Mycroft woke up to the singing of a family of birds that nested in the park of his villa.
"Carduelis Carduelis britannica" he thought, enjoying their melody with eyes still closed.
As soon as he heard a soft moan coming from his right, he opened his eyes to find his lover staring at him.
"Oh, look who's here. Hello Myc, I didn't hear you coming home last night. Sorry I fell asleep, but I was dead tired".
"Don't worry Greg. Actually, I'm quite happy you didn't wait for me, since I made it home only at 2 o'clock in the morning. I assume your day was as stressful as mine".
Mycroft looked carefully at his partner's face; though they were both close to their mid-forties, they looked very different: Mycroft's face looked younger (probably because chubby faces usually get less wrinkles) and his hair was darker, while Greg was graying fast and there were lines and shadows around and under his eyes.

"Only bad cops who don't care for their job don't get old in advance" he supposed in his head.

"You know, your brother is a bloody genius and I really appreciate his help, but sometimes he's such a pain in the ass..." Greg admitted in a whisper.
"That's why I worry about him constantly" Mycroft replied, "Though I admit that living with dr. Watson is starting changing him".
Lestrade smiled, and Holmes couldn't help smiling back.

He felt so lucky he found himself someone like Lestrade, someone who could not only bear Holmeses's oddities, but also loved them.
When their relationship had started, they were both pretty scared and insecure for lots of reasons: both shattered and lonely, both with difficult jobs and difficult personalities, not to mention the fact that Mycroft was Sherlock's brother and Greg was almost his "boss", so they were not sure if Sherlock would have tolerate their love story.
However, Sherlock didn't seem to mind and their worries slowly disappeared.

Mycroft leaned down to kiss Greg on the lips, softly at first, but with an increasing passion.
Greg responded hungrily and dragged Mycroft to lie on top of him; he loved feeling his lover's weight on him, because it made everything - his new sense of peace, his renewed faith in love, his utter happiness - everything real.
"Mmm Gregory, woken up hungry, lover boy, haven't we?" Myc murmured on his lips: he slid his hands on the older man's chest, teasing his nipples at first with his thumbs and then with his tongue.
Lestrade arched his back in pleasure, pressing a hand on the back of Holmes's head to keep is mouth on his oversensitive nipple; as soon as Greg eased his grip, Mycroft raised his head to suck his earlobe and whispered: "Lift your arms over your head and hold on the headboard, honey; you're mine now and I want you to be completely at my mercy".
"Damn Myc" Greg groaned, but still did as he was asked to; there was no doubt the older Holmes knew what he was doing, 'cause every kiss and every lick on the abdomen and navel made the D.I. mumble in pleasure.

As he felt a hot breath on his cock, even though it was through the cotton layer of his boxers, Gregory closed his eyes and shivered in anticipation.
Feeling Greg shivering under his hands, Mycroft smiled his most obscene smile and pulled Lestrade's pants down to his ankles, then removed them completely.
Greg's cock was standing in front of his eyes now, hard as a rock, red and ready; Myc licked his lips like a starving man about to eat a Christmas dinner, then planted a dirty kiss on the top of Greg's penis.
Lestrade opened his eyes wide, then relaxed and closed them again; Mycroft licked the downside of his cock, teasing at first the base and then the tip, and alternating kisses and light sucks on the balls.
As soon as he spotted few drops of precum, he licked the head of his lover's cock clean and took it all in his mouth.
"Holy Jeeeeeee..." Gregory squealed, overwhelmed with pleasure: the mouth surrounding him was so hot, wet and talented; he clawed the headboard so hard he could hear the wood creak in his hands, while his hips thrust forward by their own will.
Mycroft started speeding up, sucking him with increasing force while he used his right arm to prop himself up and his left hand to caress and sometimes gently squeeze Greg's bollocks.
The speed and the shallowness in Lestrade's breathing was a clear sign that he was close to his climax; he removed one of his hands from the headboard and cupped Mycroft's nape for few moments, then tapped on his shoulder to catch his attention.
"Oh Myc, honey, I'm quite - ehm - close, and you probably should - mmm - back off" Gregory moaned.
Mycroft lift his gaze, making sure that Greg could notice his mischievous look, then gave a long, deep and dirty suck to Greg's cock.
Lestrade screamed, neck and back arching almost painfully when he tossed his head back and came in his lover's mouth.
Holmes swallowed his semen with a pleased moan, keeping on licking since Gregory was completely clean and then removed his mouth from his cock smiling.

"My goodness, Myckey, you're amazing! Give me just few minutes to recover and I'll be more than happy to return the favor" Greg panted.
"Don't hurry yourself, Gregory, I can wait; I waited for someone like you for all my life, surely I can wait few more moments" Mycroft replied with a wide smile.
He slid up, rested his head on the pillow and stared at his lover; Greg kissed him, petting his chin with a thumb for what it seemed an eternity.
Then he stopped, and spoke in a soft voice. "Really, Mycroft, every tiring day, every late night, every maddening feud with Sherlock and every horrendous crime don't mean a thing if I can spend my Sundays here with you. I love you".
"I love you, too" Mycroft answered, his last word partly hushed by Greg's lips on his own again.