Bonus Chapter: Rose/ Scorpius: The Party

Their hands were intertwined which basically gave Ron the cue to start hyperventilating and stomp around like a distressed elephant. Little did he know that his wife made sure to include Scorpius on the guest list for Teddy's birthday. He was family as well as Albus' best friend, surely he couldn't miss out.

But even she didn't expect this.

And it was almost all she could do to try and prevent Ron from utterly destroying Scorpius Malfoy when Scorpius placed a gentle kiss on his daughter's cheek.

"What is she doing here with him? Has she lost her minds? I thought she had inherited your brains! But she's gone mad! I knew we should have never skipped that appointment at St. Mungo's. Now look what's happened," Ron Weasley ranted angrily his gaze firmly fixated on the regal blonde that accompanied his daughter into the Burrow.

"Ron would you calm down? He's acting like a perfect gentleman. There's no need to fuss over those two. In fact if I didn't know any better, Rose looks very pleased," Hermioned argued quietly, barely restraining the smug grin on her face. Ever since the two had kissed on that fateful Valentine's day party years ago, she had known that she'd eventually be welcoming Scorpius into the Weasley family.

Ron took the time to slowly turn and face Hermione with an utterly gobsmacked expression before swinging his head back around to carefully inspect his daughter's expression.

Hermione just chuckled and ladled more food onto his plate. That always seemed to distract him...

"You're shaking," Scorpius noted as he appraised his girlfriend with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh don't mind me. It's not like my dad going to murder you any second now. It's not like my uncles are going to stun you the minute the see you. Everything's fine," Rose replied sarcastically while Scorpius rolled his eyes, his grip tightening around her hand.

"You're overreacting-"

"Am not! Didn't you see the way my dad was staring at you? Merlin it's a wonder he didn't come in and tackle you."

Scorpius did notice but he wasn't about to say anything to Rose. His knees even buckled just from the glare he received when they came in holding hands. There were a million and one ways he was about to die and they were all swirling in the depths of Mr. Weasley's eyes. He was very scared of the auror.

But something about Mrs. Weasley's gaze calmed the nervous storm rumbling inside of his stomach. She seemed to approve of him, and that's all he needed. Now all he had to do was win over Mr. Weasley.

"It'll be okay if we don't start any arguments," Scorpius reassured as he gently kissed Rose on the cheek. She sighed in response leaning into his touch, and he could feel the hesitation and apprehensiveness slip away from her body.

"If you say so," she murmurred.

"So I'm thinking there's at least a thirty-five percent chance that Uncle Ron will kill Scorpius before Teddy cuts his birthday cake," James Sirius Potter declared factually, turning around and assessing each of his cousins. His jet black hair flopped over his forehead and his brown eyes seemed to gleam mischievously.

Fred disagreed, "Really? I'm thinking he's going to be stunned before the first course is done."

"Oh please. Like Aunt Hermione is going to let anything happen to either of them," Lily Potter argued with a flick of her red hair. Next to her, Hugo nodded in slow agreement.

"Dinner is going to be...strange," Hugo finally said decisively. His fingers threaded through his auburn in a nervous fashion as he surveyed his cousins.

Oh how right he was...

"Could you pass the peas, please?" Uncle Harry asked nodding his head towards Scorpius who was closest. Scorpius politely handed him the bowl of peas barely looking at him, almost too scared to make eye contact while Rose rolled her eyes surreptitiously next to him.

Everybody was either walking on eggshells around her or were studiously ignoring Scorpius like he didn't exist. The only person that was acting somewhat normal was Aunt Hermione, Uncle Harry, and Aunt Ginny. Even her cousins were quiet as if waiting for a grenade to explode any minute.

"Hey George, how's that new product going?" her father asked, completely ignoring Scorpius to talk to her uncle who was seated right next to her boyfriend.

Barely controlling her temper, Rose carefully set down her forks, ready to pick an argument with Ron when she felt a hand clasp around her knee.

She turned with an annoyed expression to Scorpius who continued to eat dinner as if there was nothing remotely wrong.

"What?" Rose hissed barely turning her head so people wouldn't pay attention to her and Scorpius.

"Do you remember what we agreed on before we came here?" Scorpius asked as if he was talking to his dinner.

Rose turned to look at him with a scowl gracing her face.

"I know I promised I wouldn't start anything but this is getting ridiculous. But their either ignoring you completely or tip-toeing around the subject. Neither of which is good," Rose whispered, her eyebrows knitting together in suppressed annoyance.

His hand started rubbing circles into her skin, simultaneously causing her heart to race and quelling her bubbling anger.

"They're still getting used to us," Scorpius said turning to face her glare with a calm expression. "Just give them some more time."

Rose's grip on her chair tightened, "How will they come to accept us if they don't talk to you?"

His hand squeezed her thigh, a smile accompanying his actions, "It'll be all right. You worry to much, love."

Someone across the table cleared their throat and in a quick, fluid motion, Rose shoved Scorpius' hand off of her leg, (as if everyone could see the contact under the table) and whipped her head to see Aunt Ginny chuckling into her soup.

Neither she nor Scorpius realized just how close they were getting - their faces inches apart. Rose could her face flushing in embarrassment, and her knee burning from Scorpius' actions. It was like someone had caught her hand in the cookie jar.

Chancing a glance at her own father she saw him frowning, his hand clutching his fork like he was about to use it to stab Scorpius. He shared the same tell-tale blush Rose had which started at his ears and covered his freckled cheeks.

Oops. She was going to be in trouble now.

She picked up her fork in a forced calm manner, attempting some kind of semblance of normalcy. But before she could put another bite into her mouth she heard her father clear his throat.

"Rose? Could I talk to you privately for a moment?" Ron asked in a strained voice.

Rose glanced up in surprise, her eyes darting to her shocked mother and nervous-looking boyfriend.

"Now?" Ron said a bit louder.

Rose quickly scooted out from her seat and followed her dad towards the kitchen, where the door closed behind them.

Rose shifted her weight from foot to foot as she dawdled by the sink and the colorful collections of pans. Ron leaned against the refrigerator, appraising his daughter with narrowed blue eyes. Under his gaze, Rose struggled not to twitch or fidget. What was he going to say to her?

"Rose, why didn't you tell me about Scorpius?" Ron finally choked out looking supremely awkward about the situation.

Rose's eyes turned into wide saucers at her father's question. Did he really not know?

"Daddy, you would have reacted badly. Of course I didn't want to tell you!" Rose finally replied, her heart beating fast. Was she being too blunt? It was the truth though. If she had ever managed to tell her dad beforehand that she was dating the youngest Malfoy he would have had a heart attack.

Ron winced at her accusation, but in a lower voice he said, "Why did you even bring him here then? Huh? Instead of just coming to a small family dinner with your mother, Hugo, and I?"

"Because I at this point I just wanted to get it over with. We've been dating for four months and Scorpius has been bugging me about introducing him to the rest of the Weasleys so I thought I would just bring him to Teddy's birthday. Plus Teddy is technically his cousin..."

Ron's eyes bugged out, and in a whisper he said, "You've been dating him for four months?"

"Daddy," Rose said in an exasperated voice, crossing her freckled arms and exhaling.

"I can't believe you never said anything to anyone. Have you met his parents?" Ron asked, rubbing a weary hand over his eyes like he couldn't bear to see his daughter at this point.

Rose blushed and wrung her hands, trying to get rid of the antsy feeling that was travelling through her very veins, "Yes. Yes I have, they were very nice to me."


"Daddy, please! I love him!"

"You what?" Ron finally ground out, his eyes wide and tone challenging.

With a newfound courage she didn't know she had, Rose lifted up her chin and retorted clearly, "You heard me. I love him, and he loves me too."

Ron physically stepped back at his daughter's words, too taken aback to even sputter out a suitable reply.

Finally, as he gathered his wits he called for his wife, "Hermione! Can you come in here please?"

They examined each other as Hermione came into the room looking annoyed with the whole charade.

"What is going on here? Ronald, you're causing a scene. Both of you get back in there right now," Hermione said, her hands on her hips.

Ron barely paid attention to her words, instead he announced, "No I've heard what I wanted to hear. And now I think that the only thing we can do is let Rose and Scorpius sit on the couch."

Hermione rolled her eyes, "Right now? Ron, your mother has just pulled out the pudding."

Rose interrupted, "Really? That's it? That's all I have to do to get you off my back about our relationship?"

"If the couch doesn't throw you off that is," Ron said with pursed lips.

And for the first time that night, a genuine smile lit up Rose's freckled face. She had all ready sat on the couch with Scorpius. It would be fine. Everything would be fine.

With a determined stride she went into the dining room and pulled Scorpius from her seat.

"Just a moment everyone. Sorry Teddy. We just have to settle things once and for all here," Rose declared, surveying everyone in the room.

"What's going on?" Scorpius whispered to her as she lead him away from the dining room.

She knew rather than heard her cousins following her into the living room.

"Oh nothing, don't worry. I just want you to sit on this couch for me," Rose replied with an impish smile.

Scorpius looked adorably confused until he recognized the red couch. It looked even weathered than he remembered, it's velvet surface looking a bit lackluster but still full of so much character. The stitching had come out in a few places and the stuffing had come out somewhere near the back of the loveseat.

"All right if you say so," Scorpius said as he settle into the lush cushions. It seemed to swallow him and for a moment Rose just gazed at him. His gray eyes seemed to pin her down with a weight that made her squirm, her blood quickly rushing to her cheeks. His blonde hair matched his alabaster skin, and his arms stretched across the back of the couch making him look all the more inviting.

And so with a knowing smile she sat down, sinking into the feel of his body against hers and the soft cushions that seemed to caress her body.

Or was it shrinking?

With a gasp and a startled yelp she looked triumphantly at her family that stood around in stunned silence, watching as the loveseat constricted the couples so their chests pressed together - their hearts beating against one another.

And with the fleeting thoughts of love and happiness, Rose leaned her heads towards Scorpius who was already cupping her chin in his hand.

Their lips met gently and slowly, and she heard a disgusted sound from most likely her brother. But she barely even heard him, too consumed by the feel of Scorpius and the feelings he invoked inside her body. Her chest was a volcano, erupting inside of her, drenching her stomach with molten lava and warmth as Scorpius' hands tangled through her red hair.

It felt so right.

And when she pulled away from him reluctantly she saw her father with a stunned expression on his face, and her mother who was smiling at them.

She could see the slow, grudging approval in her father's eyes that night and it only grew as the months went on.

Scorpius was allowed for Sunday dinners, and despite every throwball question her dad asked Scorpius, he managed to shine more and more in her parents' eyes. It wasn't until a cold December night that Rose knew that her father was really okay with Scorpius.

He pulled the blond boy out of hearing distance from his two favorite females and asked Scorpius gruffly, " you really love my daughter?"

And with a sincere nod Scorpius answered, "I do Mr. Weasley. I really do."

"...Take care of her, okay?" Ron finally sighed, his shoulders drooping down as if a great weight had been lifted off of his shoulders.

"I will Mr. Weasley. I promise, I'd never hurt her."

"Alright then...Welcome to the family Scorpius," Ron said with a slow curl of his mouth.


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