This is an old single from Olivia Carter. Remember her? One day a huge singer, the next her voice gives out and she walks away from all the fame, the fans, and the music. Must have been a hard decision to leave all of that behind. I wonder if she'll ever-

The radio shut off as a shoe smacked into it. "Ugh." Suddenly the phone rang.

"Hey you. Yes…you. I know you are home and I know you are listening. You better be coming. If you don't show up, you know Kris and I are going to come kidnap you. Yes I said kidnap, sue me. So over pack your suitcase, and get your ass to Beaufort by Saturday. I am not kidding, Liv. You know we will do it. See you this weekend. Love you!"

Liv Carter looked around the corner of her archway and glared at the machine next to her phone. She knew that the caller couldn't see it, but it didn't stop her from giving it the stare down as the message was relayed to her.

"So fricken annoying!" She groaned. "Come on, Liv! It'll be fun! Spend some time with the family! Oh and by the way…" she mocked under her breath in a voice that she knew was too high for his actual voice. "Yeah sure, whatever."

Sighing, she put her hands on her hips, as another message came in. "Oh and by the way…my voice is not that high."

She rolled her eyes. Of course he knew her exact movements and thoughts-they had grown up together. It had always been the three of them: Liv, Kristian, and Tyler. No one had been able to break them up, and after they were able to drive, they could always be found driving around together somewhere. They were best friends, and had been since they were born, which is why no one in their small hometown of Beaufort, North Carolina, had been shocked when all three of them went into the music business. But that is where their similarities stop. Ty and Kris had stuck with their rapping/singing careers…after her surgery, Liv stopped.

Rolling her eyes, she smacked her forehead and after a second she pouted. "Ow."

The phone rang again. This time she picked up. "That had to hurt."

"I hate you." she said into the phone.

Tyler laughed. "Get in your car and don't stop until you get to Beaufort! Now!" Then he hung up.

Growling, she threw her phone on the couch. Walking to her bed, she grabbed her suitcase. "Here goes nothing."