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Chapter 40

Miyagi paced nervously around the kitchen, listening to the long, drawn-out beeps on the phone. Finally, they ceased, and he heard his friend's voice.

"Hey, Akihiko!"

"Hello, Miyagi," answered the master's cool, emotionless tone.

"...Long time since we've last spoken, heh," Miyagi rubbed the back of his neck, pressing the cellphone in between his ear and shoulder as he prepared dinner.

"Yea, old man. Where did you go? I thought you'd died out on me," Akihiko remarked, his voice muffled by what Miyagi assumed was a cigarette.

"Listen...I need to talk to you... this thing with Hiroki, it's not..." Miyagi's voice died out slowly. The raven scratched the back of his head.

He hadn't really planned on what he was going to say. What lie would return Hiroki to his master unharmed.

Akihiko chuckled on the other end of the line, "What, not good enough in bed for you?"

The elder winced at the remark which had so casually slipped from his friend's lips, "No, no it's nothing...like that. It's just that... I think..." Miyagi's brows flew up, as his thoughts finally clicked, "my wife is onto me."

"Oh is she now," Akihiko acted surprised.

'Well obviously she noticed... you can't hide anything from her," Akihiko thought to himself in amusement.

"Alright so when do you want me to take him?"

Hearing the indifference in the silverette's voice, Miyagi frowned deeply. All of a sudden, fury washed over him. The ignorance of the situation, the fact that Akihiko understood nothing of what he was doing, what he was submerging these people into...

"I don't want you to just take him!" Miyagi barked suddenly.

The man on the other line, jerked back a bit, hearing the harsh tone of his perhaps only friend.

"Then what do you want me to do?" he hissed.

"I want you to return Kusama Nowaki out of the hell you put him in," Miyagi said sternly.

Silver brows flew up in shock, "What is it to you, Miyagi?"

"Return him," Miyagi repeated in the same tone, set on doing what was right.

'I will make you happy again, Hiroki..'

"Miyagi, what's with you? You haven't called at all in weeks, and now you're just demanding that I return this fucker who really screwed me over-"

Miyagi looked around the room and making sure nobody was in the room, he whispered, "Hiroki is miserable, man. He's not eating, not speaking, and frankly, I am worried sick about him. I-"

"Do you still love him?" Akihiko asked suddenly

"Yes," Miyagi asked, his cheeks flushing a bit at how fast the response came out of him.

"...I see... So you love him too much to keep him, is that it?" Akihiko smirked, shaking his head. His friend was so easy to read more often times than not.

"Uh...Akihiko, don't sound so..." Miyagi trailed off again, not really sure of what to say to his condescending friend.

"I knew it," Akihiko said surely, lighting another cigarette, "You know... you're such a romantic at heart," suddenly his tone darkened, "Playing matchmaker for my property? I bet you Hiroki's the one who convinced you to ask me to bring Kusama back, didn't he?"

"Well... not-"

"Did he not?" Akihiko asked innocently, fuming on the inside, "Since when are you such a fucking angel, huh?!"

"I'm not, but I see how much Hiroki's suffering...And Nowaki... I can't even fathom on what's going on with him... or if you're even keeping track of him at this point. I just... what are you even doing anymore, man? You don't need this..." Miyagi grew quiet as he heard Akihiko's uneven breathing over the line.

The silver-haired man put his hand to his mouth, his cigarette falling to the floor. His own best friend was telling him this.

'What are you doing Yoh, stop it...Stop trying to break through to me...'

"Don't you have that Misaki kid now? What's up with him? Didn't you tell me that you were in love with him?What happened to that? You're spending all your time hating the world, when the solution is right in front of you! Open your eyes, Akihiko! Go after him, and make him yours! Find a fucking purpose in life, man and stop focusing all your rage on these people!"

"I thought you were different. I thought you'd understand," Akihiko grit his teeth.

"I did! But I didn't really understand what you were doing to these people!"

"...You think I don't understand? You think," Akihiko seethed, "that I don't fucking understand?"

Miyagi furrowed his brows, "Well obviously not. I don't see you letting them go," the man pointed out carefully.

Akihiko swallowed thickly, "Listen, I have to go...I'll...talk to you soon."

Miyagi panicked, "W-wait! What about Kamijou and Kusama!?"

"What about them," Akihiko's voice was starting to break.

"Bring them back to you...they deserve to be with each other..." Miyagi felt a pang in his heart, "they really do."

"...I have to think about it. Bye."

"Wait! What is there to think about?!" Miyagi asked, exasperated.

"I made a deal with Kanou... I can't just take Nowaki back... and plus, why the fuck would I? That whore-"

"You made him a whore, Akihiko," Miyagi stated coldly.

"Good bye Miyagi," Akihiko hissed, hitting the "end call" button.

Miyagi rolled his eyes, turning around to go back into his room. His heart dropped as he saw Hiroki standing behind him.

The brunet was trembling, his lean frame hunched over, as if he looked down on the ground.

"Th-thank you," the brunet whispered, fighting back the tears that swelled in his eyes.

In his many years of existence, Hiroki had never seen a stranger's kindness as he had today. He was going home...home to his cell, but there was a chance that Nowaki was going to be there.

'He sacrificed his love for me for me to be happy...happy...That's the first time I really felt this way since I've seen Nowaki...What a cherishable feeling it is...'

"Hiroki, how much of that did you hear?" Miyagi spoke quietly.

"All of it," Hiroki said, his voice shaky.

The two men stood staring at each other, each slightly bewildered.

"Hiroki, I'm trying so hard...trying to fix the mistake of taking you...I'm sorry. I was really selfish. I didn't think about your feelings. When I first saw you, I became so infatuated with you that I just lost my mind," Miyagi struggled with his words, feeling guilt clash over him.

Hiroki stood there, cheeks blazing, embarrassed out of his mind.

"Stop, stop Miyagi! I- I'm not a person who you should be apologizing to! You...you saved me! You took me out of Akihiko's grasp and gave me a normal-or at least a more normal life at your home! I am sorry, because you've devoted yourself to me and I can't return those feelings," Hiroki paused, when a revelation hit him, "We've already had this conversation," he chuckled, "And even so, I had to say that once more. Your life is miserable, I know, I see it. But give him a chance," Hiroki smiled sympathetically.

The black-haired man's brows flew up in surprise.

"Yea, Shinobu really likes you. I see it in his eyes. And even though he's very young, I feel that his feelings might be genuine. And while I'm in no way encouraging teacher-student affairs, I just think-"

Hiroki was cut off, as Miyagi's lips connected with his for a brief moment. Miyagi's kiss was gentle, kind, longing, and a farewell notice.

As soon as Miyagi separated his lips from Hiroki, his face reddened immensely, "I-I-I'm so, so sorry! I couldn't...you just... I really am in love with you."

Hiroki smiled sadly at the man who had so unreasonably fallen in love with him, "I'm really not worthy of your love..."

Miyagi swallowed thickly, "I will call Akihiko tomorrow and ask him if he's made up his mind. Regardless, I'm getting you and your giant back together," Miyagi said seriously.

"Thank you," Hiroki said sincerely, looking into the sad, blue pools of Miyagi's stormy eyes.

"Don't thank me... I should have done it a long time ago...my selfishness-"

"We are all selfish more often than not," Hiroki smiled at Miyagi.

"Listen... Hiroki...when you leave I-"

"You better keep me updated Miyagi! Tell me all about how that brat's plans to dominate you end up," Hiroki chuckled, seeing Miyagi's face light up.

"I really do love you," Miyagi said quietly.

"I know," Hiroki said sadly, and went around Miyagi to taste whatever he was making in the pot.

"Vegetable congee, just for you," Miyagi said quickly.

"Thank you," Hiroki hummed as he approved the delicious rice porridge, "Hmm... I bet Risako will be ecstatic when she learns I'm leaving," the brunet mused.

"Let's wait till tomorrow. You never know with Akihiko," the elder warned.

"True. Alright! I think it's ready. Do you want me to call Risako and Shinobu to dinner?"

"Shinobu's not here," Miyagi said, his voice growing cold.

"Really? Then where the hell is he?"

"Out," Miyagi said curtly, moving out of the kitchen as a sudden rage consumed him.

Hiroki was left in the kitchen as he stared, concerned at Miyagi.