"Get me back." He stormed into Area 51 with several doctors and officers in tow. "Pardon?" one of the scientists said looking over his glasses. "Get me back to 1942. Now." Steven Rogers was loosing his patience. "I need to go back." "I'm afraid we do not have that technology sir-" "The hell you don't." Steve cut in "we had that technology when I was in the army so I need you to send me back to New York in 1942."

"It's not quite as simple-" The top scientist, Dr. Stewart walked in. "Hello Captain America. I have been expecting you." "Hello Dr. Stewart." "Come with me" Dr. Stewart said and began to walk. Steve followed him trying not to get his hopes up. "Captain, we have everything we could have recovered from your plane with us." Stewart glanced at him. "To what date would like to go back to?"
"July 18, 1942. The day after my plane crashed." "Easily done." Dr. Stewart walked to a huge machine and tapped it. He pressed a few buttons and the machine lit up and started to shake.

"Go check the stuff we found and pick what you want. Then we can send you back." Steve's eyes lit up and a boy on Christmas. "Really? I can go back?" "Yes, of course. We have had the technology for years." Steve walked to the small pile of stuff that they found. He saw his shield. When he picked it up, it felt like an old friend. He walked back to Dr. Stewart. "I'm done." "Alright, then step into the machine and you will be sent back. Goodbye Sir." Steve climbed into the machine and heard a whirring sound. There was a flash of light and a zoom and he woke up on the floor of the interrogation room.

"Damn kids." Colonel Chester Phillips muttered as he went to check if someone broke into the interrogation room again. When he saw Steve laying on the floor, he was shocked to say the least. "Rogers, what the hell are you doing here?" Steve stood up "I was able to be found and I rode a boat back here. They dropped me off and I guess I just fell asleep looking for someone." "You crazy kid" Phillips said crushing him into a hug. "Damn we looked just about everywhere for you. Agent Carter was heart broken." Phillip stopped. "How could I forget, Carter will want to see you and kiss the dickens out of ya."

"Well, sir I have an idea about that..."
The following saturday, Steven Rogers walked into the Stork Club at 9:00 sharp. He saw Peggy sitting at a table her eyes were filled with tears as she checked her watch. He walked over and tapped her shoulder. "I came on time like you asked." he whispered in her ear. She stood up so fast that she knocked her chair over. "Steve" she lifted a tentative hand to touch his face "I knew you would be here. I just knew it." Then she kissed him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face close and kissed him.

"Now Miss, it seems that I still have a dance I've been waiting for." She smiled and took his hand. "I still don't know how." He whispered. "I can still teach you. There's time." They walked out onto the dance floor. A slow song started. She put her arms around his neck and he put his around her waist and they began to dance with him whispering in her ear. When they finished, the bartender spoke. "I'd like to propose a toast, to all the war heros who have come back to their women." Peggy and Steve smiled at each other. This was everything they expected and more. Much more.

Steven Rogers 1919-2010

Peggy Rogers nee Carter 1921-2010


I cried during the end of Captain America so I had to make this to convince myself of a happy ending. :)