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There were many interesting pieces of furniture in the Burrow. There was a large grandfather clocked that indicated the status of the nine Weasley children—rather than told the time—and there was a large fireplace, big enough to fit the whole family, that was connected to the Floo Network.

But, by far the scariest piece of furniture was located in the large living room.

It was a red velvet love seat.

Most people would pass by the comfy couch without giving it a second glance. The love seat did not stand out and, like most of the other possessions in the Burrow, it was old and worn out. It did not seem remotely out of the ordinary.

But it was dangerous, and smart single people avoided the sofa like the plague.

Because every couple that sat down was shown their fate.

If the couple was suited for each other, the love seat started to shrink so that the pair was nearly sitting on top of each other—until they kissed.

If the couple was doomed to break up, the love seat immediately tossed the pair to the floor.

The love seat had paired and broken up people quicker than any meddlesome friend, including the Weasley twins. It was brilliantly treacherous.

But it had a long history also.

The frayed love seat happened to be one of the only remaining pieces of furniture that was left unharmed in Lily and James Potter's house in Godric's Hollow. The only evidence that the couch was ever there, were a few scorch marks that lined the armrests.

Additionally, if one were to flip the couch upside down, one could see a list of couples' names that were carved into the wood.

But only the couples that stayed together...