Alec was six months pregnant when he got the text from Clary that changed his life.

He and Magnus were living together in the flat once again, and couldn't be happier. Alec had accepted the fact that they were having a baby together, and had to admit that his dread over having a kid was turning into excitement.

His husband had gone way over the top with baby clothes—most of which Alec had made him return, and was so in love with the idea of having a child of their own. He would go on and on about feeling the baby's presence every time they were in the same room, and worshiped Alec's stomach—talking to it, singing, casting spells to calm the baby when Alec said it was kicking him in the ribs, etc.

Maryse had made it clear that they were no longer welcome at the Institute, so Isabelle made frequent trips over to their place. She made it her mission to be the best Aunt any child could have, and was Magnus' partner-in-crime when he went shopping behind Alec's back for an excessive amount of baby items. She kept Alec up to date on the Shadowhunter meetings he missed, and what was happening around his old home, including Maryse's attempt to rid the home of memories of Alec, and never speaking about him.

Alec was hurt when he learned this about his mother but, being as they had never been particularly close to begin with, he could live with it. The first week after moving back in with Magnus had been the hardest, because they had to break the news to Clary that she was not pregnant, and deal with her ignoring them. Again, Alec could live without seeing her (in fact he quite liked it) but it was not seeing her husband that upset him.

His parabatai was torn between comforting his wife and being there for his best friend, and it wasn't until Clary had gotten over her grieving that he could finally visit Alec and Magnus. Clary had eventually decided that she could still be friends with them after what happened since it wasn't either of their faults' and their relationship was back to what it had been before.

Everything was going well before he got that text.

Magnus and Alec were relaxing on the couch, opposite Isabelle. Magnus had his arms wrapped around his lover, his fingers gently stroking the other's stomach while Alec ate from a bowl of maple walnut ice cream.

With the pregnancy cravings he had been having, Alec ate a lot of ice cream. Breakfast usually consisted of ice cream and toast, and supper was always followed with another helping of the treat. Alec hated eating so much and being hungry all the time and complained for hours about how much work it was going to take to get back his old body.

Isabelle and Magnus both couldn't contain a laugh as Alec polished off the bowl in record time before setting it on the cluttered coffee table.

"What?" he asked, not realizing they had been observing him as he wolfed down the ice cream.

Isabelle and Magnus shared a look before both stifling their laughter. "Nothing, babe," Magnus said comfortingly.

Before Alec could make a fuss, Isabelle stood. "I should be heading back home. Simon's taking me out tonight." she announced.

"Have fun," Alec said as his sister grabbed her coat.

"Not too much fun," Magnus added with a wink.

Isabelle rolled her eyes before picking up her purse. "Thanks for the supper, boys. I'll probably see you tomorrow unless Jace decides we need to train."

They called out their farewells as Isabelle exited the flat. They stayed the way they were for a moment longer before Magnus shifted and made to stand. "Come on, we should do the dishes now and have the rest of the night to ourselves."

Alec moaned in protest as Magnus stood, not wanting to move from his comfortable spot. Before Magnus could make him get up, his phone buzzed in his pocket. He took it out and looked at the screen.

Clary: Alec you have to get out of the city. The council knows about the baby and they're coming for it. The hunters should be at your place soon and they won't stop until they have you. Hurry.

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