The clock rung through the corridors of West McKinley High School, and soon they were drained of all the students whom had filled it, few minutes before. There was a silence lurking in every corner, and no sounds to be heard. No sounds, except from the soft sobs of the previously captain of the Cheerleading squad and the celibacy club, Quinn Fabray.

It had been like this for a month now, ever since it got out that Quinn had gotten pregnant with her then boyfriends best friend, Puck. When finding out who the real father was, Finn had left Quinn to deal with her mess on her own. This broke her heart, but she always knew, deep inside, that he would, if he found out she had cheated on him with Puck.

And Puck, well he was Puck and he had never been able to take care of anything but himself, if even that, so he was no option to raise her baby with. And even if he had been a good guy, like Finn, he still refused to have anything to do with both her and the baby. After she had told him about the pregnancy, he immediately asked if she was going "take care of it". So Quinn was on her own, and currently taking residence in Glee club member Mercedes' guest room. Mercedes and the rest of Glee club had been good to Quinn, after she lost everything she had, though she didn't understand why. She had been awful to pretty much every single one of them, except from the other Cheerios girls, and they had no reason what so ever to treat her way they did. Quinn had asked some of them why they did take care of her the way they did, and their answers were; "because we know how it is to be at the bottom. We know how you feel, and now you know how we felt." This brought an aching pain to her chest, but also a sense of relief. It was as if those words assured her that she wouldn't be lonely, even if she was alone.


Quinn sat inside one of the stalls in the girls' toilet, trying to get a hold of her emotions. They were running wild these days, and were shifty just like the indicators on the clock. She held her breath for a few seconds, in attempt to stop the sobbing, but felt it building up inside her. When she couldn't hold it in anymore, she let out a loud and heartbroken cry.

The sound of her own crying, drowned the sound of the restroom door opening. Not until Quinn heard the voice of someone speaking, did she realize there was someone in there with her.

Quinn? The voice was soft and questioning, but had a familiar ring to it. It was a voice in which she had grown to despise over the years in High School, but never had it sounded so, so, safe.

Quinn? Are you in there? She tried to answer, but the only thing that came out was another sob.

The voice grew from soft and gentle, to worried and slightly desperate.

Quinn, please, let me in. The voice almost cracked up, as if the person whom owned it was crying herself.

Quinn? It was desperate again, seeking. Quinn saw the black polished shoes under the stall door, and after some silent arguing with herself, she unlocked it and gave it a small push.

The face appearing in front of her had a relieving expression on it. Then a sad one.


Rachel Berry was a diva. Everybody knew that, and if they didn't she made sure they would. She was, like she said herself, "high maintenance". She was not popular. In fact she was pretty much on the lowest rang in the hierarchy at WMHS. Rachel had one dream, and one dream only; To become a Broadway star, and she would do anything to get there.


It was second period and Rachel was on her way to glee practice. Like always, she walked through the corridor with her head held high, and like always she was the victim of just another slushie from some dumb jock. "Loser!" they'd call after her, like she didn't already know. But Rachel Berry was not one to bend and break. She would take all the pain and loneliness and put it into her music. That was what made Rachel Berry extraordinary.

The blueberry slush ran down her neck, under her tank-top, into her bra and down her stomach.

"Fuck!" The small girl was not one to use words like that, but right now it was the only thing she could get out. Her dads sent her clothes to the drycleaners at least once a week, and they were too, getting tired of it, much like herself. Not that she could do anything about it.

She took a u-turn and headed back towards the girl's toilets to get cleaned up.

Safe inside, she walked over to the sinks, standing in front of the mirrors, staring into an empty reflection of herself. That's what she felt. Empty. Rachel drew out a makeup-kit and a cleansing wipe from her purse, and started doing the job. While undoing her makeup, she suddenly heard soft sobs from one of the stalls. They sounded familiar. She bent down and to see that there was someone in the inner booth. And those shoes, she knew whom they belonged too.

"Quinn? "She caught herself saying, and instantly regretted it. And wait what? I know what shoes she owns? That's.. weird, Rachel thought to herself, but pushed the thought aside. All she needed was for Quinn to be okay, right now.

"Quinn? Are you in there?" She asked again, trying to get some answer from the girl, but all she heard was another sob. She got really worried now, desperate almost.

Why did the fact that this girl, whom had tortured her through the entire high school, was crying, get to her? "Quinn, please, let me in." Her voice cracked up. What is happening!

"Quinn?" She grew more desperate now. Seeking. But for what, Rachel didn't know. All she wanted was for the girl to open the door and let her in. And she did. The door was unlocked, and pushed slightly open. Rachel felt a relief, but it vanished when she saw the puffy, red eyes of the beautiful.. Wait? No she did not just think of Quinn as beautiful. Sure she was a good looking girl, and Rachel had always envied her, but beautiful?

Rachel threw herself to her knees in front of Quinn.

"Hey, sweetie." She lifted her hand to brush off some of the tears running down Quinn's chin. Her thumb was rubbing softly the smooth skin of the ex-cheerios captain.

"What's going on?" Rachel almost expected the girl to throw a sneering comment in her face, but found herself surprised when the only thing she threw at her, was her own body. Rachel fell behind and hit the floor, but managed to sit upright. This was a weird scenario, Rach never thought she would find herself in, and it was weird that she found herself liking it. They sat there for a while, Quinn sobbing and Rachel drawing circles on her back with her hands. Oh my god. I am hugging, not wait, I am holding a crying Quinn Fabray in my arms. Quinn Fabray in MY arms! Her heart rate went drastically up, and she begged that the girl in her arms didn't notice. She hadn't felt this alive in months. Years. Not with Finn, not with Puck and definitely NOT with Jesse. No one had ever made her feel like that before.

She tried to comfort her. "Shh, sweetie. It's going to be okay" She pondered over her choice of words, but figured it was just a way of trying to make the girl feel safe. After a while she figured they needed to get up from the floor, but she didn't want to let go of the crying girl. Though she soon decided she didn't have a choice. Rachel let go of the girl and softly pushed her away.

"Let's get up and cleaned you up," she said giving Quinn a soft and reassuring smile. She took the blond girls hand and helped her get up.

"Now, do you want to talk about it?" Rachel dried away Quinn's tears softly.

"No" Was All Quinn said. "That's okay", Rachel answered, while removing her makeup with one of the wipes she had in her kit. As they were finishing up, Rachel stared at Quinn's face in awe, her heart beating out of her chest. Even without makeup and all of that, she looked gorgeous. She looked amazing, stunning and mover beautiful than ever. Rachel blushed at her own thought but pushed them away. They stayed there in comfortable silence applying new mascara and foundation. Not that Quinn needed it.

After they had finished, and Quinn was about to leave, she stopped in the door and turned towards Rachel. "Thank you," she said, with a grateful look in her eyes, and then left.