Chapter Two: Notes

{Yuki's P.O.V.}

Since I was in class 1A, I got to see Haruhi a lot, which was okay… But seeing Hikaru and Kaoru… Not so much…

I was just sitting in class, listening to the teacher go on and on about stuff I had already learned in America, when a note landed on my desk.


I hope this doesn't sound rude or anything, but what did you mean, 'I know a lot more than people think'?


I thought about how I should answer before actually doing so.

Exactly what I said. I know a lot more than people might think.

Example: I'm like Kyoya – yes, Kyoya Ootori. Class 2A, vice president of the Host Club, and best friend to Tamaki Suoh – the 'King' of the Host Club.

Anything else?

I passed Haruhi the note – her desk was next to mine at the back of the class – while the teacher had his back to us.

Not even a minute later, I got a reply.

Wow, I guess you are.

Uh.. How much do you know?

I began writing. This was going to be long…

Well… A lot…:

Tamaki Suoh: King of the Host Club, and the 'Princely Type'. He is in Class 2A, best friends with Kyoya Ootori, and an only child. His father is Yuzuru Suoh, and his mother [Anne-Sophie Grantaine] has been diagnosed with the disease, Systemic lupus erythematosus. Tamaki is half French, and half Japanese. His birthday is April eighth, and he is seventeen years of age – as of now.

Kyoya Ootori: Vice president of the Host Club, and the 'Cool Type'. He is also in class 2A, best friends with Tamaki Suoh [As mentioned earlier], and the third son, and fourth child of the Ootori family. His older sister is Fuyumi Ootori, and his older brothers are Yuuichi Ootori, and Akito Ootori. Kyoya is also seventeen years old, and his date of birth is November twenty-second.

Hikaru Hitachiin: He and his twin brother [Kaoru Hitachiin] are the 'Mischievous' or 'Devil Types' of the Host Club. Hikaru is in Class 1A, and has no siblings, other than his twin brother. His mother is a fashion designer, and his father runs a software company. His father is the only one that is able to tell the twins apart – except for you – even when their backs are to him. Hikaru is the "seme" of the brothers' fake "twincest" relationship. Hikaru is sixteen, and was born on June ninth.

Kaoru Hitachiin: He and his twin brother [Hikaru Hitachiin] are the 'Mischievous' or 'Devil Types' in the Host Club. Kaoru is in Class 1A [Along with his brother], and his only sibling is his twin brother. His mother is a fashion designer, and his father runs a software company. His father is the only one – other than you – that can tell the twins apart, even with their backs to him. Kaoru is the "uke" of the brothers' fake "twincest" relationship that they put on for their customers. Kaoru is sixteen years of age, and his date of birth is June ninth.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka: Mitsukuni is most often known as 'Hunny', and eighteen years old. Despite his age, he is quite short, and carries around a pink stuffed bunny that his grandmother made for him. Due to his size, Mitsukuni looks like he should be in Elementary School, but is actually a high school senior. Mitsukuni is the 'Boy Lolita Type' in the Host Club. The Haninozuka family is a family that specializes in martial arts, and Mitsukuni used to train others due to that. As a Haninozuka, he was forbidden from liking cute things, and eating sweets, because they believe that indulging in things, shows weakness. That changed however, when Tamaki showed up to ask Mitsukuni to join the Host Club when Tamaki went to the high school division. Tamaki told Mitsukuni that hiding one's true self, is weakness, and asked him, what true strength actually was. Then he gave Mitsukuni and pink bunny puppet before leaving. Mitsukuni's birthday is February twenty-ninth, and is in Class 3A.

Takashi Morinozuka: Takashi is most often known as 'Mori', and is eighteen years of age. He is very tall, and almost the opposite of his cousin [Mitsukuni Haninozuka]. Takashi is quiet, where as Mitsukuni is very talkative. Takashi has dark hair, and dark eyes, while Mitsukuni has blonde hair, and big brown eyes. Takashi is also the 'Wild' or 'Silent Type' of the Host Club. Takashi is rarely never around Mitsukuni, for he is very protective of his cousin – despite his martial arts training. The Morinozuka's have protected and served the Haninozuka family for many generations, but a marriage joined the families two generations ago, breaking the master-servant tradition. Takashi's date of birth is May fifth and he is also in Class 3A.

Then there's you:

Haruhi Fujioka: You are actually a female, though when you enrolled in Ouran, the school's students mistook you for a boy. When you were looking for a quiet place to study, you stumbled upon the third music room – and the Host Club [I pity you]. While trying to leave, you accidentally knocked over a vase that was to be auctioned off at ¥8,000,000 [8 million yen]. To pay off that rather large debt, you became a Host. If you could get a thousand people to request you, then the Host Club would call off your debt. Kyoya Ootori is always getting you to do things, by reducing your debt. You are sixteen years old, your birthday is February fourth, and you are in Class 1A.

I could write more – on all of you… But frankly, my hand hurts, so I'll wrap this up.

I assume that you are going to be showing this note to the rest of the Host Club during Hosting hours – I do not mind, you may do so if you please. I have some things to say to the Host Club though, so I would actually prefer if you could give this to them.

Kyoya: To save Haruhi the trouble, my name is Yuki Yamazaki. It will be extremely hard to find information on me though. I'm sure you are aware, that there is no actual 'Yuki Yamazaki', but I assure you, I was adopted into the Yamazaki family. However, I will not tell you my birth name, and neither will my 'family'. They are aware that I would rather not remember, and will not bring up the events to anyone – unless they have my permission. You will also not be able to bribe them, considering the Yamazaki family is one of the three richest families in Japan – right next to the Suohs and the Ootoris. I wish you good luck in your 'quest' for information.

Hikaru: I apologize about this morning… No hard feelings?

Kaoru and Hikaru: Though your descriptions were mostly the same, I understand that you two are different. You may be similar, but not the same. I know how to tell you two apart, and I can prove it if you wish. I already know the rules to the 'Which One is Hikaru?' game.

And with that, I passed the note back to Haruhi. She started to open it, but the ending bell rang, and everyone got up and headed to their extra-curricular activities, or home.


I know, I skipped lunch.

Oh well…

You people don't want to hear that anyways! It's boring…

And yes, I spent that entire chapter writing notes, basically.

Next chapter will be interesting though… The Host Club reads the note!

And yes, Haruhi is sixteen in this story, all though she was actually fifteen when the series started.