The Worst Day of my Life

This is my first fanfiction ever and my english isn't the best so I hope it's OK and everyone understand how i meant the things.

Summary: Andrew and Nick's life. Nick is Andrew's boyfriend in my story. They are happy but not for long. How far will you go to save someone you love?

Nick was packing when Andrew came into the room.

"Are you ready to go? We should've leave by now. My mom's gonna kill us if we're gonna late." said Andrew with a sarcastic smile on his face.

"I know. Just one more minute. OK?" he replayed.

"OK." said Andrew and hugged him tight. "I love you"

"Yeah me too. I love you" said and kiss him gently. "Go and wait me at the car i'll be there a minute."

"Fine. Be hurry." Said Andrew and took some suitcase and went down stairs. He put the bags into the car . While he was waiting for Nick, he thought how much Nick means to him. He loves him so much and happy with him. First time in his life he felt that everything is perfect. He has a great boyfriend and and the relationship with his mother is getting better and better . They talked on the phone everyday and she likes Nick too what is a real big thing for him.

"I am here" said Nick and jumped into the car.

"Well let's go then" said Andrew and started the engine.

Two hours later they were still driving. It was raining really hard.

"I hate the rain" said Nick who just stared through the window.

"We're almost there." said Andrew.

"Yeah of course just few more hundred miles." he smiled and then he looked at his watch.

"It's 7 P. M.. We're gonna late."

"Damn it. Now I hate the rain too." said angrily. „It is so important to her. It's her birthday. Shit."

"It's gonna be OK. Relax. She's gonna get it. Call her and tell her what's up." said Nick patiently.

"Yeah you right. I call her. Give me my phone please." said Andrew.

"Here" said.

"Thanks."said and started call her. "Fuck, there is no signal. That's great." said the disappointed Andrew and thrown the phone at the backseat. "This is a really bad day and I'm freaking cold "

"Do you want my jacket?" asked Nick.

"No thanks" said.

"But I don't need it so I give it to you." said kindly.

"OK, thanks."

Switched off the seatbelt and got off his jacket and gave it to him.

"Thanks, you saved my life."

"You're welcome." said a big smile.

"Now switch back your seatbelt."said seriously when heard the phone ring "maybe it's my mom" thought and looked at the backseat.

"Look out!" screamed Nick but it was too late.

Bree was done with everything and stared at through the window and watched how the rain fall down. "where the hell are they, I hope everything is OK"

The phone ringing cut her thoughts.

"Yes?" picked up the phone.

"Hi! Are you Mrs. Van de Kamp?"

"Yes, I am. " she answered.

"I am doctor Larson from the hospital and i am calling you because your son had a car accident."

"Oh my god! Is he OK? How bad is it?" asked on shaky voice.

"Please come into the hospital." said the doctor.

"I'll be right there. " answered and put down the phone. As the tears spilled down her face she grabbed her car keys and ran out the house.

I hope you like it. Please let me know. Should I write this more?