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Daisy is the tomboyish, clumsy yet fiery princess of Sarasaland and King Bowser is absolutely smitten. As a result chaos, turmoil and humor ensues. Why? Because things are never easy for the desert blossom.

oOoOoOo Tomboy and The Beast oOoOoOo

"Top of the morning!"

"Good morning Professor," we chorused.

Class hadn't started yet and already I was eager to leave. History was not my strong suit and I found it as dry as the folds of a magikoopa's skin—I know, the truth hurts sometimes. The elderly toad took his place at the front of the classroom. He hobbled to the educator's elevated oak podium and smiled fondly. He arranged his notes carefully before fixing his spectacles, "Would anyone like to tell me what we're learning about today?"

The old professor was near-sighted so maybe if I was discreet I could make a run for it. I rose to a half crouch, hoping to be undetected as I carefully gathered my books. With one last sweep, I procured my books and crept away.

But then life's cruel sense of humor kicked me in the rear savagely; I caught Toad's foot and tripped, spilling my books with marvelous gusto. Toad laughed loudly, Peach was mannerly enough to hide her giggles, and the blind ole prof didn't see a thing. At least Toadette pretended it didn't happen. The old professor pressed the question again and this time Toadette raised her hand, "We're going to review the creation myth."

"That is correct Miss Toadette."

"Ah the wondrous creation myth, a tale that has survived the centuries and millennia. We have much to learn..."

I slumped back into my seat. Peach's lips quirked into a smile, "That's what you get for trying such a stunt."

I had nothing so I shot back an unflattering mimic of her soft voice, "That's what you get for trying such a stunt."

She laughed, continuing to power up her petal-pink laptop. So why did I hate the creation myth? Because it was a folklore drilled into our heads as children, rehashed again and again and again; it's still the same, boring old tale.

I groaned loudly. The Professor harrumphed, "Does our itinerary displease you Princess Sarasaland?"

I blinked dumbly; the professor had an arched eyebrow and a pointed stare as Toad and Toadette turned around in their seats. Toad spoke to Toadette, "I love classes when she's here. She always screws up!"

"Shut up before I turn you into toadstool soup!"

And to compound an already awkward moment, my voice echoed, bouncing off the walls like sonar. The prof's glare intensified as I laughed nervously, "What was your question again?"

"Does our itinerary displease you?"


Toad snickered again. I shook my index finger at him; it was supposed to be a threatening gesture but he only smiled larger.

"Excellent," the affronted glare hadn't left the prof's face, "perhaps you could enlighten the class with today's assignment…?"


Crap, here I was caught slacking again. Toad's snickers did not help and I shot a glare his direction. That little Jerk! Toadette smiled, trying to hide her laughter as Peach shook her head, sighing with resignation.

"Um…?" I croaked weakly.

"Could anyone help Lady Sarasaland?"

Peach didn't spare a glance at her itinerary, "We shall study pages 205 through 210 for the creation story."

"Splendid Princess Toadstool!" The professor chirruped happily.

I shot a mock glare at Peach and mouthed, 'show off'. She grinned and resumed listening; delicately folding her hands within her lap. I slouched in my seat, arms crossed and leg jiggling in an impatience cadence.

"Now then, let us turn to the pages our fair princess has prescribed and begin."

Pages fluttered and laptop screens glowed to life as we prepared for the upcoming lecture. Peach poked my side, "Pay attention."

"I am! I am!" I grumbled.

I wasn't.

The prof cleared his throat before he began.

"Before dawn glowed in arches of pink and gold and before the world was familiar with the beauties of night and day, sun and moon, summer and winter, there existed four Star Mothers."

I glared sightlessly at my text book. It was practically brand-new, adorned with fresh pearly pages unmolested from my lack of interest. As the professor read in droll monotones, Toad was busy scribbling notes in a blue notepad.

To my right I could peek at Peach's textbook. While used and well-loved, it appeared brand spanking new. The only true sign of her devotion were pages filled with numerous pink and peach page stickers.

"There was the Star Mother of COURAGE, who blazed of dauntless conviction and bravery. There was the Star Mother of LOVE, a kindred soul whose mercy overflowed. The Star Mother of POWER, a fierce deity afire with admirable strength and might. Last of all was the Star Mother of STRENGTH OF HEART. Her indomitable will and optimism shone like a glowing beacon of light."

I rested my face in my palm dourly; I could be outside right now but nooo I had to be inside learning about the creation myth for the ten thousandth time! Today was perfect soccer weather: the climate temperate and the green meadows were choked with fluttery flowering shrubs. It was the beginning of spring and vegetation in the Mushroom Kingdom was abloom in a floral explosion.

Such beauty missed my kingdom. Sarasaland was always golden; in the spring, fall, summer and winter it was golden. It felt like such a waste to be in the classroom on such a pretty day.

"Each of the Star Mothers ruled a domain. One mother lived in the greenest of valleys, another in the golden sands, the next in flaming fire, and the last Star Mother lived in the iciest snows."

I peered at Peach who was enraptured. Though she had a pink notebook open with her foofy pink pen diligently waiting, I did not know why; Peach loved and knew this story by heart. Enamored, her blue eyes sparkled as her petal pink lips set in a soft smile; the magical tale was a comforting solace to her heart.

Peach had always been enchanted with the tale's elements of magic, love and bitter sorrow. Even as a child Peach had beseeched Toadsworth to tell us the story before bedtime. As the old professor continued to read aloud, Peach smiled at the elderly tutor and bobbed her head to acknowledge interest. As for me? I could barely keep my eyes open.

"In each of their separate domains, the Star Mothers grew lonely. Their hearts swelled and yearned for the company of their sisters. Millenniums passed and they only grew lonely and more alone. "

With a soft sigh, I glanced out of the window longingly; out in the open green pastures a group of toads milled about.

"To remedy their pain, each Star Mother gave birth. It wasn't long before nations were created, their own people. Though the Star Mothers were sisters, their children were vastly different from one another. And though the Star Mothers had their own civilizations to keep, they still longed to see their sisters."

Some of the toads were watering floral bushes and others were cutting the emerald-green grass. One toad had a mischievous smirk on his face before he turned the hose onto his fellow gardener.

The lady toad squealed happily, covering herself as she laughed. That triggered the start of the water fight as the toads flung buckets of water at each other, laughing.

"After several millennia passed, the Star Mothers had a reunion. Smiles bright and hearts aglow, they were excited to see one another. As an added treat, the Star Mothers brought along their children, their created people."

"The Star Mothers thought their children would love one another but instead they were cruel. The Star Mothers were aghast. The unique differences amongst the people led to fights and soon cold hatred ran amuck. Blood was shed and wars conflagrated."

I groaned, slapping a palm to my forehead. I can't believe I'm stuck in the palace. What I wouldn't give to be out there, kicking some butt in that water fight.

"…Right Princess Sarasaland?"


My head snapped up; I was caught daydreaming by our tutor. From my peripheral I could see Toad smirking as Toadette tried to hide a giggle. The professor did not look happy.


The prof cleared his throat, "The Star mothers stopped the wars themselves, yes?"


Mentally I cursed when I saw Toad and Peach shaking their heads. The professor smirked, "Oh really? Has the creation myth added a new twist? Could someone aid Princess Sarasaland? How did the wars stop?"

Toad raised his hand, "By the time the wars started the Star Mothers were too old, hearts weary. The Star Mothers chose a candidate, a host of their power. It was their chosen descendants that used their new power to stop the world-wide wars."

"Excellent Sire Toad," the professor chuckled, arching an eyebrow at me, "Perhaps you should study a bit more Lady Sarasaland? Next week we shall have a quiz. I hope to see vast improvement in your studies."

"Uh…don't worry I will," I had the good grace to blush, "Um, may I use the restroom? I gotta pee."

The professor peered at me with disdain, "Yes you may Princess…however next time could you please try to exercise a much more…ladylike mannerism?"

"Yeah, sure."

I rose from my seat and left the classroom. As I strolled through the hall, I gazed at the blue sky and green meadows wistfully. I need a break, so why not just take a tiny one? I've been up since dawn learning how to walk and talk like a real princess and really, I did deserve a break.

I grinned impishly; commencing operation 'ditch class.'

I walked through the palace, pretending to look busy as passing toad servants fluttered by unaware of my plan. I steered clear of the throne room. Uncle knew the drill; anytime I was out of class, I was playing hooky.

I reached a quiet hallway and quickly slipped out of the nearest window. I picked up my dress and took off in a dash, adrenaline rushing through my veins in a heady explosion. When the palace was barely in sight, I slowed to a saunter.

I peered back to see if I made a clean getaway; there were no trailing servants or any unwanted company. Boom. Mission accomplished. It was beautiful; the warm air heated my skin pleasantly and the tall grass tickled my legs. With a soft sigh, I fell back into the lush meadow. The thick emerald tendrils pillowed my fall as I sank comfortably into the blanket of sweet-smelling pasture.

I placed my arms behind my head and smiled; grass stains be damned, this was a slice of Star Haven. All this bottle green meadow felt quite foreign as I hailed from Sarasaland, a kingdom of nothing but golden desert and dry heat.

The Mushroom Kingdom was temperate and cool compared to my kingdom. To travel in Sarasaland, the citizens wrapped scarves around their heads to avoid the harsh burn of the sun.

Father would be so mad if he knew I was ditching another class. You ought to be more like your cousin. That phrase I had heard my entire life, everything I did was compared to Peach in a cruel ridicule. Most people loved to compare our appearance; Peach was tall and statuesque and most days I stood at an unimpressive five foot three.

Peach had long, sparkling champagne blonde hair to contrast my dark ginger tresses; haha yeah I'm a redhead and sadly all the stereotypes are true in my case: I'm pushy, short-tempered and 'fiery'. Fiery being the worst of the redhead stereotype just 'cuz it's so lame and unimaginative.

My cousin's beauty was striking and head-turning where as I was unexceptional. I was a girl with shoulder-length hair, a natural bronze tan and big, blue eyes. Magazines seemed to gush over big, pretty eyes but I think they're more of a pain in the ass than flattering. My blinkers cut off at least five years from my true age and everyone thinks I'm far younger than what I really am. Even to this day, people guess I'm like fourteen. Fourteen! I'm nine years older than that!

Maybe everyone thinks I'm a teenager because on top of being short and bubbly-eyed, I virtually have no chest. I've been uninspired to try makeup since I wasn't blessed with Peach's striking, angelic features. The first time I've tried eyeliner I all but stabbed my eye out with it.

You bet I learned my lesson that day. Daisy and makeup do not mix. In fact Daisy and pretty doesn't mix. Now don't get me wrong, I was nowhere near busted but I wasn't a fallen angel. Hmm, what was the term used for someone who wasn't gut-bustlingly pretty? Oh yeah it's 'cute'.

I am Daisy the 'cute' princess of Sarasaland. I'm chilling in the Mushroom kingdom for a month to understudy how the Mushroom kingdom is able to successfully manage their economy or some junk like that.

I've stayed here for three of those four weeks and truth be told I'm rather sick of it here! I love my cousin Peach to death but this stay here has been a bootcamp!

I think—scratch that—I know I'm here to learn from Peach how to be 'more ladylike.' I'm here to study the success of the prosperous Mushroom kingdom, true, but the real reason is to feminize the tomboyish princess of Sarasaland.


I rose to my feet and strolled towards a familiar oak tree. I reached inside the knothole and pulled out my prize; I kept all kinds of goodies here during my stay. So by now it should be obvious I do this 'ditching' thing quite a bit. During week two of my stay in the kingdom, Peach began to catch on.

She would openly let me know she disapproved of my behavior and scolded me kindly, but she never tattled. Even my sweet cousin didn't like tattletales. I grinned as smug as a Cheshire cat and flopped onto my stomach, flipping through a WWGF, World Wrestling Glitzville federation magazine.

I glanced at a tiny golden pocket watch; it was eight thirty. Nine o'clock would mean the start of etiquette class. If I wasn't back before then, things would look suspicious and I'd have to answer for that. My dad would be furious and I did not enjoy angering that guy.

Sitting through etiquette class would make you want to pull your hair out and scream! It's two hours of 'hold the cup this way', 'fold the napkin in your lap that way,' 'giggle at any joke that was attempted' and my favorite, 'ladies don't eat more than three pastries.'

Keep in mind most of the pastries served at tea parties are no bigger than any two of my fingers together. I could eat a whole tray myself and still be hungry.

And that's why I have to take a break.

I've had enough brainwashing for a day. Etiquette class is two hours of torture and that's not even including the other boring sewing, gardening, and cooking lessons too.

Double ugh.

I can tolerate being forced to monotonously force a needle through the same damn—oh yes, princess' don't swear either—pattern for an hour, practice walking with books on my head but I will not stomach being squeezed into a corset; some ridiculous invention women use here in the mushroom kingdom.

A corset? You can tell a man thought of that invention; make an already thin woman have an even smaller waistline and suffocate while she does it. And then pass it off as 'the latest rage' so even more women can be suckered into doing something stupid.

And don't even get me started on high heels; shoes that not only mess up your legs but the pattern of your natural walk. All of that because heels supposedly make your derriere look nice.


All these thoughts were giving me a headache. Now it's time to get lost in the fine, violence-filled, testosterone-raging world of wrestling.

Rawk Hawk anybody?


A hell yes at that.

As I started to read an article about Rawk Hawk defeating some amateur boo, a long shadow eclipsed my sunlight. If the said shadow wasn't disturbing my reading light then it wouldn't have been bad.

I looked up.

I blinked in stupor and leaned back; he was larger than I could even imagine. He had massive arms covered in nothing but pure muscle, scale, and spiked leather arm bands. His head full of flame-red, unruly mane scorched under the sun like fire as two colossal pearly horns and scalding red eyes blazed brilliantly.

There I looked into the grinning face of…

King Bowser?

"Hey there," he growled, smirking in a ruthless grin that showcased sharp incisors.


He was in a hovering clown car which had an insidious grin. Arms crossed, Bowser grinned wickedly. Or was he sneering? You know it's hard to tell but I'm pretty sure it's not a nice smile. What in the world was Bowser doing here?

How does he get in the Mushroom kingdom so easily? But the most important question is like seriously: why does security suck so badly here? An even better question would be is how did I not even notice him approach? That flying, ugly clown car's propellers were nearly deafening.

Was I that focused on how terrible corsets were for women? Huh, well he must have been here for Peach. Should I try to scream out and call out for help? It's kind of pointless really since there's no one within a mile's radius of where I'm at.

Should I try to put up a fight and take him down? He's in an armored clown car and the only weapon I have is this magazine or potentially one of my stilletoes.

Yeaaaah okay, even if he got out of the car and gave me a so-called 'fair fight', he would cream me. He's got to be at least three feet taller and one thousand pounds heavier than me. So I did the only thing in my power that was reasonable.

"Peach is in the castle, take a left at the forest and you'll be there in no time. Go kidnap her as usual, I've got more Rawk to absorb."

What? It's not like I can do anything against him! I may be spunky but I'm not stupid. If I manage to anger him, he could take me out without any trouble!

And I do enjoy living thank you.

A spreading grin, "Who said anything about kidnapping Peach?"

I blinked and looked up.


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