Ohai! I did this for a LJ community, even though the challenge is over, sadly. I haven't been able to finish my collection of AgaFuji ;n; Oh well. Sket Dance has been my obsession for a while now, even since reading the manga, and watching the anime as well-the series never fails to send chills down my spine! It's filled with greatness. I love the fandom *_*
And especially this pairing! Hehe, this pairing is my OTP~

Anyhow, part of my AgaFuji 30 kisses 8D Enjoy~

Blame it on the heat

It wasn't normal for him to be loitering about the club room on such a hot day. The sun had been beating upon him for the past few hours, and the club room felt like a sauna. The heat was making him extremely irritated, and he was almost ready to pull out all of his hair. The room was empty, at most, and with his own existence as the leader of Sket Dan, he'd have nothing better to do on this very hot day. Pushing past the doors of the club room, he strode down the halls, just letting his feet take him wherever they ended up taking him.

Although he wasn't expecting that his feet would just automatically stop on front of the student counsel room. He had stared at the door for a good thirty seconds when he decided to just turn around and walk the other way, back into the club room. By the time he had reached the club room, he had found the door half-open, and curious as he was, he peeked in, and saw that the student president, Agata was in there, looking like he was undergoing a meltdown.

"Oi," Yusuke's voice picked up, although it was barely audible due to the immense heat. But, luckily, the other occupant of the club room had heard him, and as lousy as he looked, he stomped over and had Yusuke pinned against the door, looking mighty infuriated at the shorter boy. "Oi, I said, what are you-"

Before Yusuke had the chance to finish his sentence, Agata already had his lips pressed against the younger boy's in a sloppy, opened-mouthed kiss. Yusuke was trying to fight off the taller male, desperately trying to push the other away—it was damned hot in the room, he didn't need the other make it worse for him—but to no avail, Agata's body was tightly pressed against his, as he felt the other's leg inch up between his, earning the older male a soft moan. As weak as his arms were, he finally managed to push the other away with a swift elbow jab against the older male's stomach, as he covered his mouth with a hard glare.

With an accusing finger pointed at Agata, he proceeded to complaining, "it's freaking thirty eight degrees in this room right now," Yusuke started, his voice lathered with irritation, "do you want to make it even hotter?" He had grumbled the last part, which put a satisfied smirk on Agata's lips.

"Blame it on the heat," Agata smirked at the other before he gave the other's unsuspecting lips a light kiss, and walked out of the room, feeling totally refreshed. While on the other hand, Yusuke was in his heated sauna club room, screaming like a hooligan for being taken advantage of, by his hateful boyfriend.

I'm starting to think that this pairing is absolutely contagious *_*
To clear up any misconceptions, I am writing in a way that those two have been together for a while, so Bossun is aware of the slyness that is of Agata 8D Either way, this isn't really canon, but these are supporting stories. I plan to write a story of how those two got together in the first place-it will probably be chaptered, and short, but I plan to write it as well as I can *_* I hope I can make it! Enjoy your day~