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Risako sat at her office, tapping her pen on the table. The nervous tatter of the writing utensil echoed around the room.

"Can you please stop that?" a woman hissed on her right

"I'm sorry," Risako mumbled to her coworker, biting her lip nervously.

'It's been months...and he still hasn't said anything...That jerk is still living in our house... although I don't see much of him...they're probably fucking when I'm not home!'

Risako felt her breath quicken at these painful thoughts.

'He doesn't care... so I stopped pressing the issue...'

The brunette exhaled sharply, furrowing her delicate brows, bringing her head down onto her arms.

'I hate this... I hate him...that whore...'

The woman felt herself tremble with emotion as tears fought to fall from her eyes. She was exhausted. All these months, after constantly bickering with her husband she just gave up. Hiroki barely came out of his room, and as far as she knew, the two didn't really socialize. She never understood what he was doing in their house. She was too afraid to ask her husband.

'Why is he still in our house? Where the hell did he come from?'

She'd often wanted to scream at her husband.
Hit him.

Curse him out.


But she couldn't.

'I love you, you dumb ass...and here you are, cheating left and right, not giving a damn... am I the only one who cares about this relationship?' For two years I've been loving you, faithful, when you hadn't given back the even a bit of the same in return.

'I can't leave you... I wouldn't be able to live alone...without you...even though... living with you is almost like being alone...'

Risako looked at the watch, exhaling with relief. She carefully got up, straightening her uniform, and politely bowing to her colleagues.

"Risako," the woman jumped as she felt a hand on her shoulder, "is everything alright?"

Eri, a woman with long black hair and gentle blue eyes, was looking at Risako with slight concern on her eyes.

"Yes, everything's fine! Why'd you ask?" Risako smiled, her eyes betraying the anxiety she really felt.

"Well... you don't look too well...you look very..tired," the curious woman tilted her head, offering a small sympathetic smile.

Risako felt like Eri knew. Everyone knew. The whole world could see right through her.

"Listen...is it Yoh? Has he been treating you alright? If he's doing anything-"

"He's fine!" the brunet hissed, "Why would you think that?" Risako muttered, looking around to see if anyone had decided to listen in.

"I don't know Risako but... you never look happy anymore," Eri whispered.

The brunet stayed silent. She knew that it was true. She hasn't been happy... hasn't been happy for those two years that she's been married...

'I love him so much...and he can never give me back that love.'

Risako stared off into the distance, feeling painful tugs at her battered heart.

"Risako...uh... I have to go but if anything ever- if you ever need to talk just call me," the colleague offered, giving Risako one last sympathetic look and hurrying off home.

'Miyagi's probably still at work... Shinobu...probably at his job... and Kamijou...still in my house,' Risako thought, getting her coat and umbrella.

The spring rains have plagued the city for weeks, but the young woman preferred this weather. It helped her clear her head. The air smelled of freshness, as Risako stepped outside. Her office was pretty close to their home, so she got there within ten minutes of walking.

Quietly, the brunette stepped into the apartment. Her grey eyes looked around, confirming no one was home. She tried not to make a sound to preserve the quietness of her living quarters, but suddenly heard some rustling in the kitchen.

"Kamijou?" she called out anxiously.

Hiroki froze, getting some food from the fridge. His heart dropped a bit. In all reality, the man had a strange, slight fear of the wife of his suitor. She seemed like she wanted to strangle him.

"Yes?" he called out cautiously.

"Oh, thank God it's you," Risako mumbled to herself, her cheeks gaining a slight uncomfortable blush.

The slender man cautiously peeked out of the kitchen, staring at the woman who had entered the apartment. He was holding a soup that she had made.

Feeling oddly shy, Hiroki appeared from the corner, "Uh...may I take this..if it's not too much trouble?"

"Of course not," Risako murmured, just loud enough for the "slave" to hear.

There was a long period of silence between the two acquaintances.

"Listen...I'm...sorry. I don't know why you hate me, but I can kinda guess...so... I apologize for the inconvenience," Hiroki's brows were deeply furrowed.

Risako's eyes widened at the admission. Even though broken, Hiroki always seemed like such a arrogant man in her eyes.

In truth, Hiroki would have never made such an admission. His pride would never have allowed him to...but that was back then. Now, with all the circumstances that life had hurled at him, pride, while still present, wasn't something that was a top priority for Hiroki.

Another thing was that he felt for Risako. He didn't know her. He didn't particularly like her either, as she had, upon their first meeting, made her dislike of him quite clear. However, he saw it in her eyes. Saw how tired and sad she was. Her husband was unfaithful, and their whole relationship had an air of falseness around it.

"I...I don't know what to say Kamijou...after I...heard...you and my husband I just..." Risako bit her lip, as she felt anger pent up inside of her, replacing all other emotions.

"Wait a minute...you heard? Heard what?"

"Kamijou.. don't mistake me for an idiot, please," Risako hissed.

Brown eyes widened as it finally hit him.

'She heard... that night... I was so...out of control and I let Miyagi...' Hiroki's cheeks flamed with embarrassment.

"I heard you two! And I tried..." Risako inhaled sharply, "tried so hard to just... let it go! I've tried talking to him, begging him to tell me the truth. But no one in this goddamned house would open their mouths! Everybody fucking knew what was going on and no one told me! How many times has Miyagi had sex with you? How many more times did you two fuck around in our bed, huh?! Tell me!" Risako slowly sank down on her knees, screaming, sobbing, and hiding her crying face with her face.

Hiroki's eyes widened at the outburst. He had no idea of what to do.

'What is she talking about? Miyagi hadn't touched me ever since that night! What could have messed her up so much? Is it possible that Miyagi had done this to her before...? With other men... other women?'

Hiroki approached the sobbing woman slowly, kneeling down besides her. For a moment he just sat there, as the poor woman wept into her hands. Then slowly, awkwardly, the brunet put a hand on the woman's quivering back.

"Don't touch me you slut," Risako seethed, breaking down once more.

The word pained Hiroki deeply. She knew what he was. Undeniably, somehow she must have found out who he was. However, he couldn't help but see where she was coming from. Being a man of deep analysis, he could see himself in her position. If he had been in the dark all these years, with a man who barely seemed to care, he would have undoubtably had the same reaction.

"Takatsuki...I am...I am a man of honesty. Come," he stood up, gently pulling the distressed woman up off of the floor, "Do you mind talking for a bit? I made tea..."

Risako glared at the man sitting across from her.

"Risako-san... I can't begin to imagine what you went through... I know what you must be thinking. Who is this asshole living in my house?" Hiroki chuckled awkwardly, "I am...held captive. By a man who is also in ownership of my...partner. Miyagi was kind enough to rescue me... and while yes," the man looked down uncomfortably at his hands, "we had...engaged in certain...relations... it was nothing too serious. And it never happened besides that one time..so please, do not hate me... I am a sad man. I really shouldn't be here but Miyagi-san has been kind enough to offer me shelter and so has your brother."

Risako was listening intently. She couldn't help but actually believe him. The sincerity of his voice, the distant pain that the slave expressed, really touched Risako.

"S-so, you're telling me," she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, "that you're somebody's...slave?"

"...Yes," sighed the man.

"Then how did you meet my husband?"

Here, Hiroki's cheeks burned with shame, "At a...club. He's friends with my master."

The word "master" really disturbed the young woman. She didn't know that such things actually existed. She hadn't known of the cruelty of the world.

"And he is?"

"Usami Akihiko."

"...I see. Is there any way of getting...away? And your partner was that man right? I remember him... that time they...took him," Risako finished quietly, sipping on the hot tea.

"I don't think there is a way...but if there is, I would give anything to do so. And yes, Kusama Nowaki is my...boyfriend. We've been together for years and then... we just ended up in a cell. Trapped like animals really.

The young woman started to see the whole picture now. The pieces fit together. This man, who she despised with passion, started to look...human to her. He wasn't a monster who'd stolen her husband from her. He was a man, trapped to deep in the vines of his life, that he had no choice but to grab onto anything that would offer him a way out.

"How long have you been under the...ownership, if I may say so, of Usami?"

"...To be honest, I have lost track of the time...by now it would have to be about a year...hah. It's funny how much can change during the course of a few months... this year...had really changed me," Hiroki said the last part to himself.

"I'm really...really sorry," Risako whispered, "the way I've treated you...it's...disgusting."

"It-It's fine," the brunet quickly said, uncomfortable with this level of intimacy.

Someone was actually apologizing to him when he himself had fucked up so many times.

"...I am the one who should ask for your forgiveness. I am sorry that your husband and I...erm...were together. I don't quite recall what had happened that night but I was really..." Hiroki furrowed his brows, "out of line. I knew he was married and yet...it just happened. Something came over me...I am also to blame and I have no idea of how I'll face Nowaki in the future," as soon as the man had mentioned his lover, his voice died down.

'I feel so disgusted with myself,' Hiroki thought sadly.

After a lengthy pause, Risako smiled gently, "Don't be so hard on yourself...Kamijou. My husband had...done these sort of things before...I guess you were just one of those who he took advantage of..."

Hiroki furrowed his brows.

'Taken advantage of? Had Miyagi ever really...loved me?'

Hiroki didn't know whether to feel pain or relief. All those proclamations of endless devotion from Miyagi's side had left their mark somewhere deep in Hiroki's heart. He had never been so pursued, other than by Nowaki, and it just made him...feel good about himself for once.


"Y-yes...Takatsuki...I'm really glad we were able to talk things out. I just... before I go...I have to tell you... I feel nothing for your husband. Please don't think that my feelings are mutual with his. I am, truly very sorry," Hiroki finished quietly, standing up, taking his bowl, and leaving Risako alone in the kitchen.

The woman didn't know how to feel. At that moment, everything was just so...overwhelming. She could do nothing but sit there as little droplets started to fall down her cheeks like spring rain.