Pairing: Hidan x OC [Sheena]

Rating: M for extremely inappropriate language (I mean, it's Hidan), violence, and sex/sexual references. This means that this type of literature is written for MATURE people or an adult audience. Unless you are mature and can handle this kind of writing, please don't continue.

Summary: "The feelings are fucking mutual. Dumb slut." He gives her a mocking, patronizing look of sympathy before turning around, so that Sheena can only see his back. "Let that bruise be a reminder for you to watch your fucking mouth." Then he leaves, making a turn around the corner before disappearing into the darkness of the sewers.


~ Character Information ~

Name: Sheena Pfiffer

Race: A mix of Japanese, Slavic, Ukrainian, Gaelic...

Personality: At first she's cold and mean, but truly warm and fuzzy on the inside. She's usually serious, and extremely bitchy at times.

Hobbies: Running and drinking.

Age: Thirteen to fourteen years old.

Weapon: Extremely sharp and easily-concealed dirk.

Family: None.

Friends: None.

Story starting... NOW!

Chapter One

Filled with Regrets

Plip. Plip. Plip.

The same tedious sound repeats over and over until the girl wants to slit her throat. She is about to go absolutely insane, her eyes wide with fright and sadness. Desperate, she shakes her hands, trying to pull them free from the metal shackles that imprison her in the hell hole she is in. It doesn't work, so she tries to move her feet, only to experience the horrible feeling of being unable to. Not only does it make her realize she is physically incapable of doing anything, it drains almost all the hope she had for escaping. Struggling to somehow free herself, she pounds the back of her head against the wooden wheel she is bound to. She bangs her head against the wood until she feels light-headed. Please just let me die... Just let me die... She thinks, losing the will to live. She lies there for a few minutes, if it still counted as lying down when her body was perfectly perpendicular to the wet, tiled floor below her. Suddenly, she feels her eyelids closing. Pathetically, she tries to keep them open. Who knows what he'll do when she is unconscious. But it's unbelievably hard because it feels like she has a ton on each lid. Her head hangs down as her dirty and matted brown hair covers her face. I must look like shit... she thinks to herself, laughing a little bit at the thought that her looks came to mind first rather than her safety and physical well-being. Her will power to staying awake diminishes quickly. She knew that she needed the rest, even if it would be haunted with nightmares of being raped, stabbed, and tortured. She almost succeeds in falling asleep when she hears a hauntingly familiar sound of clinking metal.

Even in the darkness, the restrained female can make out the shadow of him on the wall from the small fire that somehow hadn't been put out by the slime dripping from the ceiling and walls. "Missed me?" he says as he appears before the fire, and she can clearly see the smirk on his face. He takes a few logs he has from the corner of the "room" and throws it in the fire, the flames licking at the semi-wet wood. The cracking sounds almost make Sheena believe that she can feel the warmth, but she really can't. From a brown paper bag, he takes out some bread. "Eat this, Sheena." The girl's eyes widen as she is suddenly revitalized by just the delicious smell of food. For the past weeks, all she could smell was slime and the disgusting stench of sewer water. He walks to Sheena and breaking off a bit of the steaming bread, he feeds her. Sheena's eyes are cast down, refusing to look at the horrible man who had done this to her. She doesn't even want to accept the bread he's giving her. She would probably smack the bread out his hand, but unfortunately her hands are shackled to the wooden wheel, and it's so tempting, her mouth is watering. It would be impossible for her to reject something like steaming just-baked bread from a bakery shop. She doesn't know when the next time she'll be given good food like this is, and so she savors every soft, buttery bite before swallowing it. For some reason, she blushes. She doesn't think he can see her cheeks flush red, knowing they are probably covered with dirt and vile, but she is proven wrong. "Why the hell are your cheeks red?" He rips off a piece of bread, but doesn't give it to her, waiting for a reply.

"The heat of the bread is making me warm," she lies.

"Oh." He gives her the bread, and she chews it a little more slowly. "So... You gonna' submit to my religion or what, Sheena?" The girl, who's name is Sheena, looks up and stares at him hard in the face, a little intimidated by the icy pink color of his eyes. Somehow though, she manages to keep her gaze. "What's it gonna' be, hotcakes?" he says, mockingly giving her such a childish nickname. Smirking, he pushes back her messy brown hair, his thumb sweeping across her forehead in the process. Sheena looks away. "Jashin would be proud to have such a beautiful follower like you serving him..." He gazes back into her eyes, although they're faced away from him.

It takes a moment for Sheena to reply. "Hidan... No..." Sheena says, her voice sounding soft, gentle, and almost frail. Hidan raises an eyebrow and the smile is wiped off his face. "No. I'll NEVER submit to your fucked up, deranged, horrible religion! Fuck Jashinism and FUCK YOU! You can just fucking kill me already!" she screams, sounding like the rebellious, strong-willed, and powerful Sheena she was. "Because no matter what you do... You'll never convert me... You can smack me around, rape me, hit me – My decision won't waver." She angrily stares at him, her head extended as far as it can even with her being bound to the wooden wheel. Hidan looks speechless and shocked, but it's almost immediately replaced with anger and frustration.

So, Hidan smacks her right across the face. It leaves her entire left cheek red, her face turned to the right from the force of the hit. "You fucking stupid slut... You're fucking useless. I should have killed you along with everyone else in that goddamned neighborhood. And to think you were actually my friend before..." He laughs a little as he exhales, making a "heh" sound. "I should fucking kill you." The fire behind Hidan, which has grown much larger, casts an ominous shadow everywhere. Where there is light, there must be shadows. Because of this effect, Hidan looks much more large and powerful from where Sheena is, who is shackled to the wooden wheel. It gives him an almost glowing appearance.

Sheena, who has already lost everything... Lover, family, friends, and the meaning for her existence and for her to live, spits back, "Then do it." She sounds hoarse and her voice is almost getting to the point where it would be considered raspy. The girl raises her face a little bit and her eyes, burning with sadness and an immeasurable amount of anger, glare at him.

"You'd fucking like that, wouldn't you?" Hidan says, glaring back at her with just as much ferocity. "Too bad I'm going to keep you alive and torture you until you're screaming for death to come." He raises his thumb and pointer finger to cup her chin, raising her face. Resisting, Sheena turns her face away – she doesn't want to see the monster her former best friend had become. "Look at me, dammit!" Hidan, frustrated, no longer attemps to gently cup her chin, and instead, grabs her jaw, jerking her face to face him. "That's fucking better."

"I hate you..." Sheena hisses, venom lacing her voice. She still looks just as aggressive, but somehow, from seeing Hidan's handsome face – Her hatred for him has lessened, and she feels remorse and a panging agony deep inside her chest. Why do I feel this way? she asks herself, although she knows she won't get an answer. It shows, too; a little bit of sadness peeks through her expression, and it's a complicated mix of abhorrence and pain for him, as well. It's mostly in her eyes, which look like they have seen much sadness, grief, and little happiness.

Hidan notices this as well. Why do those eyes look at me like that...? he says, feeling not necessarily guilty or sad, but simply curious. He had no idea why, other than that he was most definitely the one to blame. He stares at Sheena's face and sees what he has become, just by looking at her face. There's so much filth on her face her once beautiful pale skin can't be seen. In places where dirt isn't entirely caking every square inch of her face, there are tiny cuts and scratches all over the place. Hidan knows for a fact that she has bruises as well, and proof of that are the tender spots on the apples of her cheek, which he can feel. Using his thumb, he rubs her left cheek, gently removing the dirt and mire on it. He stops when he feels and sees Sheena flinch, recoiling a little bit when he applied to much pressure on that one spot. He had very aggressively and violently slapped her there just moments ago, and he could feel a little regret surfacing in his feelings. He shoves it down though. She fucking deserved it... he tells himself. "The feelings are fucking mutual. Dumb slut." He gives her a mocking, patronizing look of sympathy before turning around, so that Sheena can only see his back. "Let that bruise be a reminder for you to watch your fucking mouth." Then he leaves, making a turn around the corner before disappearing into the darkness of the sewers.

Sheena stares at the darkness beyond the corner, and her lips form into a thin, firm line. What... What should I do? she questions herself, her eyes cast downwards, at the ground. She bites her lower lip. Her eyes swell up and they begin to lightly sting as she can feel salty, sour tears blur her eyesight. Oh god...!

Plip. Plip. Plip.

This time, the sound wasn't because of water falling from the ceiling or a leak in one of the various pipes dropping into the sewer's waterways.