Kiba was on the prowl. years ago his younger pack brother, Haru was taken from him. He had thought the Potter family would take care of him like they were supposed to until he was old enough.

Instead some bug eyed woman ruins everything with a 'prophecy' and the people he chose to protect his brother were dead.

His only consolation was that the one called Moony knew where his brother was at all times. Moony had been friends with the Potters, and their treatment of one who was cursed had been the deciding factor in his brother's placement.

Kiba wasn't too far from where his brother was. Moony had been very helpful giving him that blanket with Haru's scent.

It was night, and his eyes alighted to a house. There was an odd bubble around it, but it appeared very weak. He approached cautiously. It wouldn't do for his little brother to be frightened of him before he was recognized.

Someone was opening a door at the house. A small child came out with a threadbare blanket and he could hear the voice of a human.

"You'll stay outside if you know what's good for you, you little freak! You should be grateful we took you in!"

Kiba growled. Pups were to be watched and cared for, not thrown out in the cold with barely any protection. Then he finally realized who the child was.


The human went back inside, slamming the thin door. He growled. How dare that human treat his pack brother that way! He stalked closer to the house.

The child froze when he saw him. But he was more curious than afraid. The child blinked, and held out his hand towards him.

Kiba went past the bubble, and felt something snap into place behind him.

The child gently touched his muzzle, and Kiba knew his brother was good with animals.

Too bad cats would forever hate him for what he was.

His emerald green eyes widened, and he bent down slightly to come eye level with Kiba.

I have come for you, little brother.

Haru's eyes widened with shock, but he didn't run. Suddenly the door banged open, and there stood the largest human he had ever seen. It was not happy in the least.

Kiba recognized the long metal shape for what it was immediately. He shifted into his human form and growled.

"Back off human."

"Take the little freak! We never wanted him anyway!" screeched a woman behind the large male. It looked reminiscent of a horse, only uglier.

"I planned to."

Harry was quick on the uptake, because he figured out a few things.

One, this wolf-turned-man was related to him.

Two, he planned to take him away from the Dursleys, who frankly he never felt any connection with.

And three, he was safe.

But who was this wolf-man? Why did he feel so familiar?

Harry grabbed what little he could claim as his own, and left with the stranger.

"Are you alright, Haru?"


"I forgot...Lily and James changed your name when they blood adopted you. Your birth name is Haru."

"What is your name?" asked Haru.

"You probably wouldn't remember me. It's been so long since I saw you last."

Haru sat on the park bench, and listened to the wind. Dudley had laughed at him, when he told his fat cousin what he was doing. Dudley said people didn't listen to wind and rain.

His uncle had beat him severely when Dudley mentioned it a supper.

As the wind whistled through the trees, Haru felt his mind let go.

A memory of long ago came to him in a flash. It was back when his parents were still alive. That alone made it something he cherished.

"Run to daddy Prongslet!"

Haru could see a man with messy black hair and hazel eyes. The eyes of a prankster.

"Now James, I highly doubt his animal form is a stag like yours," said a man with tawny hair.

"Kiba said he didn't mind us calling him that. Anyway, I doubt he would care so long as he's ours," said James.

"So how does it feel to be a dad, Prongs?" asked a man with black hair and sapphire eyes.

"How does it feel to be a godfather Padfoot?" countered James with a grin. Clearly the man didn't care if the child wasn't his by blood.

He loved Haru without condition. A woman with fire red hair and green eyes like his own approached with a man who smelled of fumes and fire.

"Staying for dinner Inari?"

"I'm afraid not Lily. Dumbledore (the man spat out the name like a curse) wants me to spy on another meeting."

A silvery white wolf approached.

"Is that Kiba's patronus?" asked Padfoot.

"Hello Kiba. Care to join us for dinner?"


The man looked at him with surprise.

"You remember me?"

"A little. You were coming for dinner with a man named Padfoot and a tawny haired one."

"The tawny haired man is Moony."

"Moony? Padfoot? Prongs? Inari?"

"Moony, Padfoot and Prongs used to call themselves the Marauders. Inari was Lily's name for her childhood friend, because he could turn into a fox."

"What about you?"

"My name is Kiba. I'm your big brother."

After dropping that bombshell Haru didn't know what to say. He had always dreamed of having an older brother who would protect him, but he never believed it would actually come true.

Kiba found them a secluded spot in a forest outside Surrey. It was warm, clean, and dry. The rain had begun falling when they entered the forest, and Haru had gotten drenched.

Kiba shifted into his true form, a silvery white wold with golden eyes.

"How do you do that?"

You really don't remember anything do you?

Haru shook his head. All his life he had been told he was freak, and that he shouldn't ask questions.

Kiba sighed, and looked at him.

First, let go of your doubts. You are a wolf, not a human. The form you wear now is only a disguise to protect you.

Haru nodded. He always felt off whenever he looked in a mirror. And on days when the moon was full, he would see a dark wolf staring back at him.

Feel your true form take over. Your hands will feel heavy, and you will have all fours to the ground. Your eyes will lose the ability to see color, but your nose will make up for it by catching scents you have never had before.

Haru calmed himself, and felt his body grow heavy. His eyes began to grow dim, but he wasn't afraid. Somehow this felt good, right even.

His nose grew longer, his hair began to go all over the place. He felt bones shifting. Something popped into place behind him, and his hand and feet began to shrink somewhat.

Something inside him clicked, and he felt whole again. Like a piece he had lost a long time ago was back.

He blinked. Was he shorter now? He turned his head to look behind him, and realized he had a tail. A long tail that reached halfway to his feet.

I knew you would take to it. You're my brother after all.

Haru sniffed around, so he could get used to being in his true form. He caught the scent of fur nearby, and it wasn't a wolf.

He jumped, and his teeth sank into the body of a large rabbit that had hidden itself. Kiba chuckled, and watched as his brother remembered what he truly was.

Haru laid next to him once he finished. The pup had left very few traces of the rabbit left.

If I had known you were that hungry I would have gotten a deer.

Haru looked at his brother, and curled up closer.

They didn't want me around. Someone had left me on their doorstep and forced them to take me in.

Kiba growled, but there was no real malice towards his brother.

Why did you leave me?

We are being hunted. There are so few true wolves left in the world, because people either fear us, worship us, or just hate us. It was the only way to keep you safe.

I'm glad you're back, pack brother.

Kiba licked Haru gently, and was happy that his brother didn't hate him for being forced to leave him behind.

Haru woke up to find Kiba still there. So it hadn't been a dream. Kiba opened a weary eye at him.

Isn't it early to be up?

Haru gave him a wolfish grin.

I used to get up earlier. Besides it's only six.

...I hate mornings.

Kiba got up and stretched. Since he smelled humans nearby, he switched back.

How do you switch back and forth?

Kiba grinned.

"What did you look like as a human?"

Haru sat and thought.

Small, but fast. Messy black hair that refused to answer to a comb and emerald green eyes that sparkled in the light.

As he visualized what he looked like, he looked at his brother. Any doubt he had that Kiba wasn't his brother had disappeared last night. Kiba felt like home in a way that Petunia and Dudley never had.

So he decided to do something about it. He visualized himself with slightly longer hair and a sharper nose.

Kiba was a bit surprised at the change, but he didn't disapprove of it.

When they reached a supermarket nearby, Kiba checked the date.

July 30

He grimaced. In two days the owls would start to arrive for his brother. There was no way he was going to let the silver old goat take him away twice. Then an idea hit him.

Inari was a potion maker, which meant he would be able to help Kiba fool the old man. The only issue was how to get to him in time.

"Haru, how would you like to see your uncles?"

Haru grinned at him, and that was all he needed to know.

Kiba had stolen more than his fair share of wallets along the way to his brother, so he was able to pay for a sizable breakfast for them both.

Unlike humans, wolves preferred a lot of protein for breakfast.

So Haru and Kiba ate enough eggs, sausage, bacon and steak to keep them well feed for at least three days. The waitress had been a bit surprised at the amount of food they ate, but Kiba gave her a big enough tip that she didn't comment.

"Alright Haru, we'll make better time if we go wolf. It's a long way to Inari's little tower, and we'll be faster if we run as wolves."

Kiba had an ulterior motive for becoming a wolf. While it was faster, it would also tell him how much work his little brother needed to keep up in a pack.

Haru was a little quicker in his transformation. Kiba got a good look at Haru's wolf form.

It was well built, with large paws. The coloring was a dark blue that could easily become black in the right lighting. The paws were a bit lean, but that could be remedied with enough food. The tail was a bit long for a wolf, but there wasn't anything wrong with that. The eyes were an emerald color with gold highlights. His muzzle was roughly the same size as his own.

But what bothered him was that his brother had his ribs showing. There was a clear bulge from breakfast.

Whoever that family was, they were dead the next time Kiba saw them. He would never forgive them for hurting his brother.

Kiba and Haru made good time towards Moony's little cottage. It was small, but comfortable.

The full moon was beginning to rise as they finally reached the house. Kiba eased the door opened and looked around. Moony was probably inside his gilded cage right now.

Big brother? Where is Uncle Moony?

Downstairs probably. Moony was bitten by a creature we call the Lunar Wolf. Whenever the moon becomes full, he becomes like us. The only problem is that the transformation is quite painful.

Kiba stalked to the basement, where the silver cage was. Remus stared at them in surprise, but said nothing. His transformation was almost on him.

We're here to help Moony. We'll help you control the wolf. There's no need to stay in a cage like a common dog.

Remus cautiously exited the cage. It was the first night he couldn't afford the Wolf's Bane potion. He had been worried what would happen if he couldn't close the door properly.

He did wonder who the smaller wolf was though.

The moonlight hit him, and his bones began to shift. Fur sprang out of his skin, and it hurt like hell. His teeth grew longer, his tail shot out. Claws grew and sharpened.

Moony howled. Kiba and Haru did the same, enjoying the moonlight.

Since Remus had gotten a place near the woods, they went out into the forest. Moony, Kiba and Haru all ran through the leaf laden trees, enjoying the night. Nearby a large rabbit bolted. Haru looked to Kiba, who gave a short bark.

Haru chased the rabbit, keeping his nose to the ground.


He leaped, and before the rabbit could move Haru snapped it's neck. Close to where he was were four more rabbits.

He took down two but let the others escape. One was barely a baby, and the other was just old enough to take care of the little one.

Kiba watched all this amused. His little brother had taken to his wolf form very quickly. He could keep up better than most pups his age, despite being a human until recently.

Moony caught the scent of a large bird. It was one he was familiar with.

It was an owl.

The only reason his attention was drawn to it was because it had a letter tied to its claws.

Kiba lead them the through the forest, and Moony finally got some real exercise for a change. He knew an Alpha wolf when he saw one.

Haru stopped, as he had caught a scent. It was a familiar one, but not one he recognized. Another wolf had shown up. This one had silver bracelets around it's right front leg.

Haru barked once, and wagged his tail. The other wolf started walking towards them, careful not to show any aggression. Haru trotted towards him, but stopped when Kiba growled.

Who are you?

My name's Toboe. This is the first time I've met another wolf.

I'm Haru! Nice to meet you Toboe!

Why are you here?

I caught the scent of blood. I thought there was a deer or something nearby to eat.

How good are you at hunting?

Not very good. I've lived with humans most of my life.

Haru has lived with humans for eleven years, and he can still hunt rabbits.

Can I join you?

Haru whined. He wanted someone to play with in wolf form. Kiba sighed. He had a feeling that even if he said no, the puppy would still follow them. Wolves hated being without a pack. Even lone wolves like him got lonely.

Fine. But if I were you, I would take lessons from Haru.

Toboe barked happily and went up to Haru.

The sun rose, and Moony went back into Remus. Tonight had been the most fun he had had in many years.

Once Remus was able to stand, they went inside.

Aside from fixing a massive amount of meat, it was a rather interesting breakfast. Toboe turned out to be a light browned haired boy with silver bracelets. He was also about Haru's age in human years.

The owl that they saw earlier came into the window. Remus carefully extracted the letter and stared.

"It's your Hogwarts letter. But why did you get one?"

Kiba grinned.

"Just because I retrieved him doesn't mean the adoption didn't go through. Spirit Wolves take the human characteristics from their adoptive parents for life. Even though James and Lily are gone, Haru is still considered their son. Besides, we can use human magic better than humans anyway."

"Which means he still needs a wand," sighed Remus.

Another owl flew into the window, and Remus saw another familiar letter.

"It appears that Toboe here will be going as well."

Sure enough, Toboe had gotten the same letter as Haru. Fortunately Remus knew where to get supplies.

Kiba officially hated Diagon Alley. It was noisy, it stank to high heaven, and people kept staring at his brother like he had a third eye.

Still, at least they wouldn't have to worry about money for a while. Kiba had forgotten how rich James was. Even though Haru was adopted into the Potter line, the goblins didn't care. Spirit adoption was just as good as blood.

It meant that should Haru have any children they would be classed as Potters anyway.

While they were getting the books, Kiba spotted several that caught his interest. So did Haru and Toboe.

They had to have Remus gone into the apothecary, as their noses cried out in pain if they went too close.

Next was the robes. Haru and Toboe went in, and ignored the cranky blond boy. While he put on a superior front, his scent labeled him as a coward, weak in both body and mind.

In short, he was prey.

Finally came the wands. Which lead to a bit of an argument between Kiba and Remus.

"Why is Ollivander's out of the question?" demanded Remus.

"One, he puts Ministry tracers on all of them. Two, the man is far to disturbing for Haru to be near, and is liable to get his throat ripped out. And three, it's tradition for Spirit Wolves to have their wands specifically made for them."

Remus could hardly argue against the tracers and the tradition.

So down they went into Knockturn Alley. Fortunately for the inhabitants, they could see Kiba and the others for what they really were and left them alone.

Once they had past most of the questionable businesses near the front of the alley, they came upon a small shop with wood and odd things in it.

It simply said "Quint's Wands".

They went in. The air was filled with the scent of woods and feathers. Once they reached the counter, the owner came out.

Quint was a grizzled old man with white hair and a cranky temper. Next to him was a young half-wolf he called Blue. Blue looked up at them, and yawned before going back to sleep.

Quint didn't like wolves, but he put aside his differences after the Ministry nearly sent him to Azkaban for hunting them. Apparently he hated the Ministry more than he hated wolves.

"We're here for wands," said Kiba calmly.

"How many?"

Remus looked at Kiba pointedly, and Kiba said "Three."

Remus dropped the look. He had a feeling Kiba never bothered to learn human magic, and he was right. Which meant he would have something to do while the boys were at Hogwarts.

Kiba went first.

His hand passed over holly with some success, but after a second pass it stayed down. Oak, aspen, willow, and yew all reacted, but a second pass proved it to be a false reaction. Then he passed over a rare wood called Moonbeam, and he got a better reaction. A second pass had the same result.

Next was the cores he had to pick one core and add some of his fur to bind it to him.

He did the same thing with the cores. A few provided a false positive, such as a phoenix feather and unicorn hair. Then his hand went over a large piece of crystal the color of clear ice. His hand went past that and over a large white flower. He felt the surge of magic from his hand.

"That is the strongest reaction I have ever seen!" said Quint.

Kiba handed over a few strands of fur.

Quint went into the back and put the pieces in a box. Toboe was next.

His hand went over three different wood types before his magic rested on Entwood. His core was hair from a dryad.

Haru was last.

Haru's went over almost ever wood on the table before it rested on a wood that seemed to glow.

"Wood from the Yggdrasil tree. It was extremely hard to get that," said Quint without looking up.

His hand went over a phoenix feather and it glowed. But a second pass and it died. Next came the werewolf fur. Nothing. It kept going that way until he reached the crystal that had rejected his brother.

It glowed ice blue.

"Yggdrasil bark and Frostwind crystal. Odd combination of light and ice."

It would take three hours for their wands to be done. So Remus decided they could go to the pet shops.

Something that had Kiba laugh out loud.

"You do realize that cats absolutely despise us with every fiber of their being right?"

"Is that why every werewolf I've meet claims they're allergic?" asked Toboe.

Kiba snickered.

"Cats plus wolves equals trouble waiting to happen," said Remus.

"Which leaves only one pet that is still permitted. Off to the Owl Emporium."

Toboe found an adorable elf owl that seemed to fall in love with him. Haru on the other hand, found a snow owl that seemed to be debate whether to glare at him or not.

Kiba walked up and grinned.

"Found one?"

"I think so, but she doesn't seem very happy about being a pet."

The owl hooted. So Haru held out his hand, and it hopped along his arm.

"Can we get this one?"

"If she can keep up with the pack, then fine."

They returned for their wands, and they were all amazed with the results.

Each wand had a stylized wolf on the hilt. What the wolf was doing depended on who it was for. Kiba had a wolf that was running around the wand hilt. Toboe had one lying down. Haru's was howling at a moon.

Remus hid a grin at the wands.

Kiba groaned as he got up. He loathed mornings with a passion. Unfortunately he had to do this. Haru wanted him to join him on his first train ride.

So he would get up and take his brother and Toboe to the train. Thankfully Remus knew how to get on.

"So let me get this straight. We walk through the pillar?" said Kiba dubiously.

"Illusion. And yes."

Kiba took a deep breath and plunged right in.

He came out in the middle of a loud, whiny crowd. It was noisy, smelly and gave him a massive headache.

Remus brought the boys through, and gave them a few last minute tips to survive the year.

"Unless you end up in Slytherin, in general avoid them. Most are inbreed and cranky. Hufflepuff is loyal, but try not to bring up the fact they have the most muggleborns. Ravenclaws always have their heads in books, and Gryffindor is far too headstrong for their own good."

"How do you know that?" asked Toboe.

"I was a Gryffindor."

Haru and Toboe grinned. Thanks to their wolf strength, they had a better time putting their heavy trunks in the compartment.

Soon the train was on it's way, and Haru was grinning as he watched Kiba keep pace until the station left their sight.