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I sat outside on the curb, watching the movers unpack all my furniture and move it into my new house. I left behind Mystic Falls, needing to get away from my mother and all the bad things that'd happened there. Not that some good things hadn't happened there. Damon and Elena were finally together, no longer able to deny the attraction between themselves; last I heard, they were really happy. Stefan took it all very well, even admitting (and surprising everyone) that he still had feelings for Katherine. She, of course, was ecstatic to here this and the two of them ran off together. They promised to call every now and then and keep in touch so that Stefan and Damon's relationship didn't fizzle out like it had before.

Matt found some blond bimbo to lust after and while it did irritate me some, I can't say I was broken up about it. He was the past and one of the parts I was deliberately leaving behind.

Mine and Tyler's friendship was at an all time high. We've both finally found someone, in each other, to confide in without being judged. God knows Tyler and I are the last people on earth who have room to criticize. I'm proud to call him my best friend. I was a little upset to be moving away from him, but I wouldn't have lasted another day with my mother. Tyler understood this all too well, so he didn't give me too much crap for leaving. I've been calling him every night so we can talk. I've been traveling for a couple days to get to my new house. The drive is actually only eighteen hours, but that's if I were to drive non-stop and I needed my sleep.

I felt a little guilty about how I'd gotten the money for my own home, but the satisfaction of being able to live on my own was too great. A guilty smile crosses my lips as I remember compelling the bank teller to casually fill my very large purse with cash. If it wasn't for the compulsion and supernatural abilities, combined with a wig and large wire rimmed glasses, I never would have made it out of there.

I laugh quietly to myself. Caroline Forbes: vampire/bank robber. Bonnie and Elena would definitely scold me, but I can just imagine the smirk on a proud Damon's face. And speaking of Bonnie, she and Jeremy are doing fine as well. It makes me giggle thinking about the look on Jeremy's face every time he stared at his girlfriend; totally love sick.

I take a sip of the Starbucks coffee in my hand and glance around. I'd chosen a house very secluded, but not too far from civilization. It was in the woods, but I think I'll like it here. Privacy was something I rarely came by back in Mystic Falls.

"Ma'am, we've finished moving all the furniture inside. Do you need help arranging it?" The boy asking is young, probably around my age; eighteen. I laugh inwardly at being called "ma'am" and pluck a fifty dollar bill from my back pocket. I hand it to him, "No, I've got it. Thank you."

He smiles politely and takes the bill slowly from my hand, mumbling a thank you. See? Why couldn't boys my age be like this in Mystic Falls? I shake my head and sigh, knowing it's wistful thinking.

The moving van drives away and I strut up the front path, up the steps and to the front door. I walk inside and close the door behind me, setting my coffee on a built in book shelf that sits in the living room.

The house was much too big, really, but it was the only one secluded enough to my liking. Actually, it was the only secluded one that was available, so I didn't exactly have a choice in the matter. Not that the house isn't beautiful, because it is. It's a two story with four bedrooms, three large bathrooms and a small vanity downstairs, and a decent size living room and kitchen. Okay, who am I kidding? The living room is huge, the kitchen and all the bedrooms as well, not to mention the Jacuzzi tub in my own bathroom. I don't know what I'm going to do with all this space. One room would be my bedroom, of course. Another one will be a guest bedroom, although I don't think I'll be having many of those. Guests, that is. The other two rooms… I just don't know.

But I did buy enough furniture to fill most of this house. I knew it was exceptionally large when I bought it and didn't want it to feel too empty, so I'd gone on a major shopping spree.

I take one more sip of coffee and then get to work on moving the furniture exactly the way I want it.

Two hours later, when I've set up everything the way I pictured and I've moved in personal belongings, I flop down on the couch and take a deep breath. I'm not really tired and moving all the furniture was like blowing feathers around the room, but I was getting a tad bored. I needed a break from running back and forth from upstairs and back down.

I sighed and gazed around. The living room was done. I'd set up books I'd had for a while and some Bonnie thought would come in handy and small things on the book shelf, the TV was hooked up and already set to record my favorite shows, the couch and love seat were positioned nicely along with the coffee table I'd bought and the windows were open, allowing a nice small breeze to whip around the room.

I close my eyes and breathe in deeply, enjoying the smell of the woods. Maybe Ill just take a nap for now and finish moving stuff around when I wake up.

I position myself on the couch, propping a pillow under my head when I hear an unnatural rustling of leaves outside. My eyes snap open and I'm on my feet, standing on the porch before I know what I'm doing. I keep my eyes wide open, scanning back and forth and straining my ears as hard as I can for another sound that'll give me an idea of where the first one came from.

The mumbling of far away voices rings through my ears and I take off to my right, directly into the woods. I use my speed to catch up with the voice, also trying to memorize the paths I'm taking as I go. I'll need to be familiar with them if I ever want to be able to rely on them.

And it's only when I come across two boys, probably a year or two younger than me, do I stop and call out, "What're you doing here?"

The jump and spin around, the one with the short cropped hair letting out a shriek. I manage to keep a straight face even though I'm laughing on the inside at the terrified expressions on their faces. The one with longer brown hair and brown eyes stutters, "We were just… uhm…"

"Just walking around, ya know, hanging out." The other one says, trying to act casual.

I raise an eyebrow and ask, "What're your names?"

The one with shorter hair places a hand on his chest, "I'm Stiles," he motions to the other boy, "and this is Scott."

"Well Stile and Scott, did you know you're on private property?" I ask.

I'm aware that I'm being kind of bitchy and a little intimidating. I don't really care if they were walking a mile away from my house, but I was far from the intimidating one in Mystic Falls and well, this is pretty fun.

"Are you a friend of Derek's? Scott asks suddenly.

I study him carefully and shake my head, "I just moved here."

Stiles raises an eyebrow and smirks, popping the collar on his jacket, "Well, in that case…"

Scott smacks him on the chest and Stiles gives him a confused look. I giggle a little bit, not able to hold it in any longer after watching these two. I manage to control myself and glance back at them.

"We were looking for… a friend, but he wasn't at his house, so we were searching the woods and uh… well he lives in that burned down house right over there, so we thought, ya know…" Scott trails off, obviously noticing the expression on my face.

"He lives in a burned down house?" I ask skeptically.

"Well… yes." Scott says. He's fumbling and a little nervous, but I notice the way he's looking at me. Like he might have to run or fight at any second. I think maybe I've already come across another vampire, but I rule that possibility out because I can hear two strong heartbeats. Warlock? Maybe. Werewolf?

I take an inconspicuous sniff of the air and catch a whiff of something foreign. I don't recognize it and while it doesn't smell terrible, it's not exactly a nice smell either. I look them over slowly and try not to hiss and them. Not knowing wasn't a good feeling. So I take a few steps closer and hold out my hand, "I'm Caroline."

I'm trying to tell which one of them carries the odd scent or if it's both of them. Scott takes my hand gently and immediately I can tell he's what I smelled. I can feel his heartbeat thrumming all the way down to the tips of his fingers. Definitely nervous.

I take Stiles' hand next and know that he's only human. He holds on to my hand slightly longer than necessary and I'm trying to keep from laughing again at the face he's making, trying to be suave. Luckily, Scott punches him in the arm and he releases his grip on me, glaring at his friend.

I take a step back and decide that I'll get nowhere with the intimidating, bitchy act. I needed to keep an eye on Scott and even if he wasn't a threat, it'd be nice to have friends here. I smile, unthreateningly, and clasp my hands together, but quickly unclasp them, not wanting to over do it. "So is this friend you're looking for the Derek you mentioned earlier?"

"Yeah. Have you seen any other people back here?" Scott asks.

I shake my head, "Sorry, no. Mind if I look with you guys?"

"No." Stiles smiles and I laugh quietly. Scott shrugs and motions for me to follow, offering a small smile, still a little defensive. I fall into step beside him and he asks, "How old are you?"


Both boys stop walking and gawk at me. I stop too and gaze back at them, an eyebrow raised in question.

"You're only eighteen?" Stiles asks.

"Yes." I tell him. How old are these boys? I thought for sure they were seventeen or eighteen. Could they be younger?

"You look like, twenty-three." Stiles says.

"You were trying to hit on a twenty-three year old?" I ask him.

He blushes and Scott and I share a small laugh. Stiles looks between us and then blurts, "Scott has a girlfriend."

"Good for Scott." I say and then turn back around to continue walking. I hear their footsteps walk a little faster to catch up. We walk for another five minutes before I ask, "So what does this friend of yours look like, so I can keep my eyes peeled."

"He's medium height, buff, dark hair, pale skin… scary." Stiles says.

I turn in time to see Scott give him a warning glare and I turn away again. Derek, suspicious character. "Sounds great." Sarcasm dripping from my words.

The sun is beginning to dip below the horizon and I need a good night's sleep if I'm going to have to register for school tomorrow. I decide I'll just pick up where the seniors are at. I heard school hasn't been in session for that long anyways. I remember passing the high school as I was driving in and this towns' small enough that I should be able to find it again if I just drive into town, but I ask the boys for directions anyway.

"So I guess we'll see you at school tomorrow than?" Scott says.

"No. Tomorrow I'm just registering. I'll probably start on Tuesday or Wednesday." I explain.

"Can't your parents just take care of that stuff?" Scott asks.

"Nope. I moved here by myself, no parents. You're allowed to do that when you're eighteen." I point out.

"Lucky." Stiles mumbles.

I smiled, "Well I'll see you guys later."

"Can we come over tomorrow?" Stiles blurts.

"Stiles." Scott growls.

"What for?"

"Uh, well to hang out… and stuff." He says.

I shrug. Why not? "Sure."

I walk away from them and back towards my house. I could use a few friends here and letting them come over will give me a better chance to figure out what exactly Scott is. His scent was sort of familiar, but for the life of me, I couldn't place it. I sigh as I realize I'll need to finish putting things away when I get back to the house and I'll also need to go to the store tomorrow after I finish registering and get some food.

I decide to catch a few rabbits and maybe some deer on the way home. Not that Stiles' and Scott's blood was extremely appealing and making me thirsty, but it'd be best to play it safe. I didn't need to go around biting people my first week here.

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