This is my first fan fiction story ever. Um...feel free to review and critic if you want. Yeah so enjoy, basically.

This is before Phantom Planet in Danny Phantom

This is between the first and second Iron Man except Tony never revealed that he was Iron Man and Tony and Pepper aren't dating...yet :)

"Pepper remind me again why I let you sign me up for these ridiculous 'Helping Hands' organizations?" Billionaire Tony Stark complained to his valued assistant.

"Tony, you need to give back to the community some how and hosting and allowing a student to intern is a great way to do that," she shushed him.

"But don't I do that already as Iron Man?" Tony looked around the Air port's terminal for prying eyes.

"Shh…do you really want people to know that you're Iron Man? It's too late anyway, you've already been signed up."

"Well of course. We can't just send the kid back home as soon as he steps off the plane. What's his name again?"

"Danny Fenton, age fourteen, from Amity Park," Pepper recited.

"So I guess I shouldn't take him clubbing?"


"Or show him the Iron Man suit?"

"Well it's really up to you if you want the entire world to find out that you're Iron Man because of some fourteen year old boy. I really hope you put that stuff away."

"Relax, Pepper. I had Jarvis hide the armor so the kid will have no idea, but it's still available in case something bad happens like Stane somehow returning or something," Tony soothed her.

She took a few deep breaths before moving her attention back to the terminal's gates. "Oh, the flight from Chicago is getting in now. Here let me hold up the sign." Pepper held up a plain white sign that read 'Danny Fenton.' "Oh I think that's him," she remarked as a boy with floppy black hair looked at them and began making his way to them.

"Hi, uh…" Danny greeted them in that awkward teenage way.

"Hi, Danny I'm Pepper Pots Tony's assistant. This is Tony Stark who you will be staying with for the summer."

"Nice to meet you," Tony greeted the boy, "Do you happen to be related to Maddie and Jack Fenton?"

"Yeah," Danny looked unsure, "they're my parents."

"Oh, they're good people. I met them at a science convention a few years ago."

"Let me guess my dad started blubbering on about ghosts and then shot an ectoplasm ray that made green ectoplasm fall on to you," Danny said knowingly.

"Actually, the goo fell on to my competitor, Justin Hammer so we had a pretty good laugh," Tony laughed remember the moment Hammer frustratedly left the convention center covered in strange green goo, "I'm actually pretty surprised though. They seem like very intelligent people, I'm not sure why they're wasting their time researching ghosts. I mean I don't mean to offend you or them but I won't jump into the belief that ghosts are real and need to be hunted for that matter."

Danny looked relieved as though he was happy he would be away from the ghost insanity of his house for a while. "Yeah but things always have a way of surprising you," he simply said but smiled at Tony.

Sorry that was shorter than I expected...