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Edward P.O.V

We approached the well-hidden base, barely making a sound a we tread through the undergrowth.

Carlisle went first, sprinting up and leaping on to the roof, nothing but a blur. Then went Esme, myself, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and then Alice.

There was a glass pannel across the roof, allowing us to look in side.

Wynter was on her hands and knees, her head leaning forward, shoulderblades evident like a jungle-cat about to pounce. Chains were wrapped around her wrists, and they seemed to have burnt her wherever they touched skin.

Her eyes were pitch black, worryingly so, and she was watching a red-headed woman hungrilly.

I caught on to what the red-head was saying. "It's ridiculous. She won't speak, she hasn't shifted. And she just... Stares!"

"Why don't we just put her down?" A man said, he had long blonde hair, pulled back off his face. I growled quietly.

"James, we can't. She's different to others, I have to know why."

So the blonde guy was called James.

Each of their minds were full of plans, all concerning my Wynter.

Carlisle got our attention, and whispered at an inhuman speed, "Edward and I will go down first, if a fight breaks out, you all come down too. Let's go."

Without a word, we jumped and smashed through the glass, landing on our feet on the floor.

In a moment, their were several guns pointed at us. Like that'd do anything.

"Hand her over." I growled, glaring.

A small, weak voice then called, "Edward?" and my head snapped towards Wynter. In her coal-black eyes, recignition sparked. "Edward!" She called again, her voice stronger.

In a flash I was by her side, shielding her from everyone else.

"Hey! Get away from her!" The red-head shouted, walking towards us. I growled, and Carlisle calmly stepped in her way.

Wynter looked very much like a lost child.

The blonde, James, seemed to come from no-where, shooting a rain of bullets at us. I stood infront of Wynter, barely feeling the bullets. I had to protect her, because as half wolf, she could be shot, and wounded if not killed.

He stared with wide eyes as he ran of ammo, and realised what he was doing hadn't harmed me in the slightest.

"I'm sure we can work this out in a civilised manner," Carlisle was saying, "You did take my daughter, my son's girl, and keep her illegally."

As he spoke I carefully snapped the chains, wondering my they didn't hurt me, but had burned Wynter almost to the bone.

What worried me further, was that she wasn't healing.

As soon as she was entirely free, I had her in my arms, crushing her to me, inhaling her sweet scent.

"Carlisle, let's get going." I said, carrying Wynter bridal-style, and edged towards the space bellow the shattered window.

But James wasn't finished. I heard him, suddenly behind us, and I gently placed Wynter on her feet, and span to face him. I lashed out a kick, my feet hitting, and shattering his ribcage. He flew back, slamming into the wall. His heart-beat faltered. I didn't stick around to find out if he died or not.

I pulled Wynter back into my arms and leapt up, Carlisle coming out just seconds behind me.

We all sprinted away, making our way home at full-speed.

As soon as we stopped, in the so-called 'Living' room, I noticed Wynter was unconscious. I lay her on the sofa, and took a closer look at the burns on her wrist.

I frowned.

She still hadn't healed.

"Carlisle, take a look at this." In a flash, he was beside me, taking Wynter's damaged hands in his own.

"Thats odd..." He muttered. "There's silver in the wounds, it seems to have caused a reaction. Do you know if she was allergic to silver, as a human?" He asked.

"No. She used to always wear silver." Alice answered. I glanced at her. "What? She insisted on wearing silver to the school dance, and I know that she always used to wear a silver charm bracelet. I guess she lost the night she was changed."

"The chains she was in must've been silver. It's burnt her, badly. Alice could you-"

"On it." In a flash, she was back with a bowl of water, a sponge and a pair of tweezers.

"Getting the silver out of the wound should allow her to heal."

The 'Should' was enough to worry me senseless.

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