The truth is out there

Chapter 9

Xander turned into the familiar and yet never visited before yard of Singer Salvage. He'd driven all night after his encounter with what he had realised had to have been Gordon Walker. An asshole of a hunter that Dean had met a few weeks ago. It looks as if Gordon has moved on from vampires, and Xander was on his kill list which was just dandy.

Vampires, now there was something that Xander found odd. If what Janus said was true than the vampires from Dean's memory are the real versions. Dean has only encountered vampires twice in his life, and they were very different to what Xander was used too, in fact the second lot seemed more like people with strange diets than what he was used too dealing with on the Hellmouth. It was going to take some getting used too.

Taking a calming breath Xander forced himself to open the car door and get out. There were many alien memories coming to him as he stared at the old house of Bobby Singer. He remembered meeting Bobby for the first time when he was six, but at the same time he remembered meeting Willow and Jessie in Kindergarten. Even days after Halloween he was still having problems with sorting the two different set of memories in his head. He still had a hard time knowing if he was Xander or Dean, and had to keep looking in the mirror to remind himself of who he was. He felt like he was going mad, he really hoped Bobby would be able and willing to help him.

Slamming the car door Xander made his way to the front door knowing that it was wise to give Bobby fair warning that he was coming, otherwise the older hunter could be less that tolerant. The door open as soon as Xander stepped onto the porch to reveal Bobby with a shotgun pointed right at Xander's chest.

"What do you what?" Bobby said in his usual rough voice. Xander glanced at the shotgun and gulped, he hated that this was the second time in a day that he's had a gun pointed at him.

"Hi, Bobby," Xander said, raising his hands. Bobby narrowed his eyes.

"Do I know you, boy?"

"Well, erm that's depends, on one hand I've known you since I was six on the other I've never seen you before today." Bobby frowned.

"That don't make no lick of sense, boy." Xander let out a bark of laughter.

"Yeah, don't I know it." Xander said running a hand though his hair. "I was kinda hoping you could help me with that, Uncle Bobby." Bobby's eyes widened at that then instantly narrowed again.

"Who, are you? Only two people have ever called me that and you ain't either of 'em." Xander realised that a bit of fast talking was needed after that little slip, it had seemed so natural to him when he'd said it, after all Dean had still been calling Bobby that at Xander's age.

"My name is Xander Harris and on Halloween there was this spell and now I have the memories of Dean Winchester in my head, and I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm going insane here and I really need your help, 'cause I know you must have something in those musty old books of yours that could help. Please Bobby." Xander said in a rush and know hit him with his best 'puppy dog eyes' something he'd learnt well from both his memories of Willow and Sam. Xander had already decided that he wasn't going to tell Bobby about Janus, the demon or his powers, yet, it would just complicate things to much. Xander fidgeted when Bobby didn't move or say anything for quite some time after he'd finished with his babble.

"So." Bobby said slowly. "You were cursed by a witch with Dean's memories?"

"Yeah that's about it."



"Why would a witch curse you with someone else's memories?" Xander sighed.

"I don't know!" Xander said if frustration. "It was probably some sick son-of-bitch's idea of a good time!" for the first time Bobby cracked an almost invisible smile, it was only Dean's memories that allowed Xander to see it as such.

"That certainly sounded like something Dean would say, but Chisto." Xander rolled his eyes at that. He was expecting it, but really.

"I'm not possessed." Bobby just shrugs. Xander gestured at the door. "Erm, can we like go in now 'cause I'm really not loving the porch or the gun right now." Without lowering his weapon Bobby gestured Xander inside.

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