A.N: This is my first story, so, please don't judge too harshly. Flames are welcomed.

All Jacklynn "Jackie" Aday wanted to do was shop, sleep, and make fun of greasers. Not go to school with them, not interact with them, and not even look at them. But, as taught by her parents, things don't always go your way, no matter how much you tried to shape the path to your fitting. Jackie was stuck in an Advanced Placement History class, with none other than Ponyboy Curtis, her sworn economical enemy. She wasn't sure why, but, socs, like her, and greasers, like him, never got along, and she preferred it to stay that way. Jacklynn didn't want to have anything to do with the lower classmen, and they didn't want anything to do with her.

But, for now, all of that was shoved aside. Their teacher, Mrs. Rosemary Whitling, had assigned the two as partners for the dissection of a frog. Until, Jackie had turned a putrid green color.

"Mrs. Whitling, I can't dissect a frog, I-I-I'm a vegetarian. It makes me sick." Within a few moments, Jackie had turned around to reach for her backpack. Inside of the backpack was a small slip of paper, requesting her dismissal from the class. A few minutes later, Jacklynn's color had returned back to her normal, slightly tan, Caucasian colored skin. Ponyboy rolled his eyes and leaned back against the edge of the workstation they were assigned to.

"Miss Aday, the frog is already dead..."

"I understand that, but, that frog didn't deserve to die, just for people to poke at. It's not right, and only greasers would do something as cruel as that." As soon as she said the word 'greaser', Jacklynn whipped her hand to her mouth, and nearly apologized. Then, she realized, she wasn't sorry for what she had said. Why should she be? They were beneath her, and she needn't pay any attention to what they thought.

"Jacklynn Lee Aday! That was a very rude thing to say!" Mrs. Whitling snapped. Jackie bit her lip, and tried to think of something witty and true to back herself up with. Unfortunatley, nothing came to mind, so, she just shrugged and waited impatiently for Mrs. Whitling to sign her Study Hall slip. When Rosemary finished signing the paper, she opened her desk drawer and snatched out a different slip. A green detention hall slip.

"What am I getting detention for? I didn't do nothin' wrong!" Despite Jacklynn's whining pleads, Mrs. Whitling, however, didn't acknowledge Jackie's complaints and filled out the detention slip. After everything had been situated, Mrs. Whitling escorted Jacklynn to the door and opened it for her.

"Go to Study Hall until third bell, then you may leave to your next class. Thursday afternoon, detention, Room 563." Jacklynn didn't look into her eyes as she explained what she was to do. Instead, she gazed into the amused eyes of the silent class behind the door. Obiously, instead of cutting open dead frongs, they were paying attention to the happenings outside the door.

"Yes'm." Jacklynn left without another word.

Instead of following procedure as told, Jackie took the path going towards the library, but skipped it entirely, and instead, went into the cafeteria for second lunch. The second lunch was made almost entirely of Socs, like her. Jackie quickly, and easily, found a group of her friends. In the group, there were four girls: Anna Marcella, who was a tall, lanky brunette; Betty Harrison, a blonde, slightly fat, 11th grader; Stacy Harrison, Betty's brown-haired twin and Maria Leland, Jacklynn's best friend.

"Heey, it's Jackie Daniels!" One of the boys from her table called. 'Jackie Daniels' was her Oklahoma Roller-Derby nickname, and she absolutley loved it. The three boys, Randy Adderson; Robert Sheldon; and Paul McCoy all cracked up laughing.

"How'd ya get here? I thought ya had 3rd lunch." Bob asked curiously, grinning like a bob cat.

"You know how back in 8th grade we dissected frogs? Well, my momma came up with a note for me to not have to do it. Then, I said that only greasers dissected frogs, which is mostly true, y'know? So, after Rosemary signed my dissmissal slip, she gave me a freaking detention. I skipped Study Hall and came here to be with you crazy fucks." Jacklynn explained, rolling her eyes, and flipping her hair. "Damn. Hey, Maria, you got anymore grass? I totally forgot I ran out of it on last Tuesday." Jacklynn asked suddenly, turning to Maria.

"You know I do, kid. Can you come over tommorrow? We can do a bit of hash, if you wanna." Jackie nodded, and glanced behind her shoulder, because someone had bumped into her back. The only person that could've bumped her was Two-Bit Mathews, known greaser and thief.

"Watch it, greaser." Jackie spat bitterly, rolling her eyes and turning around. Two-Bit snorted and muttered something under his breath about her pants. Jackie paid no attention to his comment, but spinning back around on her small, circular chair and continued to chat with her Soc-y friends. "Oh, hey, Bob. Umm, you going with Cherry the cherry yet?" Jackie laughed, as did the others occupying her table. Jacklynn didn't exactly know for a fact if Sherri "Cherry" Valance was indeed a cherry, but, she was pretty damn sure. Her and Sherri got along just fine, besides the fact that Jackie thought that 'Cherry' mean 'virgin'.

Soon after, third bell rang loudly, signaling students to their next classes or activities. Jacklynn got up, collected her books, said good bye to her friends, and headed down the crowded, noisy hallway to Mr. Lerway's History class. When she arrived, she grimaced. She had forgotten that Ponyboy was also in this class with her.

"Curtis, Aday. Partners. Your assignment is to research the different types of Concentration Camps and write down notes that may assist you in your project. The books are in the back of the room. Go."

This was going to be a very, very, long day.