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Annabeth POV:

Studying isn't normally hard for me, I mean, I'm a daughter of Athena. Please. But today, I couldn't focus. It may be because I just barely escaped from a monster. And I know this may be a tad dramatic considering the fact that the monster is named James, 100% mortal, and 100% irritating. He just doesn't understand. Huffing, I set my head down on the table, realizing it will be hard to even read a sentence of my textbook.

Why can't James just leave me alone? He continues to ask me out, day after day. And every day, I tell him no. First, I was amused and nice. The next day I was nice and polite. The next four days, I was polite. Then I blew up. But he kept it up. Eventually, I started counting how many times he had asked me out, and after today, I'm at 88. He's persistent. Plus, all the catty girls (who love James, and wish he would give them a second glance) whisper that I'm stuck-up, and how I should accept James, since he's the best I'll ever do. I wish I could introduce them to Percy.

But here's the kicker: when I told James that I had a boyfriend-and had had one for a little more than a year-he actually had the gall to tell me that he fully expected me to dump my longtime boyfriend (and best friend) for him. I slapped him. That was the first time I've seen him truly angry. Thankfully he left me alone for a day. Then he was back.


I jumped up, reaching for my dagger, even as my mind realized it was James. How in Hades did he find me?

"Lets go catch a movie." He said, like it was totally natural. Then he put his hand out for me to take and walk out with him.

"Get away, James. I have a boyfriend. I'm NOT going out with you!" I say angrily, picking up my stuff and getting ready to leave.

"Pffft. Its just a movie Annabeth. Who will ever know?" He asks.

"No. I will know. Besides, I'm meeting my boyfriend tonight. Bye." I say as I walk away, pulling out my phone to dial Percy. Despite the fact we call monsters when we use them, we manage alright. Everything has calmed down since World War III (as the demigods have taken to calling it). It was Friday night, and curfew was 1:00, as compared to 11:00. Percy and I didn't have any plans, per se, but that could be easily changed.

"Hey, Wise Girl." Percy said on the other end.

"Hey, Seaweed Brain. Do something with me tonight?" I asked, praying, and yet knowing he wouldn't disappoint me.

"Of course. What do you want to do?"

"I don't know. James is bugging the underworld outta me. I just need to see you and get away."

"No problem. Can I beat James up now?" He asked. I laughed, he's wanted to beat him up for me for a while. Actually, ever since the third time James asked me out.

"No, Percy, you cannot." I said, mock sternly.

"Darn. How about we just walk around. We can go out for dinner, or get a hot dog, or see my parents. Whatever you want. Enjoy the fall weather, all that good stuff. Play it by ear?" His proposition finished, he waited.

"Sounds perfect. See you in a few?"

"Yep, love you Annabeth."

"I know. Love you Percy, bye"


I shut my phone, rushed upstairs to make sure I was presentable and put my stuff away. Grabbing a small across the shoulder bag for my phone, wallet and other odds and ends I might need (like ambrosia, nectar, a dagger etc...), I checked the mirror. No make-up, check. Curly hair somewhat acceptable, check. Toss some hair binders in v-neck sweater, grey jeans, bright red ankle boots...cute enough. With that, I run back downstairs and sit on the steps with a book I had packed into my bag, waiting for Percy.

A few moments later, an awareness comes over me, and instinctively, I know that Percy is here. Looking up, I see him walking towards me, hands in the pockets of light jacket. Underneath the black jacket he has a faded green v-neck t-shirt on along with dark jeans and sneakers. His hair is still messy, made more so by the wind blowing.

Standing up, I put away my book, and walk to meet him, already smiling. When he looks up and sees me, he too smiles. What dorks we are. As soon as we are close enough, he hugs me tightly against his chest, and kisses the top of my head.

"Thats all I get?" I ask. He laughs and pulls me in for a quick kiss. We both know there will be time later...

"I missed you Wise Girl."

"I missed you too Seaweed Brain. Ready to go?" I asked, but noticed he was looking over my shoulder, near the door into the building. Turning, I followed his eyes, and gasped.

Against the wall, was James and a blonde girl kissing (kind of heavily and rather disgustingly, if you asked me). They were rather...into it.

"James?" Percy whispered to me.

"Yeah." I whispered back.

"Why are we whispering?" He asked

"I don't know. You started it."

"Oh. Well, aren't you going to introduce me?" He asked, gesturing towards the kissing James and Josie (I just remembered her name, after thinking about it a little. I'm a child of Athena. Discovering a name is not the most difficult thing I've ever done.)

"No, silly. Can't you see they're busy?" I asked using the tone of voice Percy knew well by now. With my eyebrow raised, Percy laughed out loud.

"Okay, lets go then." He said, taking my hand and turning back towards the parking lot.

"I'm never too busy to meet my competition." A voice said behind us. I sighed in annoyance. James. Will he ever learn to just stop?

Percy and I turn, and I speak first, because honestly, I am sick and tired of him.

"James! There is no competition! I pick Percy over you! I don't like you, and probably never will! Now please, just leave me alone!" I practically yell. Percy's arm is around my shoulder, and he squeezes me comfortingly.

"So you're James, huh. You're shorter than I thought." Percy said, in an innocent voice, but I had told Percy how touchy James was about his height. (He was the same height as me.)

James bristled. "So you're Percy. Well, you're dumber than I thought." He retorted.

Percy just smiled. "At least you thought about me. Now, just to be clear. Annabeth is my girlfriend. She has been for 15 months. I've known her for almost five years. This relationship isn't going to end for a good long time. So to save you time and a broken nose, stop pursuing her. She's mine." Percy said, at the end, he stood up straighter which made him appear even taller and more muscular (if that was possible). James cowered just a little, until he stood up straighter.

"Until next time, Prissy." He sneered, and went back to kissing Josie, who looked shocked, realizing she was just a prop. Poor girl.

Percy shook his head. "Quite the original insult. I've heard it and worse. Ready to go, sweetie?" He asked, smiling.

"I thought you'd never ask hun." I smiled, and we left.

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