New story time! Gay title I know but this will have to do for the time being. This is based on a dream I keep having, so I said to myself I'll make it into a story. Not quite sure where I'm going with it yet though. It should be fun to write. Frist chapter is a bit short but that's just because I'm setting things up. Also to anyone reading The Wedding Show, I'll have an update soon. The last chapter is a bit more difficult to write that I thought. And before I get sued I do not own South Park, because if I did I wouldn't be stuck in my shitty job. Now on with the story!

"I hate you Stan Marsh!"

"You're such a hypocrite Wendy! Like you've never cheated on me before!"

"At least I never got caught!"

"See you just admitted it!"

"Stan you were caught cheating with your best friend! You humiliated me! How can you expect me to take you back?"

It was Monday, the last bell of the day had just rang and everyone was gathered outside the front of the high school to watch the golden couple, Stan Marsh and Wendy Testaburger's relationship deteriorate for the tenth time since school had started back. It was only the beginning of October.

"Wendy, lets just talk about this in private"

"No Stan! Don't you get it? There's nothing to talk about! We're over!"

"You don't mean it!"

"Yes I do Stan"

"Dude she so doesn't mean it" Craig Tucker whispered to Token Black.

"Wanna bet?"

"Five bucks says that it's back on before Friday"

"You're on"

"Oh my God, will you stop betting on my best friend?" Bebe Steven's hissed in their direction.


"Fuck you Craig"

"Wendy, it's getting late. We better start heading home"

"Okay" Wendy walked upto Stan and prodded his chest with her finger.

"From now on don't you look at me or speak to me ever again! Just go have fun with your faggot!"

Wendy ran away from the school with her tears blinding her sight. Bebe and Heidi ran after her, and just when they turned the corner, they heard a scream, the screeching of tires and a thud. Wendy Testaburger was lying in the middle of the road, her arm at an awkward angle. Bebe screamed and ran towards her best friend, while Heidi rang Hell's Pass Hospital for an ambulance.

Stan and Kyle were walking in the opposite direction. It was an awkward walk home, both were thinking of the Saturday night that had just passed.

It had started out as harmless fun, an experiment for Stan, Kyle's dreams all coming true at once. They had ended up in an empty bedroom in Token's house, holding onto each other as if there lives depended on it, kissing as if their wasn't going to be a tomorrow. They lost track of time, and before they knew it Bebe had walked in on them. After screaming at Stan, Bebe had rung Wendy to tell her that her boyfriend was a cheating scumbag.

Just like that, his relationship with Wendy had ended, and the rumours had started.

"Dude you said no one would find out. Not until I was more comfortable with the idea of being, well gay"

"I'm sorry Stan. I mean, it wasn't as if I was anticipating Bebe coming in on us like that"

Footsteps were heard from behind them, and Kenny McCormick stopped them in their tracks.

"Dude. Wendy hospital. Might be dead"


"Hell's Pass. Just get there" Kenny said, cluching at a stich in his side.

When Stan eventually got to Hell's Pass, he was met with the most heart breaking scene of his life. The doctors had placed a sheet over Wendy's body, Bebe was sobbing uncontrollably on the floor, Heidi sat in a seat in shock and the rest of the girl's just stood there quietly.

"Can I see her?" Stan asked a passing doctor. The doctor took pity on Stan and so he ushered the girl's out into the hall as Stan pulled the sheet back. She was so pale that she looked like a porcelain doll. Wendy looked like she was sleeping, the only damage done was a bruse over her left eye brow. He expected her to wake up at any moment to re-start their fight but she didn't. She didn't do anything and when that one small fact got through to Stan, he lost control. Mr. and Mrs Testaburger found Stan draped over their daughter's body a little while later. Mr. Testaburger gently eased Stan off Wendy, and hugged him tightly. He told Stan that his little girl was in a better place now. How wrong he was.