A BattleTech Story by RougeBaron

Note: This story serves three purposes:
1. The sequel to My Father's Friend by fellow author Ulquiorra9000,
2. The spinoff of I,Ke4ensky which features some of its supporting characters, and
3. The setting stage for the anticipated I,Keren5ky, coming to fanfiction 2013 (if ever)

At this point, My Father's Friend is drawing to a close. The liberty party has won the war and restored order on the planet Callone VI in the Outworld Alliance. The boy got the girl (or rather: the girl got the boy). All seemed nice and good. But they had one loose end: Rebecca Ghalan, the heir of the Ghalan crime clan whose marriage was ruined because of the liberty movement. Her leave for unknown space was not a throwaway. She would be back… with a vengeance.

Throw in a young brash Davion warrior, an ex Clan warrior, and two mercenaries with sniping expertise, and the world of Callone VI will never be the same.

Since My Father's Friend is in the work, I just put in the prologue as a preview of what is coming. When My Father's Friend wraps up, I'll pick up the pace.

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My Father's Friend and all its components are copyright of Ulquiorra9000.
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Hansen's Roughriders Headquarters,
Dragon's Gate, Bromhead,
Capellan March, Federated Suns,
November 15, 3077

Rebecca Ghalan hated Bromhead. The planet was dry and dreary, and the air was filled with dust, suffocating her as she breathed. Her skin felt like bubbling under the assault of the sunrays, and that was under the shade of the tinted windows. Outside, it would've been miserable. As a girl that hearkened back from a planet that rained most of the time, she hated being in a dusty world, an exact opposite of her home for more than two decades.

And she hated it when she had to sit doing nothing, waiting for the other person to show up.

The two guards at the door were the only entertainment she could find in the otherwise nicely-decorated room. They were taut and fit and their tan skin peeked from behind their uniform, something that Rebecca would expect from a battle-hardened unit like the Hansen's Roughriders. Her mind wandered, wondering how the guards would look like without the damn uniform. Tan, muscular, sweaty abs, glimmering under the hot sun.

The door burst opened, and a middle aged man came to her presence. He was sweaty and grubby, but the fact that the two guards quickly snapped a salute in perfect stance told Rebecca that this was the man she had been waiting for. The man that made her wait for a long time. She, Rebecca Ghalan, the royal heir of the once rich and prosperous family in the world of Callone VI. Her fury spiked up, and she got up to spit on his impudence, but she reined herself. He might be the only one that could help her get what she wanted.

"Colonel Wolfgang Hansen, at your service," the man smiled and gave her a courtesy nod. "Enjoy Bromhead so far?"

"I don't mix business with pleasure," Rebecca tried to answer calmly, but she couldn't hide the venom in her voice. "The only reason I'm here is to do business with the Hansen's Roughriders."

"Right to the point, aren't you, Mylady?" Wolfgang grinned, swinging around his table and throwing himself in the large chair with a big whoosh. "So then, what can the Hansen's Roughriders do for you?"

"For years the Ghalan family has been the prominent ruler in Callone VI," Rebecca started her narration. "Formally Callone VI is a duchy, with a royal family taking care of the administrative stuffs. But in reality, we rule the world. In the streets, Callone VI is controlled by eight ruling houses, and the Ghalans were the leader of the pack. It had always been like that for years.

"That changed when some bratty bitch decided to take control of everything. She brought a merc army with her and joined a rebellion against the ruling families. My family was decimated, killed, and robbed from its righteous royalty in front of my eyes. My family's assets were taken by the brat and her liberty party. I was expelled from my home."

"Then I guess you want your throne back," Wolfgang jabbed. "The Hansen's Roughriders have a strong resume of power play. We helped some royals reclaimed their right in the past. You came to the right place, Mylady. We can help you with the right price."

"Of course, everything is about money to you," Rebecca sneered bitterly. "I have a proposition for you. The Ghalan family was producing high-quality battlemechs when the merc unit attacked. I have the complete blueprint of the mechs for your review. You can see that they are built with hard long battles in mind. My family also built the mechwarriors that go along with the mechs. We utilized similar technology used in the Manei Domini. They are extremely tough cyborgs with resilience you only see in the Word of Blake death squad."

"Hmm… high quality battlemechs with cybernetic pilots as their brain," Wolfgang puffed a long sigh. "Then where will the Hansen's Roughriders come into play? For all I concern, you can do it yourself."

"What I don't have is battlefield expertise. My captains were killed during the coup, and what I bring with me are just scientists and technicians that keep the mechs running. I want you to take my army back to Callone VI and use them to destroy the liberty party. When they are all dead, when I have my throne back, the mechs and their pilots are yours. The Hansen's Roughriders can be the first mercenary unit ever to wield a Manei-Domini-esque army in the Inner Sphere."

A greedy smile sprung on Wolgang's lips. "Surely that is a very tempting proposition, Mylady, but I need to know what my opposition looks like on Callone VI."

"This is Jenna Alcatar, the charismatic figure of the liberty movement," Rebecca flipped a holovideo open, showing a brown-haired girl in her early twenties. "She is the daughter of the deceased duke. Her amy consists of ragtag local mechwarriors, a mercenary unit called Carter's Wolverines, and a FedSun unit called Royal Lion Lancers. At this point, they may have succeeded in seizing control of Callone VI."

"Carter's Wolverine and Royal Lion Lancers," Wolfgang took a mental note of the opposition. "Never heard of them."

"Good! Because I don't want anybody to hear of them after you smash them to bits," Rebecca's eyes flared with vengeance. "I'll leave you a generous tip if you can capture Jenna Alcatar alive. But if you can't, that's fine. Just bring me a proof that she's dead."