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The phone rang out for what seemed like an eternity, before. . .


"Hey Stan, it's me"

"Kyle? Eh what's up?" Stan shared a quick look with Wendy. Clearly she was just as surprised as he was.

"Listen I can't really talk right now, so how bout we meet up for coffee tomorrow?"

"Sure, just text me the time and place"

"Okay, see you later"

"Bye" Stan hung up the phone.

"That was out of the blue"

"I'm guessing he want's to meet up tomorrow?"


"Can I come?"

"Um. . . I really think it should just be Kyle and me. Why don't you hang out with Kenny?"

Just like that, Wendy felt as rejected as she had been on the day she died. Boy's were such pricks.


Kyle's alarm clock went off at ten o' clock the next day. He quickly got up and dressed, and then headed down for breakfast. He had to pretend that everything was normal if he was going to get away with seeing Stan today. His family was already seated around the kitchen table by the time he got there.

"Morning Mom" He greeted, while getting himself some milk. Gerald was reading the paper and Ike was texting on his phone. They didn't even know that he entered the room.

"Morning Bubbe" She greeted him with a kiss on the cheek. Shiela liked to play 'happy families' in the mornings.

"Any plans for the day?" She asked him, as she set a plate of pancakes down infront of him.

"I'm meeting Cartman in a minute to help him with his Algerbra homework. We have a test next week" Kyle answered as he began eating. He had gotten so good at lying to his mother.

"That's good Kyle, I always liked that Eric Cartman"

"That's because he's not gay" Kyle said under his breath.

"What was the Bubbe?"


The rest of breakfast past in silence. Ike was the first one to break it when he got up to dump his plate in the dishwasher.

"I'm going out for a while"

"Okay sweetie be good"

Now Kyle was seriously pissed off. Ike was five years younger than he was, yet it was him that got twentyone questions fired at him whenever he decided to leave the house. Yet it was no good starting a fight with his mother. She didn't listen to anyone but herself and she would claim that she was looking out for his 'best interest's'. What a load of bullshit.

"I'm gonna head out soon too Mom" he said as he got up to put on his jacket.

"Be home by seven Bubbe" Sheila replied.

He even had a curfew for fucks sake!


"Stan you didn't have to drop me to Kenny's house" Wendy said, as she waited for Stan to open the car door for her. If anyone was looking out their window right now, they would have thought that Stan had gone mad.

"It's not a problem Wendy. Now hurry up and go find Kenny!"

"No it was really nice of. . . hey! You're trying to get rid of me!"

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are Stan! You were always a horrible liar!"

"I am not!"

"You are too!"

Now anyone who was looking out their window, would have known that Stan had actually gone mad weeks ago, and they were now searching for the number for the South Park Asylum. Kenny chose that moment to walk out of his house.

"Hey guy's what's up?"

"Stan's trying to get rid of me!"

"I am not!"

"Guy's calm down! There's people watching!"


"Yeah I don't see anyone"

Kenny nodded looking straight ahead. Stan and Wendy both turned around to see Kenny's neighbour from accross the street close her curtain's in a hurry.

"Nosey old bitch"

"Hey Kenny, can I talk to you for a sec? Alone" Stan added as Wendy tried to follow them.

"What's up?"

"Can you do me a favour?"

"Depends on what it is"

"Watch Wendy for a while? I want to sort thing's out with Kyle today. Wendy's soul hasn't got much time left" Kenny nodded.

"Take your time dude"

"Thank's I owe you one! Bye Wendy!" Stan called as he was getting into his car.

"Asshole" Wendy muttered, as she waved goodbye.


For a Saturday afternoon, Shakey's wasn't that busy. Kyle couldn't figure out why, but he prefered it that way. He didn't need this little meeting getting back to his mother of all people. He ordered a slice of pizza as he waited for Stan, and ate it while keeping his eye on the door. Any minute now and Stan would walk through them. After a half hour of stalking the front doors, Kyle was going to call it a day as Stan hadn't bothered to show up. He put back on his coat, and after leaving a really small tip for his waitress, left Shakey's only to walk headfirst into Stan.

"Ow! Jesus Kyle! It doesn't hurt to watch where you're going!"

"You bumped into me!"

"Look, let's just get out of here, we're attracting attention"

The two boy's helped each other off of the ground, well aware that they had attracted an audience.

"Let's go to Cartman's clubhouse. He won't be at home" Kyle whispered, as they made their way down the highstreet. Yeah this was going to get back to his mother.

Kyle climbed the old tree first, quickly followed by Stan. They both looked around. The clubhouse looked like it hadn't been used in years.

"How did you know that Cartman wasn't going to be home?" Stan asked Kyle.

"He's on a date. I was up all night because he kept calling me to brag about it"

"Really? Who would go on a date with the fatass?"

"Get this. . . Bebe Stevens"

"Fuck off? No way!"

"Way, but enough about them. Stan, what are we going to do?"

Stan didn't know what to say. The more he thought about that night, the more he realised that he wasn't gay. He was not going to be someone's butt buddy in years to come, and he wasn't in love with his best friend. Not now, and not ever. That kiss was just a mistake that happened. He just wanted to put it in the past.

"Kyle, I'm not in love with you"


"I mean, you're my super best friend, but that's about as close as I want us to get. It sucks not talking to you everyday, but you have to understand that, that kiss was a mistake. . . Are you ok?"

Kyle nodded his head, not trusting his voice.

"Kyle? I have to ask you something. . . "

Kyle nodded again to show that he was listening.

"Are you gay?"

"Yes Stan I'm a fag! I've spent the last year lusting after you and only you, is that what you wanted to hear today? And now you're going to tell me that you don't want anything to do with me anymore! You don't get to decide that Stan! I want a say too!"

Kyle looked out the little window, not daring to look at Stan. Stan sighed.

"Look dude, I still want us to be super best friends"

"Me too"

"Can we just get back to normality slowly?"

"Yeah I think thats best. My Mom would have a heart attack if you came around anytime soon"

The two best friend's talked for the whole day. Each boy getting brought up to date on the other boy's life. Kyle even forgot all about curfew. Meanwhile over at Stark's Pond. . .

"Bebe I know you have something very important in your posession. I saw Mr. Mackey hand you over that brown folder, and I want what's inside it"

"Is that why you followed me everywhere today Cartman? You're not very good at stalking you know"

"The folder Bebe, how much?" Bebe pretended to think for awhile.

"A hundred dollars Fatass"

"What? I'm not paying that!"

"Fine. No money, no folder" Bebe got up to leave, but Catman called her back.

"Fine, you have a deal!"

"Yay! Meet me here after church with the money tomorrow!"

"Fine. . . stupid slut"

"What did you say?"