Hello you Big Time Rush fans! I got this little idea while I was on an airplane... I know, I know. But anyway, I'm gonna try to make Logan and Camille stay together! ^.^

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A week ago, I wasn't here. Heck, I wouldn't have imagined that I'd be here. But here I was on this airplane heading to Hollywood, California. I picked at my nails nervously, waiting for the plane to take off. I never thought I'd be here though. I never thought of myself as a singer or anything remotely close to that. I dropped my head and grinned to myself thinking about how lucky my friends and I had gotten. We all had a gift that could be shared with the world, yet none of us knew- except for James. I laughed a little and looked up now. I was truly blessed to be given this kind of opportunity knowing that not everyone could get it. I smiled now and looked over at my friends. Kendall and Carlos were clearly arguing over something since both of them looked angry and James was trying to calm them down. I was kind of happy that I got a separate seat away from them. No one took the seat next to me so I pulled my backpack from under the seat in front of me and placed in the empty seat. I stretched my legs and unzipped my bag. I grabbed one of my favorite books out of the bag and opened it to the first page. I put my glasses on and started glancing down at the page until a voice caught my attention.

"Excuse me, my seat is right there." a sweet, melodic voice said as I looked up. It was a girl that looked about my age. Her chocolate brown hair was swooped up in a loose side ponytail and her brown eyes glistened as the lights overhead shined down on her. She had a perfect pale complexion and a beauty mark above her lip. She was just the image of perfection to me as I started to stand and pick my bag up. She smiled at me and slid past me easily. She took the seat that my backpack was in as I sat down in my aisle seat, sliding my bag pack under the seat in front of me. I kept my head down as she buckled her seat belt. I then felt her eyes on me as I started to read again.

"You going to Hollywood?" she asked with a bright smile. I grinned and took my glasses off.

"Yeah, I am. Are you?" I asked quietly, putting my book away. I knew that this was going to be the start of a long conversation.

"Yeah I am. I'm an actress." she said with a proud smile on her face. I couldn't help but smile at her confidence.

"That's really cool. I always wanted to act, but my parents wouldn't pay for lessons." I said, becoming more engaged in our developing conversation. She looked kind of confused now.

"What are you going to Hollywood for, then? You look like an actor." she said with a curious smirk that made my face turn red.

"I sing..." I almost whispered, looking around now. Her eyes lit up as a wide smile spread across her face.

"Oh my God, that's so awesome!" she started as I smiled, relieved by her reaction. I thought she was just going to nod and looked away like it wasn't a big deal. "I'm Camille." she said with a cute grin.

"I'm Logan." I said, extending a hand toward her. She took it in hers and shook it.

"Nice to meet you, Logan." she said with that bright smile again. There was something about this girl that I really liked. I began to think of more things to talk about but the flight was about to take off. She stared at the flight attendants showing us what to do during an emergency. I couldn't take my eyes off of this girl as the pilot was talking. She was just too perfect. I hope this flight goes by fast.

Two hours passed and I was bored to death. Camille and I hadn't spoken a word to each other since we took off. Well, this is my first airplane ride so take off was... life changing, to say the least. Camille had to calm me down since I wasn't used to this and she was. I could hear the guys laughing at me as this happened. I didn't throw up though, so that was good. I had been reading my book and it got to a slow part, so I closed it and looked over to Camille. She was staring at her iPod touch, watching some kind of movie. Her calm face was slightly grinning and her eyes twinkled in the light that was given off by the device. I felt my heart skip a beat, then came back to reality. I had just met this girl today and I'm already thinking I'm in love with her. I sighed and slouched in my seat. I glance over at the guys and my eyes widen. They all managed to fall asleep. Kendall's face was pressed against the window with drool on his chin, Carlos was slumped over the pull out table with his hood on his head, and James was leaning against the seat in front of him as his face was being smushed. He kind of looked like a fish. I smiled at them then turned my focus back to the seat in front me. I tried my hardest not to glance at Camille or my eyes would be stuck there. I look down at the screen of her iTouch. I can just tell that it's some kind of chick flick and I look away. I rest my head on the seat in front of me and sighed, getting Camille's attention.

"You okay, Logan? You look tired." she pointed out pausing her movie and removing one ear bud. My head shoots up and turns in her direction.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I lie, clearly tired. My eye lids were getting heavy as she removed her other ear bud and sat up straight.

"Do you wanna rest your head?" she asks, concerned.

"Yeah, that would be nice." I smile and turn the switch to let the pull out table fall. She stops it and I look at her, confused. I tilt my head as I wait for an explanation.

"That's not what I meant, silly!" she exclaims as she turns to switch to secure the table. I still stare at her confused until she wraps her hand around my neck and tugs on me. I feel my face becoming red as she rests my head on her shoulder. I feel her smile as I start to get comfortable.

"Oh... This feels better than the table." I whisper as I try to snuggle closer. She grins and nods.

"Your face is like, really hot though. Are you running a fever?" she asked, with a hint of concern in her voice. After she asked me that, I felt my face become hotter. She looked down at me and saw that I was blushing. She smiled wide and patted my head.

"Someone's a little nervous." she said as she relaxed into her seat. I stay silent as she giggles and wraps an arm around my waist. I wrap my arms around her waist loosely and look up at her to seek her approval. She nodded and grinned with a slight blush as well. I get even more comfortable as I close my eyes. I can't believe this is all happening, really. I get to go to Hollywood with a record deal with my best friends AND I meet a girl. This is pretty sweet. I feel Camille drifting off into sleep since her head is rested on mine and her breathing slowed down. I relax more and end up falling asleep on her shoulder.

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