Random host club dabbles

Kyoua x Honey

#1 His black notebook thingy

By: sweetcolabunny

"Kyo chan, what do you write in there all the time?" The famous boy Loliota asked him. The shadow king turned to the so called "beast".

"Oh just idea's, math and expenses." Kyoua hid his smile when Honey put his finger in his mouth and had Usagi handing down his arm, cutely.

"Can I see?" before Kyoua knew it, Honey already was reading it.

"Kyo chan, why is my name all over the front cover covered in red and pink hearts?" Honey turned around to find him gone. The Lolita smiled as he knew what all those hearts meant.

A/n: This couple is not very popular so I decided to give it some thought and love. My sister and I came up with this idea her name is bunbunbunnygirl or roxasxsora11 since she changed her name.

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