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Annabeth POV:

The four of stood in a row infront of Ms. Harfton's desk. She stared at all of us, until we began to squirm a bit. I know, I know, I've battled titans and monsters nearly all my life, but this older woman gives me the bejeebies. Trust me, you haven't been stared at by Ms. Harfton if you think I'm exagerating.

Finally, she spoke: "I never would have expected this from you, Miss Chase. Nor you Mr. Lawson. Miss McGow, Miss Sonne, Miss Everboughn, Miss Levenston..." She actually trailed off. Percy and I smothered laughs, while the Kats glowered. Ms. Harfton regained herself: "Frankly, this is a surprise. And you." She said, turning to Percy. "What is your name, what relationship do you have with my students, and why were you here this morning.

"My name is Percy Jackson, I've been Annabeth Chase's boyfriend for a little over a year now, and I was here this morning to see Annabeth." He stopped, and his brow burrowed in confusion. "Did I forget anything?" He asked, rather innocently. James rolled his eyes.

"No. But I forgot to ask, where do you go to school?"

He gave the name-which I already knew, but I was scrutinizing the Kats and James, who seemed to be having a deep conversation. It made me wonder...

"Miss Chase."

I snapped to attention, looking at Ms. Harfton.

"Is everything Mr. Jackson said true, relating to you and him?" She asked.

"Yes." I said.

"Well. Now please explain what in the world was going on!" She said, sounding a bit exasperated.

And we all started talking at once:

"He suddenly jumps me-

"I only am defending myself against-

"I was so sick and tired-

"I'm so confused."

Can you guess who said the last comment?


"Mr. Jackson." Ms. Harfton said sternly. "Why are you confused?"

"It happens often-its his natural instinct." I say, then clamp a hand over my mouth. That probably didn't sound so good...

Ms. Harfton raise an eyebrow in surprise while James and the Kats look surprised then thrilled...They probably think we are fighting.

Percy laughs. "Thanks, Wise Girl. Way to make a guy feel loved."

"No problem, Seaweed Brain." I said, and grinned. Percy had a way to make everyone around him feel at ease.

"Continue Mr. Jackson." Ms. Harfton said.

"Well, I knew Annabeth had study hall this period for two hours, so I came by to see if she wanted to go on a walk-wait. You are allowed off campus during study hall, right?"

"Yes, Mr. Jackson. That is allowed. Continue."

"So, I texted her, letting her know I was there-

"But my phone was on silent because I was in the library, and didn't get the text until later-" I interrupted

"Right, so I was kind of just standing there on the steps. I could see people talking, but I ignored them." Percy finished.

"Alright, Annabeth, what were you doing at this time?" Ms. Harfton asked

"I was in the library studying, when the ka-the four of them," I said, pointing at the Kats "came in and started blabbering about I dissed James or something. They left after about three minutes, talking about some really hot guy on the steps, whom I didn't realize was Percy until later."

"Thanks, Annabeth." Percy said sarcastically.

"I hadn't realized you were coming, so I had no idea it could be you!" I exclaimed.

"So if you knew I was coming, you'd have known right away?" Percy needled.

"Yes!" I said. Percy grinned triumphantly. When I realized what I had said, I glared at him.

"Anyway, while the four of them came on to Percy-I assume thats what they did?" I asked, directing my question at Percy

"Yes-" Percy says, but is interrupted by the Kats.

"We would never! I mean-

"We did NOT-

"He totally came onto us-

Ms. Harfton silenced them all with a look: "Your turn will come girls. Wait. Continue, Miss. Chase."

"So the four of them came onto Percy, and in the library, James was assuming I was already his girlfriend, and putting his arm around me, and you need to realize, Ms. Harfton, that in these two weeks, he has asked me to be his girlfriend 88 times and counting. And he knew I had a boyfriend with no intention of dumping him. Anyway, I was so tired of his asking, that I...happened to have the Complete Works Of Shakespeare on my desk. And after her tried to pull me closer, the book, kind of...hit his face." I said. I knew I was sort of lying! But I don't need to admit to whacking the guy in the face. I should have known that James wouldn't keep his mouth shut.

"Ha! Kind of nothing! She took that book, after I innocently reached for a pencil and whacked in the face as hard as she could!" James exclaimed.

I swear to Athena I saw Ms. Harfton nodding in approval of my muscle.

"Fine. It may have been on purpose, but he is the most irritating person I've every met!" I yell.

"Wow, even more than me?" Percy asked.

"You have a nice, endearing way of being irritating. His is just plain irritating." I said with minor exasperation. "So James left, I checked the time, saw messages from Percy, realized he was outside and went outside to see James throwing punches at Percy."

"He swung the first punch!" James complained.

"Yeah, the first one to actually hit his mark." I said.

James glowered and his face turned really red.

"So James was trying to hit me, I didn't know why, and Annabeth came outside. In the end, I punched James in the stomach and stepped on his foot. He went down. I walked towards Annabeth, the four of them followed, then ran forward and attacked Annabeth. She fought back. I pulled Annabeth away while four guys pulled them away. I backed towards James. Didn't see him. Felt something behind me, turned and got punched in the eye. Then, you came." Percy finished. Ms. Harfton nodded.

"You four, pick a spokesperson, James, lets hear your side." Ms. Harfton said. Honestly, the Kats were bickering, James was giving some sob story about how we were all out to get him. I was so tired of it all, that I turned to Percy, and saw him sitting in a chair. He saw me looking, smiled, and opened his arms invitingly. I stepped over, and sat in the chair. Its alot bigger than it looks.

While James finished up, Percy and I snuggled. His hands combed through my hair, we whispered together. Every so often, he'd kiss my forehead, or squeeze me tighter. Soon, Kora began talking, and she used so many likes, I can't even begin to describe it. I'm convinced that if I wasn't in so much pain from hearing all those likes, I would have fallen asleep. Meanwhile, James glared at me, as did the other Kats. And Kora would glance over, glare, and continue. What is it with these people?

Kora finished, and Ms. Harfton sighed. "There is really no way to take care of this, so. You all have the rest of the day off. Stay away from eachother. James and you four, stay away from Miss. Chase and Mr. Jackson. But. Tomorrow, I expect to see you all here at 7:30 on the nose. We will be cleaning all day. I expect that there will be no complaints from your teachers about missing homework though...Dismissed." Ms. Harfton finished.

For awhile, we all stood there, dumbfounded. (Well, Percy and I sat there dumbfounded, but, technicalities)

Then, we all left. Percy and exited the building, holding hands, and swinging them between us.

"What do you want to do?" I asked Percy.

"Anything with you." He said, smiling.

"Aww. Aren't you a romantic guy!" I said, only minorly sarcastic.

"You know you love it." Percy countered. "Come on, we have the whole day!"

"But detention tomorrow." I said morosely.

"She didn't say detention." Percy said.

"She was implying it." I replied.

"Trust me, Wise Girl. If she didn't say detention, she didn't mean it. I know these things from experience."

I laughed. "Fine. Lets just enjoy today."

"Deal." Percy said. "Race you to the park!" He said and took off.

I had to laugh. How childish. But I ran after him. I couldn't just let him win!

I didn't look back at all, so we missed the glares that James and the Kats were giving us.

Oh well.


Ms. Viola Harfton sighed at her desk, thinking of those poor troubled kids. She couldn't believe it! Practically 7 demigods in her school, and they didn't know it.

Well, she amended, 5, since Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase were involved. Everyone knew about them. The Hero of Olympus, and the Architect of Olympus. They made quite a pair.

Viola sighed again, fished out a drachma, and looked around for a rainbow.

She supposed she had to contact Chiron about this.

But seeing the empty coffee mug on her desk, she stopped.

She would contact Chiron after she took a coffee break.

Dealing with troubled demigods fighting eachother wasn't easy.

Plus, she needed to plan how to tell James, Kora, Kenzie, Kookoo, Koala or whatever their ridiculous names were that they had godly parents.

That'll be fun.

Hades help her.

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