, and Jace sat up, looking at her curiously. Clary quickly explained her idea, and while Jace was unsure at first, he eventually agreed to the idea and they made plans for the following day.

Tomorrow they were going to the Seelie Court.

Clary and Jace stood in the middle of the dirt room in the Seelie Court. Fairies milled about the Shadowhunter couple, either standing there smiling viciously or offering them food, which they refused. The Queen herself was sitting cross-legged on a plush pillow, leering at them with coldness in her eyes, but a smile on her red lips. Her guards stood on either side of her, looking ready to pounce.

"Jace and Clarissa Lightwood," She purred, "Many years ago you stood in this exact place. How young and frail you were; in denial of your love, as well. You had thought you were brother and sister!" She laughed as if sharing a favorite joke, then resumed her sly expression. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your return?"

"Well...Do you remember the favor that you promised me-"Clary began, only to be cut off as the Queen started to speak.

"Of course I remember, Clarissa, but you refused. So, what is this about?" She asked, her cool, bright gaze boring into Clary.

"Well, I would like to go back on my refusal. You see, we have been trying for a child, but I haven't...well, it isn't working. So we were wondering if you would grant the ability to bear children." Clary said quickly, looking away from the queen.

" interesting proposal. Alright, I will agree to help you." The queen said, smiling wickedly. "I grant a Shadowhunter who cannot bear children," She gestured at Clary, smiling, "The ability to have a child with their husband," A wink was sent to Jace. "I gave you what you asked for. You may leave." The Queen shooed them away and couldn't hold back a small, mischievous laugh.

Clary may have noticed the suspicious ways of the fairy in front of her, but she was overwhelmed by the thought of her biggest wish being granted. Jace and she would have children!

As the happy couple walked out of her domain, the Seelie Queen grinned again at the thought of how much trouble she was causing. Although fairies could not lie, they did enjoy twisting words and tricking people.

After all, the girl had never said that she wanted the ability to bear children granted on her, specifically.

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